StartUP Awards 2016

I’m Kristen McDonough the director of
New York’s business library, SIBL, we just finished the awards ceremony it’s
the highlight of our year-long StartUP Competition. We really have a virtual
entrepreneurial community here that supports each other, so we couldn’t be
happier that it’s this focal event that brings these hard-working smart aspiring
small business owners together and city At Citi we’re so pleased to support the New York Public Library StartUP Business Plan Competition. We recognize that pursuing
entrepreneurial dreams can be a source of personal fulfillment but also
economic empowerment but it is not easy in New York and so this competition
really gives entrepreneurs all the tools and support networks they need to
succeed and I want to congratulate all of our finalists today. Rhe Refill is a network of water refill stations where members can refill the reusable water bottles it’s a eco-friendly cost-effective
alternative to bottled water we’re currently in the village in
Manhattan with nine stations soon to be 10 We’re very excited about using this
prize money what we’re so honored to have one to expand our marketing budget
get the word out and help New Yorkers reduced plastic waste and and save money by avoiding buying bottled water. Thanks so much New York Public Library, were just ecstatic. Hi I’m the Noel Santos, founder of the
Lit Bar. I’m bringing the only independent bookstore / wine bar to the
South Bronx, home to 1.4 million people and 10 colleges. this $7,500 prize is going to go to
my marketing materials to continue to fundraise for the project and help us
put a down payment on a space. Hi my name is Christina Clark and I am
the CEO and Chief Agricultural Ecologist of Manhattan Mushroom Company.
Manhattan Mushroom Company, we use ecological recycling to grow no-pesticide, fresh,
organic mushrooms here in New York City year round. Next year we’re trying something new; our 2017 will launch late fall but our orientation this year is
going to be online so if you’re excited by this year’s winners, please go and you’ll find out about how to learn more about the 2017 competition.

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