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>>DOUGLAS: I am not so sure. Actually, I need to get something done before, boss. All right. [DOOR BELL RING] Yeah, let me call you back I think the new employees are here. Alright bye.>>DOUGLAS: Hey!>>MIGUEL: Hola Hermano, my name is Miguel I’m your mentor for today.>>MIGUEL: I’m gonna teach you the confidence the motivation and all that [BLEEP]. Can I come in?>>DOUGLAS: Jesus Christ.>>MIGUEL: It’s a nice place bro, I’m not gonna lie. So I hired a bunch of employees to help you out. How much money do you have bro?>>DOUGLAS: I don’t know.>>MIGUEL: Like, come on for real, bro. I feel like Gary in his social media. What’s the name of that channel ? That one that he says a lot BS[BLEEP]? Some interviews? What’s the name of that channel?>>DOUGLAS: Uh, I think it’s GaryVee?>>MIGUEL: No. That’s not it.>>DOUGLAS: Alright, do you want something to drink? Some water or something?>>MIGUEL: Oh yeah, sure please.>>DOUGLAS: Sure.>>MIGUEL: Uh, if I was in [BLEEP] office bro. Hermano come on! Give me a [BLEEP] real drink. A man’s drink! Some tequila. Some God damn, or beer or something [BLEEP].>>DOUGLAS: Uh, okay. There we go>>MIGUEL: You know what? You’re in luck hermano. I got some on me. Hmm. It’s your lucky day, huh?>>DOUGLAS: Bro, I’d appreciate it if you could just mentor me.>>MIGUEL: Let me just set this up here. No problem. Here you go. Come on. Come do a shot with me.>> DOUGLAS: I’m not gonna do a shot. It’s 9 o’clock. I’m not gonna do a shot right now.>>MIGUEL: Can you please come do a shot with me? Be a [BLEEP] hombre.>>DOUGLAS: Okay. [BLEEP].>>MIGUEL: On three. Ready? Tres! Another one. Come on. Tres! Arriba Arriba Arriba! Andle Andle Andle How do you feel my friend?>>DOUGLAS: I feel a little bit drunk.>>MIGUEL: You just got baptized. You’re baptized you Now you’re like a true Mexicano, right now.>>DOUGLAS: Okay man. Can you just, can you please mentor me now?>>MIGUEL: Wow, Is that a computer?>>DOUGLAS: Um yeah, it’s a computer.>>MIGUEL: Wow, Holly C[BLEEP] [PLAY SONG] This is nice. Wow, I told you I used to play>>DOUGLAS: What are you doing man?>>MIGUEL: We are the champion My friend nah, nah, nah. And we’ll keep on [BLEEP] – ’til the end. We are the champions, I mentored the singer.>>DOUGLAS: Okay, that’s great man. Can you please mentor me?>>MIGUEL: We are the champions. Okay. I’m done. I’m gonna stop. Okay?>>DOUGLAS: Can you please just give me insides [HEADPHONE BROKING]>>MIGUEL: Passanada carinho. Okay. I promise I’m done I’m done I’m done.>>DOUGLAS: Can you please… [MIGUEL SINGING]>>DOUGLAS: Can you please. [MIGUEL SINGING]>>DOUGLAS: Can you please. [MIGUEL SINGING]>>DOUGLAS: Can you please. [MIGUEL SINGING]>>DOUGLAS: Please. [MIGUEL SINGING]>>DOUGLAS: Please. [MIGUEL SINGING]>>DOUGLAS: You know what bro, that’s it.>>MIGUEL: What are you talking about? JUST RELAXXXXxxx, just relax….>>DOUGLAS: Get out of my house.>>MIGUEL: Woah, woah. Hold on. Just take one more shot?>>DOUGLAS: no no no get the out of my house.>>MIGUEL: I din’t even mentored you yet. [DOOR BELL RING]>>DOUGLAS: Hi. How are you doing?>>MARCO: Yeah, how are you doing? My name is Marco. I’m a programmer. Yeah, I don’t give a S[BLEEP]. Let’s get this over. Yeah, I don’t give a [BLEEP].>>DOUGLAS: Huh>>MARCO: What is the first name of your best friend in high school? What was the name of your first pet? What is your favorite security question?>>DOUGLAS: Hey, Come it down. I am not going there!>>MARCO: I just wanna make sure that your passwords are [BLEEP] safe.>>DOUGLAS: uhum, I can see that.>>MARCO: Are you drinking alcohol right now?>>DOUGLAS: No, yeah, but I…>>MARCO: What the hack? It’s 9 o’clock What the [BLEEP] you are drinking for?>>DOUGLAS: You’re not even wearing a watch.>>MARCO: You know what? You’re a crazy latino, and I like your style. This is my poison right here. Beer. Mexicina.>>DOUGLAS: You as well?>>MARCO: Cheer! you know what I’m talking about, huh!>>DOUGLAS: Oh my Gosh!>>MARCO: What can I do for you boss?>>DOUGLAS: Okay, We’re looking for a junior developer with the experience of a senior and the salary of an intern. Is that a pen drive?>>MARCO: What’s the matter? You’ve never seen a pen drive before?>>DOUGLAS: Oh Yeah, of course.>>MARCO: Well I use it for my job. Don’t [BLEEP] worry about it.>>DOUGLAS: Why the heck does a programmer need a pen drive?>>MARCO: Alright buddy. I’m gonna tell you something cause I like you. Don’t [BLEEP] repeat what I’m about to say to you Alright?>>DOUGLAS: You know what, I don’t even wanna know.>>MARCO: By Day, I’m a programer. By night, I’m hacker mother [BLEEP].>>DOUGLAS: out… [BLEEP]>>DOUGLAS: out… [BLEEP]>>DOUGLAS: out…>>MARCO: Is that a computer?>>DOUGLAS: Listen man Can you please just fix the code? Oh my Gosh…>>MARCO: Damn this is a nice [BLEEP] computer. Look at me and watch what I can do.>>DOUGLAS: That’s very beautiful, okay? Can you please just help me now? [MARCO HACKING]>>MARCO: What the f[BLEEP] is wrong with your computer?>>DOUGLAS: I think you need to reboot the computer.>>MARCO: No, no, no. It’s your f[BLEEP] computer. I think your computer is a wise computer!>>DOUGLAS: Man, can you please help me?>>MARCO: You wanna be a f[BLEEP] computer? yes?!?!?! You wanna be a [BEEP] computer, right? Look what I have for you.>>DOUGLAS: Woah Woah Woah Stop stop!!!>>MARCO: haha, you like me now computer? Huh ? huh ? Do you like that [BLEEP] computer? [PENDRIVE VIRUS – EXPLOSION]>>DOUGLAS: I appreciate all your help. I think you better go.>>MARCO: What’s the problem? He’s being a [BLEEP] wise computer.>>DOUGLAS: Woah. What are you doing?>>MARCO: What’s the problem? He has been a [BLEEP] wise computer! [DOOR BELL RINGS]>>DOUGLAS: Um, ok. How are you doing?>>JOSE: How’s it you doing sir? My name is Jose. I’m your designer.>>DOUGLAS: Um…>>JOSE: Yeah, I’m the best! There is. You’re in good hands. You’re in good hands. You’re in good hands. You know what my father used to say to me When I was growing up?>>DOUGLAS: Um…>>JOSE: He’d say um, Jose, um… . Please Do not command C… Command N create something. Should we get the show on the road? Should we do? Let me tell you something Only graphic designers care.>>DOUGLAS: I’m okay bro.>>JOSE: Actually, you know what my father used to tell me when I was growing up. He’d say, Jose, you’re worthless piece of S[BLEEP]. DO you have final cut pro ? Photoshop ? By the way, wine?>>DOUGLAS: Yep, all of that.>>JOSE: Wow, that sounds hot. Give to me.>>DOUGLAS: Cheers.>>JOSE: Okay darling, so we’re gonna draw the basics today Alright? An user interface is like a joke. If you have to explain it It’s not that good.>>DOUGLAS: that very beautiful, ok?>>JOSE: Is that your computer? I gotta check this out.>>DOUGLAS: Oh [BLEEP] no.>>JOSE: I wrote this song. [JOSE SINGING] My name is Jose. I’m a Designer. I’m so good that they call me a joker. I think I’m the best in the world… That’s why you should let me [BLEEP] you. Okay, if you wanna start now.. [MOUTH SALIVATING]>>DOUGLAS: No, no, no. You know what darling I think you should go You gotta go out.>>JOSE: What’s going on?>>DOUGLAS: I think you better go.>>JOSE: Come on, darling! What’s going on ? [DOOR BELL RINGS]>>MIGUEL: Hola Hermano, How are you doing?>>JOSE: Hello again sir.>>MIGUEL: Can we, come in?>>MARCO: YO [BLEEP].

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