STARTUP EP 01 | Ex Facebook Engineer Starts His First Startup Vlog

So far we’ve seen 25 new billion dollar startups on pace with last night that could attract a price tag of nine billion Dollars and raise that we just announced this week our 18 million dollar data from pitch book. This is shaping up to be the biggest year for unicorn IPO, so you are seeing some egg to private stock market side equity at 7.2. Billion dollars or a little over six billion dollars for trading My name is Jonathan mAh people call me Joma, and I’m starting a startup Yeah, well I’ve always worked for companies like Facebook, Microsoft You know big tech companies And I always had this itch of starting something on my own so after working for BuzzFeed the idea of a startup Like it was growing on me. You know every day. I just kept thinking about it, and I couldn’t stop At the point where like my visions were so vivid that it was almost like reality so about this vision Can you talk to me a little bit more about that like? What is your startup idea? Yeah, it’s uh. It’s a it’s a tech startup and Well why man just started so I don’t have Coming up with a startup idea usually starts with a problem And that problem Is your one you have yourself, so that’s why today? We’re gonna be thinking about phones now according to Paul Graham the co-founder of the seed capital firm Y Combinator best startup ideas tend to be something that founders want and Something that can build themselves so what are the advantages of choosing a problem you have yourselves well first and foremost it ensures the problem really exists and Second of all it makes it a lot easier for you to develop empathy for your users Another important aspect is how much do users need your product? It’s better to have a few people who absolutely need your product than having a lot of people who might want your product obviously You want to build something that reaches a lot of people, and they really need it But most of those ideas are already implemented like Google for searching the web That’s why having a well-defined problem that real people have is vital for coming up with a killer startup idea However this requires some research planning finding potential stakeholders, though These are crucial steps for building a successful startup Sometimes as an engineer you just can’t help yourself, but to start building So today we were going to Stanford We’re gonna go see one of my friends. I’m gonna see if he’s uh If he’s interested in working with me He’s just a sophomore, but he’s a very talented individual Stanford home of the unicorn startups the Gryffindor of universities the smarter brother of UCB what not to love look at that grass Imagine feeding that grass to a cow and then eating that cow oh, man Brendan I’m Brendan Tron. I’m a student at Stanford. I study symbolic systems my doodoo is software stuff is this your room This is messy I know Joe after working at BuzzFeed with him I was an intern there this summer and he hung out with the interns a lot anyways so yeah I came here to ask you a couple of question because uh I she want to talk to you about something He came over here to talk to me about a project you want to work on I got started updating as you know If you saw my video, I’m sorry sir. Oh, yeah. Yeah, I’m sorry. Oh, sorry So yeah, so it’s pretty exciting um I’m pretty excited about it Yeah, whoa, well I mean like I don’t have like a full third idea yet and like I’m still kind of like where Honda Like one of the reasons why I don’t want to talk about it. It’s like I don’t really think I should talk about it You know on camera so so I think okay, so I’ll just tell you like now okay? Yes we It’s kind of shitty idea But I think Joe is a pretty smart, dude, so We’ll see Like okay like would you use it for example I? Doubt it okay fine, but you’re not the target demographic you know, but yeah Not only you’re not okay, well, I mean obviously you’re not sis you don’t think you use it But like imagine if it does succeed think about how awesome it is You know oh, yeah, it’s a where is that succeed it would be really cool It would be pretty epic like I could teach you. Yeah, like you don’t always want to be the co-founder of something Especially in this space where it’s like It’s a hit, or miss it could just be the headline like right. Yo this startup kind of sucks personally I do want you to drop out You know because you do know that people who drop out of Stanford. Have a 50% higher chance of being a founder of a huge IPO unicorn appeal company I Mean like think about it, you know you got you know snapchat, okay? So so so I guess like you don’t think you can I put in a hundred percent kind of it Yeah, probably not it seems like a really redundant idea It takes something that’s kind of already been done before Oh, yeah Okay, I guess Well like yeah. I like to just think about it. You know sleep on it and yeah, but like thanks for thanks for you know that I mean no but Yes, yeah, okay. I’m excited to see where it goes. Yes. Yes he endures oh But I Help out on the video stuff. Maybe I got pretty interested at videos Yeah I think that’s a cool concept wait like you want to do like the video stuff like you mean like the vlog I’m doing right. Yeah. Yeah, I think that’s a cool concept Yeah, sure, I mean like just like I’m a production standpoint Well, I mean like if that’s where you’re interested like I definitely need help on that. Yeah. Yeah, okay, I’m done Okay, yeah, because I have no one right now. I don’t sit. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, no, I’ll be super helpful. Yeah All right Coco yeah nice all right sweet Despite not being able to convince my friend to be a co-founder At least I know that people are still willing to help in some form maybe finding a co-founder Just isn’t the best thing to do right now. Maybe the best thing to do right now is just to keep grinding Don’t forget to press the like button and Then if you want to see more of these vlogs or you want to see what happens to my startup then don’t forget to subscribe To my channel, so they get notified when new episodes come out, but yeah, have a good day

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