Star Wars Force Friday Sneak Peek

– So tomorrow is Force Friday which is the day that Disney shows off all the crazy new Star Wars
stuff they’ve been working on. Disney invited us to this random unmarked building here to check out some of it a little bit early so let’s go! We got to check out five upcoming Star Wars products that are gonna be announced at tomorrow’s
Force Friday event. Each one with some sort
of tech twist to it. First up was Lenovo’s Jedi Challenges. It’s an augmented reality game running on the company’s new AR headset, Mirage. I strapped on the headset, pushed a button on my lightsaber
to fire it up, and bam! I was dueling with Kylo Ren. A faint line indicates that your opponent is about to strike next
and you’ve gotta rush to orient your lightsaber to block him. As you progress, the incoming flurries are gonna get faster and more complicated so the
game’s gonna get harder. Block a few attacks and it’s
time to swing, and yeah, yeah. I know my lightsaber
stance could use some work. It was one of the better augmented reality
experiences I’ve ever had and one that I really wanted
to spend more time with. Once seen through the headset, the lightsaber beam really
seems to come out of the hilt at that lightsaber controller. It’s awesome! (laughing) It’s awesome! Jedi Challenges also comes
with a playable version of that Holochess board
game you might remember seeing on the Millennium
Falcon back in the New Hope along with an all new
realtime strategy battle game. The kit includes the Mirage AR headset, the tap-two smartphone as its brain, a tracking beacon that tells the headset where the floor is, and a super slick
replica of the lightsaber handed down from Anakin
to Luke and now to Rey. It’ll cost 200 bucks when
it goes on sale in November which seems a bit steep
for what is arguably a few really cool mini-games but hopefully Lenovo will
build more on top of this AR platform to make it more worthwhile. Meanwhile, consumer drone maker, Propel, is re-releasing the X-Wing. The TIE fighter and Speeder Bike drones, they released last year. They’ll all be in the higher
numbers this time around to make them a (chuckles)
little bit easier to find. These things have built-in lasers for drone-to-drone combat with support for up to 24 pilots
flying in the air at once. They’ve also built an all new app with a practice mode to let
you fly a virtual simulation of your drone between real-world sessions. For all the tinkery types out there, the $99 littleBits Droid Inventor Kit let’s you build your own droid, be it an R2 unit or
something completely new. It’s gonna come with a bunch of motors, a bunch of sensors, droid parts, stickers, and an app with step-by-step videos to help your budding engineers build a bot from the ground up. Hasbro is working on an accessory they call the Force Link Band. You strap it onto your wrist, pick up a Force Link and
a little action figure, and it’ll detect which one you’re holding and make sounds accordingly. Rebels are going to shout
lines of encouragement, space ships will zoom by, and Chewbacca will let
out its signature roar (electronic Chewbacca roaring) But isn’t trying to do Chewie’s roar pretty much the best part
of playing Star Wars? (Greg imitating Chewbacca roar) Nope, still can’t do it. And last but by no means least
is the new stuff from Sphero. They’ve got two new toys
in the works this time. First up is the legend, it’s R2D2. Sphero always takes their
toys to a whole new level. This R2 unit is no exception. (laughing) Like the one in the movies, this R2 is on two legs while
it’s just standing around but when it comes time to roll, a third leg is gonna pop out
of its body from nowhere. It’s a small detail but it
makes it one of the most accurate remotely
controlled R2s ever sold. It’s damned cool to see in person. Spoiler alert! The next toy we saw is
based on a character that hasn’t really been
shown yet outside of leaks. With that said, it’s one
that’s probably going to be everywhere leading up to
this next movie’s release. You’re probably not going
to be able to avoid it. But as someone who wore
headphones while online for Force Awakens just
to avoid the spoilers, if you wanna pause the video here, I’ll understand. This is BB-9E. He’s the First Order’s answer to BB-8. Think BB-8 just more dark and menacing. This toy is pretty similar to the BB-8 toy that Sphero built for Force Awakens with a cool new trick. The detachable head here pulls power through the magic of wireless induction allowing it to light up without any wires or dedicated batteries. It’s gonna pull its power
right from that main unit as soon as you’ve snapped it in place. Both R2 and BB-9E can be programmed to roll around your house. They come with pre-programmed
animated actions and as crazy as it seems can
watch the movies with you and react to things on the screen. The good bots are gonna bleep
and bloop with happiness when the Rebels take down an AT-AT. BB-9E is gonna roll around in excitement when Luke gets his hand chopped off. (electronic screaming) He gets…
(lightsaber zapping) Sphero’s R2D2 is gonna cost
about 180 bucks when it ships. BB-9E will cost about 150 bucks. There you go. That’s a little sneak peak
at all the stuff we saw leading into Force Friday
ahead of the last Jedi. This has been Greg Kumparak. Thank you for tuning in.
(lively music)

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