alright guys remember how we ordered the
supplements well some of them just came in the mail and so we got some vitamin
b12 they actually put that in here that’s literally how they brought it but
we also get some very nice stuff the good stuff the fermented cod liver oil
certify sustainable seafood yeah it’s it’s fish oil so it’s omega-3 it has
vitamin A D and K I should chase it on the vlog so that’s pretty much the most
disgusting thing you can get and you can either get it in pill form so you know
they put it in pills or you get it in the liquid form the pill form is not as
bad because you don’t taste it you just swallow it it’s still kind of disgusting
but you know it’s good but the thing is if you get it in the pills you pay like
three times what you pick what you pay if you get it in the bottle mmm way to
put it into your putting air in there yeah if you would be a doctor you’re
killing a patient right now because you’re putting the nurses job oh good
stuff you want to try it put it in the whole thing in your mouth
don’t don’t don’t like lick the whole thing obviously wait can I get a spoon
sure you can put it on a spoon oh that’s probably even better put it all on there
the whole thing you go through the whole thing and swallowed and one thing are
you going to live should Candida sleep she that’s what she said like every
second sentence yeah go for it I don’t want to enjoy it you should
enjoy it how is it I mean I taste it worse things
really yogurt so remember guys how I said I think a couple of weeks ago that
I want to go to Bali or maybe go to Bali the reason why I want to go is because I
want to bridge the gap until I can go back to New York which is right now
according to plan in four months and I just can’t stay here to my parents house
for four months because well if you’re living with your parents you get back
into a certain kind of routine and you know I want I want to live on my own and
if I you know with my remote work why should I you know stay in Germany in
boring old Germany if I can go anywhere and so it was a very attractive because
it was cheap a lot of remote workers and and and that you don’t know mats are
there it’s a beautiful place but as I put in more researched there are a
couple of problems with it number one it’s rainy season right now so it’s not
as beautiful and as I first thought it’s actually raining a lot right now and
they’re sometimes like tiny floodings there sometimes tiny earthquakes nothing
major and then the other thing is that what I didn’t actually think about and
petram actually made me aware of it the time difference is so Bali is six hours
in front of Germany so if it’s right now 3 p.m. there it’s 9 p.m. and because
Germany is 6 hours in front of New York and in America the East Coast that means
there’s two direct 12-hour difference between Bali and the East Coast in the
US and well I have a lot of clients in the US so I have to communicate with
them and that might be a problem because like how do you schedule calls well you
can obviously he can at 8:00 a.m. while I have it at 8:00
p.m. that works but they are not a lot of slots where you can match time unless
I’m willing to you know have calls in the middle of the night or something
which is bit annoying so I still might go but those are I’m planning to make
the decision on a Saturday I just talked with someone who stayed in Bali for six
week and I’m gonna call with someone else who was living in Bali since two
and a half years someone introduced us and I’m gonna ask him a couple of
questions but actually what I thought why am I not going to Cape Town like
Cape Town is beautiful Cape on his warm right now kept on us also cheap not
quite as cheap as Bali but also pretty cheap yeah there may be not as many like
digital nomads but they’re still quite a few and I want to work you know I don’t
want to network and you know I want to do both I guess and it’s the same time
zone as Germany so there’s only six hour difference between now between Germany
and the US so yeah just an update on the things I’m considering right now but I’m
planning to make this decision and do more research on Saturday so I just got
off a call with one of our clients from Arlington agency and he reached out
because he’s happy with the offering he’s happy with with the results we’re
getting right now for him he’s happy with he berry
he likes the general idea of um you know niching down on linkedin to helping
people better personal brand and so he has a marketing agency right now which
focuses on Legion and and Facebook Ads for people mostly you know ecommerce and
so he asked whether we would be interested in or whether I would be
interested in white like white labeling our offering first I had to google what
white labeling means but um white labeling means that he can offer our
offering under his name the term comes from I think clothes so like all the
cheap cloth you get they literally a brand you’re spice it and puts on there
brand name so he could go to his client and say like not say hey I know this guy
and he does this and send them my way he could say I do this and then just hire
me to do the work it has a couple of advantages and disadvantages the
advantages obviously other people get clients for you you know if he finds
someone he gets us the client which is a big part of business finding people who
are willing to pay you but when he initially brought up the idea to me I
was not interested for two main reasons number one I want to build a brand with
that agency and I want to build a name and obviously if you white label and you
know you know other people offer your offering under their name that kind of
goes against building your own brand and then the other part is that I want to
leverage this business to build a personal relationship with our clients
because we’re right now targeting startup founders in major cities in the
u.s. so it’s people who actually do shit you know people who build something
interesting people who have a mission that I want to support and so I want to
I mean I hope today on the call with a client who has a business that is far
beyond the stage of where we are at a business right now and so having the
ability to get to those kind of people do with that business something that I
was very interested in but something that he brought up is that well that is
not scalable because at some point if that is what I
want to do like whether that’s a – clients at five clients or ten clients
at some point I only have so many hours in the day so and I can’t you know be
the personal contact point to all of our clients so if that’s what I want to
build that’s fine if I you know want to build an agency that only has like four
five six clients so I can you know have a personal relationship with all of
these clients then that’s fine but that also means that’s not scalable and so
yeah we might actually whether that’s so by labeling I’m still not bought into
that idea but whether it’s partnering up with them or building out a referral
thingy but I just freaking love that dude and yeah I mean he is older than me
he is a business that is far beyond our stage and having the ability to you know
get his perspective on how to grow and build out an agency was just like so
fascinating and I like literally took like a whole bunch of notes on what he
brought up so yeah we might we might be changing up the structure of this of
this business soon because I don’t know if I talked
about it yet but I want to onboard two new clients in November yeah I think I
said right so yeah yeah yeah do you literally yesterday I went to ninja you
know the guy who live streams like the the Fortnight guy yeah he went on the
livestream with Drake I think a couple of months ago yeah he’s like making
millions like glitchless um and you know he exploded like these last couple of
month but you can go back to his YouTube channel and he started like 60 years ago
and it’s like you know you see the grind like six years no one was fucking
watching it’s just you know putting in the reps yeah so I don’t know why that
happens but somehow sometimes people ask me to go on a podcast even though I
don’t know shit but um this beautiful guy we just had how long do we talk to
you an hour yeah we talk for an hour that’s Nate where can people not just
find you but find the podcast not to listen to mine because mine was pretty
boring but to listen all of the other value bombs that you know you have to
listen to the episode check out the roots of success podcast it’s on iTunes
you can find it on Facebook as well as YouTube and then follow me on Instagram
made the great eye a cool appreciate you sir appreciate you too and with that
we’re ending the vlog tomorrow we are bringing Jay to the train station
because he’s going to Switzerland so we’re gonna be on our own again well no
no I’m still living at my parents right now but you get by me
goodnight I do wake up plan there’s no other time to wake you up
sleeping breathing doing all the things I love a wine coalition I just wanna
make a trip to the child

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  1. some other ideas you could go to Australia/New Zealand or something more cheaper and has tons of digital nomads, Thailand is a good option

  2. consulting is scalable through online courses
    especially if you have a good personal brand
    but the option to whitelable as well is also interesting if the guy is not interested in you paying him for getting you leads

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