StarFingerboarding Star Fingerboard Toy Review

Star Fingerboards Fingerboard Toy Review This is a
look at a complete fingerboard setup by Star Fingerboards. This fingerboard features a wider truck, bearing wheels. foam grip tape, and a 5-ply wood
deck. Music – Atamaii Intro – Noise Attack

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49 thoughts on “StarFingerboarding Star Fingerboard Toy Review

  1. Interesting new style for fingerboards~ Thanks for the review, I know now this is something I want to look out for. Thank you very much for the great video as always, Mr. Carter.

  2. @Atamaiidotcom You're very welcome. I just enjoy hearing from the latest in toy news. I just hid myself in the shadows for a bit. I'll be sure to comment more frequently on any new video's I see ^^

  3. You should try a Flatface fingerboard with Blackriver Trucks and Bearing wheels. Blows any other board out of the water. check it out!

  4. @MrFitbike13 haha yes, you are a smart man. Just being heavier would make the board run faster. Oh well, you can revoke my Mr. Science license!

  5. @itzdestiny10 actually tech deck didn't start fingerboards in the late 70's pro skaters made little skateboard models out of Popsicle sticks and practiced bowl tricks in salad bowls and then in the the 90's teck dech came out with pretty much an upgrade from a keychain skateboard then people started doing tricks with them

  6. like toys?? check out "custom microman review" its my custom figure from stichfett from ebay. i have a feeling you like what he has to offer. also search custom microman in ebay search.
    from one toy lover to another….good day

  7. I think either your calipers are off or my conversion is wrong, but I have the deck at a hair under four inches long and 1 3/16" wide. That came to about 101mm long and 30mm wide according to my math. I have the same red SFB2, with a graphic though.

  8. That board Pretty much copied the 4CFB HC Mold all the colors look the same and the Dips are a little higher while the dips on the HC mold are deep

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  10. The parts of this board are made in china. Review flatface fingerboards or blackriver. These are handmade with love and precision. They out preform this by far. This is coming from a nearly professional fingerboarder with 7 years of experience.

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