Start Up Alley 2015 – Hoist and Wipster

Start-Up Alley for us was was pretty much the first time we’d had a
chance to pitch the business in front of a real audience and it was just a perfect
experience. It gave us a really good crystal clarity
about what we actually wanted to do and why we were building the business. and also what the flaws where with our
original idea and without that trip without winning the competition and actually getting the impetus to go
out there was probably wouldn’t have learned that even now. There’s great things to win but
but they shouldn’t be the aim. The aim should be this is a good chance for me to get the
idea of this business out of my head and in front of as many people as possible, and
having Rod Jury there who was a business person that I was admiring
from afar. Having him to to then afterwards give me feedback based on
that little pitch and then open up the doors to business
as a first customer to us. All of that was very very powerful. What Kiwi Landing Pad gave us was a desk that we could say, “Hey – we’re based at the Kiwi Landing Pad” If we need to meet somebody the we
can go from Kiwi Landing Pad. I had an office space, I was meeting
other startups, other business people, and then I was invited to some events just
by being in that room for an hour. So not having that, I can’t really imagine what it would be like to arrive In San Francisco and then just go, OK I don’t really know that many people, they’re all doing their own thing and is nowhere for me to just go. And and so it was just the perfect experience.

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