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[MUSIC PLAYING] -Next, another in our on
technology series, PBS’s Steve Goldbloom takes the
temperature of startup culture in the Bay Area and beyond. -OK, testing. Banana, banana, banana, banana. Are you getting that? do you get any–? [PHONE RINGING] -Hello? JORDAN SMITH (ON
PHONE): Stevie, Jordan. How are you? -Yeah, I know. I was just testing the– JORDAN SMITH (ON PHONE):
Listen, last episode, I’ve got to admit. You did a really good job. So we got you down for
uh– startup culture. You think you can handle that? -Yes, definitely. JORDAN SMITH (ON
PHONE): Okay, listen. Great. We set up 30 interviews
for you over three days. -Jordan, that’s like
10 interviews a day, without edit time. It’s just Noah and I.
That’s not possible. JORDAN SMITH (ON PHONE):
Steve, this is PBS. We go to war with
the army we have. -All right. Noah, we have like 72 hours
to get all this stuff. I need you keeping
that camera on. [MUSIC PLAYING] -We’re here at the uh–
TechCrunch Disrupt conference. Ready to go Noah? -My name is [INAUDIBLE]. -I’m the co-founder
of -We are the creators of Bracket. -Job Scout is an online
learning platform. -This is the Z Board. It’s a weight-sensing
electric skateboard. -It’s an artificially
intelligent robotic bartender. -You know where
we’re going next? -It’s called sprayable energy? -Right, exactly. -I shake it up? -Yeah. -Now I shake it up. We can do this one
together if you want. Just take on three– three, two. How do you cock it? So we’re learning
about 3D printing. -What we’re doing here
is a hack I just don’t– [INTERPOSING VOICES] -I think we need
to slow down, Noah, if we’re going to do
anything of substance. -You know about Reddit, eh? -No. -Reddit is essentially a
community of communities. Because when I say
internet community that means some stuff to you. But if I say it to my mom,
like that mean something totally different. -You know, my
favorite moment would be if you explained to my
mother what Reddit was. -Yeah. -That would be a full day. -Hi, Lynn. My name is Max. I’m an engineer at Reddit. STEVE’S MOM (ON PHONE): Hi. -There’s a bunch of people who
uh– post things to the site. And then everyone who views the
site, who has an account, votes on what they think is
the most interesting. And the most interesting stuff
gets shown up in this big list. I think of it as like your–
your circle of 4 million people who you can ask anything,
or talk to anything about. STEVE’S MOM (ON
PHONE): I like it. Never like– if you told me
to go to Wikipedia whenever I want to know something,
I’d rather just call you and have
you explain it to me. I think it sounds great. It’s very exciting. -It is exciting. -Noah, we’re here at Yammer. -I think Yammer has
over 400 employees, of which a little less than
300 are here physically. -Right. -There’s obviously
a portion of them which are sales,
which is literally for you to imagine as sales. -Yeah. -And then another
portion of them are what we call the customer
engagement team, which are the people who
are helping companies get the most out of Yammer. -I think if we actually could
not do the interview in here. I think it’s uh– distracting. It’s a– it’s a casual
office environment. -It’s like a cocoon. -I do play a little bit. Are you a competitive guy? -Oh, of course. I work at a startup. Hello. -We’re here at Giant
Pixel in San Francisco. This is uh– an incubator
startup accelerator. I don’t know what
any of that means. -But what we do is we– we
bring in talented people. And we give them a lot
of runway to take an idea and create a solution around it. -Great. So it’s a startup for other
startups to start uh– starting up? -Right. -This looks delicious. -We do lunch from 12:00 to 1:00. And the reason why we do that
is so that everyone will be here at the same time, and
you’ll meet new people, and start conversations. -This looks like what I want
my best friend’s basement to look like. I mean this is like a cool bar. Is this– this is a bar. What am I doing? -It is. It is a bar. -We’re a private
members community that learns people’s tastes and
preferences online, and then produces and curates events
based on what they like, and when they’re free. We want to disrupt the way
people plan their social lives. Something that is going to
be what we like to call, once-in-a-lifetime
experience often. -So disrupting social
lives for the sake of improving the lives
of whatever it was. -Some have criticized
startup culture in Silicon Valley for
placing too much focus on the needs of the elite. They say it’s created a culture
aimed at disrupting the norm, rather than solving
actual problems. In other news, we’re here
inside a single engine Pilatus PC-12 that flies
from San Francisco to LA and back, as many times as its
members, for $2,000 a month, care to travel. David, you’re a co-founder
here at SurfAir. -Yeah, co-founder
at SurfAir, uh– started this with
my brother Wade. Airlines are a
terrible business. And the only way we felt like
we could be successful in it is to change it. -Hey, Jordi. JORDAN SMITH (ON
PHONE): Hey, Steve. Where are you Steve? What’s that noise? -I’m just uh– heading down to
LA for some last minute pickup shots. JORDAN SMITH (ON PHONE): Steve,
how are you getting to LA? -Uh– we’re hopping down
there on– on a plane now. JORDAN SMITH (ON
PHONE): Steve, there is no money in the travel
budget for a plane. -It’s fine. It’s a– it’s a– it’s a
private uh– little plane. JORDAN SMITH (ON
PHONE): A private plane! Who are you, Puff Daddy? -It’s OK. It’s– it belongs to SurfAir. We’re taking them down– you
know, do– do a little profile. JORDAN SMITH (ON
PHONE): No, Steve. I do not want you
abusing your press pass. -OK. They’re telling me to
put the phone away, because they’re going to
serve some snacks and stuff. JORDAN SMITH (ON
PHONE): No, Steve. I want you– -OK buddy. JORDAN SMITH (ON PHONE):
I want out of there now. -We’re cutting out. JORDAN SMITH (ON
PHONE): Steve, I want you to jump
out of the plane. -Yep. JORDAN SMITH (ON PHONE):
Parachute out of that plane. -See you, Jordi. [MUSIC PLAYING] -If we’ve learned anything from
our reporting in California it’s that the key word
is disruption, everything from transportation,
education, skateboarding. [STATIC] STEVE GOLDBLOOM (ON
PHONE): Jordi, we have a problem our
wireless mike died, and we need to get a new one. If you could just fax me
your credit card number, or shoot me a text with it. It’d be helpful. It’s Steve.

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