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100 thoughts on “Starsector Review | Explore the Cosmos™ | Ruin Everything™

  1. i've realized that as long as you have a reasonable amount of the items, depending on who thinks what is illegal. but, i've also noticed that if the military has what the open market doesn't, as long as you don't have a suspecious amount of open market illegal items, you should be fine. but don't quote me on that.

  2. God if whatever ever in this actual game ever happens: What in the fukx have i created?

    Aliens: Look at those stars exploding left & right in that region of space, that we see in our super space telescopes.. I wonder what they are.

  3. So you're telling me this story is the same as the end of The Golden Age of Technology from Warhammer 40k. Confirmed! Starsector's timeline is in the far past of Warhammer 40k.


  4. whenever you do some contract or mission, please save manually.

    Otherwise you'll spend 16 minutes delivering some expensive as fuck payload, finish the mission, and then get ambushed by an armada of pirate ships, losing all of your fleet. Alternatively, you take an exploration contract, then 10 minutes of traveling ends with failure, as you either run out of supplies, or something very scary starts pursuing your fleet and then butchers you to literal space pulp

  5. Fucking hell, I've probably already put almost 100 hours in this game thanks to you. Good looking out. I'm very exciting to see what you review next.

  6. Definitely should do one on Old School Runescape since a lot of your videos sometimes have it in them. Great game, you know it 😛

  7. Damn it sseth, what have you done to me. I keep freaking starting again and again. I have restarted, and I found a planet with decent farmland and okay mineral deposits. After blowing up the nearest pirate station my station has stabilized, and my alpha core is starting to make me money. Luckily, theres a nearby irradiated shithole, which after My main colony starts making me decent cash. I'll colonize the irradiated carphone and start mining the abundant rare minerals and turn the planet into an industrial hub.

  8. I've been trying to play Starsector with some degree of success in mind ever since Sseth released this video, but I just can't with this hot garbage AI. It doesn't even matter if you try to command them or leave them to their own default behavior, they will nearly always fly themselves into an early grave unless the enemy fleet consists of junk and non-combat ships. I've accrued tons of money through black market trading to buy the big boy ships, decked them out with whatever weapons I can scrounge up between all of the factions, but they still perform just as awfully against the enemy AI of equal or slightly-lower power.

    Every battle is either a decisive victory (an absolute complete joke of an engagement) or you getting your ass handed to you because your AI-controlled fleet decides to do some really dumb shit without your knowledge. And with Command Points being a thing, you can't even hold their hands to prevent them from doing dumb shit. It's a lose-lose situation no matter which way you see it. I would even argue that the AI for Big Rigs is better than your fleet AI. If I could control every single ship manually at the same time, I would do so in a heartbeat just so I don't have to deal with such a migraine.

    Another ridiculous mechanic is Combat Readiness. Every game that I've ever played that PUNISHES you for playing the game has always gone on my shit list, and this game is no exception. You could play to the best of your ability where you know you can win the "war of attrition" against the enemy and you will fail because the game decides that it's time for you to stop playing. Sure, you can retreat, but you gain nothing for your efforts. Nothing. You will have literally wasted your time and supplies for retreating (which you are pretty much forced to do if you run out of CR). Further, if you did not achieve a "Clean Disengage", then you will lose even more as the enemy picks off your non-combat ships, because you won't be able to defend them when nearly your entire fleet is sitting at <20~40% CR and will be bombarded with malfunctions. Playing with the "InfiniteCR" set to All (so it applies to your fleet and the enemy fleet) has significantly improved the quality of life of every battle compared to playing without it.

    Yeah, I've read the forums where "kiting" is a cheese strategy. CR is not a good solution to the kiting problem. I refuse to believe that is the best that Alex (the developer) can come up with.

    This game has an extreme amount of potential to be an amazing game, but these two critical issues kill it completely for me.

    Don't @ me.

  9. Could someone explain to me what Seth was trying to hide when he explained what you could find in star sector? Is it some kind of lovecraftian monster?

  10. Holy shit this game is good, it's like mount and blade in space except it's even better, and the tutorials are really good too. You can see that the developers poured their love for space opera in this game.

  11. Game is decent. However, you'll spend 70% of your time jumping from planet to planet buying resources, only to realize that you never have enough resources or credits. It's a one step forward, two steps back type of game play.

  12. Bought the game after Sseths review, was not disappointed. Great stuff, I love how you just dig up those underrated games, never would have found this without your passion for illegal organ trading.

  13. Just wondering what the phase ship is and what weapons you run on it. I want to try it out myself because that sounds like a fun time

  14. What the fuck, when did Starsector get so famous???? When did this happen? Did it happen at the publication of this video? Or before?

  15. Bought this game and played it to death, love it. But I've reached the point I've mastered it and its too easy now with no challenge. Anyone know of good mods that make it harder and more challenging?

  16. Hey ssseth. You don't happen to work in an oil company do you ?

    Cause I kinda got an a mail that ended with have a good one…

    I'm overthinking aren't I. Or am I ?

  17. Anyone wanting to get into this ahead of time – exploration contracts are hellishly profitable at the start of the game, but they rely on a pool of a fixed amount of stars and objects, so you've only got a few hundred missions before there's nothing new to scan/survey.

  18. Upon rewatching this video. I just realized Sseth is an AI core posing as the Sseth we know. Because everything he tells us as tips has been pragmatistic capitalism. To kill those who eventually stand in our way and sell drugs and organs in the Black Market. To the point that AI Sseth convinces the original Sseth to commit suicide after completing intergalatic genocide.

  19. i love the fact that someone is translating many of your videos. I'm from Argentina and I really like your content.
    I've been watching you since you did CDDA review and you became one of my favourite english-talking youtubers.
    A month ago, I was going to watch again that review and found that IT WAS TRANSLATED. I personally think that your content should have more presence in the platform and this is actually the best way to get it.

    Greetings from my boludo country

  20. You know, the fact I'm strapped for cash made me worried about taking the plunge on the game. Bro move at the end there. I'll give it a go and make sure to buy it if I enjoy it later down the line when I have some cash to spare.

  21. Sseth. I finished watching your back log of video based crack a while ago now and I need more to keep myself abused. We need more video based drugs Sseth. We need it more then how much you need to construct additional pylons. Partly because we all know it's Zerg or Terran or leave. Partly because the Siege tank mode change noise in the first game. Always gets me going.

  22. So not only are giving everyone that watch's this video free access to the game, but the developers helped you do so, and you managed to crash their payment website. Fucking incredible.

  23. Anyone have a great map (vanilla) seed ? (modded is cool also, just pls list all mods. They have to be the same for that seed to work)

  24. Starsector nexerelin easy start guide
    Step 1: invade planet
    Step 2: sell all industries
    Step 3: abandon colony and repeat

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