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M19 is legal today, so we’re bringing back Liliana, Untouched by Death for a Zombie tribal deck made possible by Magic’s newest set. Core Set 2019 brings so many zombies to the table that the archetype miiiight just be due for a renaissance. This is Seth Manfield’s list, and if you still need convincing, zombies won Pro Tour Amonkhet last year, so yeah, I think the archetype’s got plenty of gas left in the tank. The reason M19 revitalizes the otherwise undead is partly thanks to two important reprints: Diregraf Ghoul and Death Baron. The first one’s got aggressive stats to give you some aggressive starts. The other makes it really, really difficult for opponents to block. All your creatures now trade with everything. Thanks, deathtouch! Graveyard Marshal fills in the two-drop gap, doubling as a way to give all of your binned zombies a second chance at brawling. But the real bright spot, the icing on the cake of the damned, is Liliana, Untouched by Death. More often than not, by the time you cast Liliana, you’ve got enough zombies to activate her -2 ability to get anything in your path out of your way. But maybe that’s not what you’re in the market for, maybe all your opponent’s creatures are tapped and they’re trying to race you. That’s totally fine; you can activate Liliana’s +1 ability and, more often than not, dump a zombie in the graveyard and drain your opponent for two. From there, Liliana puts them to the test: does your opponent want to spend a turn attacking Liliana and lose precious ground in a race, or do they ignore her and let her pick off a blocker? If that doesn’t sound good to you, keep in mind that with all the cheap creatures and pump effects to make them bigger… …zombies have the firepower to go toe to toe with every other creature deck in Standard. I mean, I haven’t even mentioned Liliana’s Mastery yet. Holy moly is that card a beating. By the time you play it, you’re almost guaranteed to have one of your two zombie lords in play, plus Liliana’s Mastery acts like a lord in and of itself… …making it the perfect mana curve-topper in a deck full of Zombies. It’s really messed up. In a promising twist of fate, this zombie deck actually follows the same blueprint as the zombie deck that won Pro Tour Amonkhet: Flood the board and let a light smattering of removal spells clear the way for some devastating attacks while backing up the early onslaught with a proactive way to deal with creatures. In the M19 version of zombies, Liliana plays the Dark Salvation role nicely. I mean, she is depicted on both cards, so it makes sense. But maybe you’re looking for some proof that this thing’s the real deal. Fine by us! Seth Manfield recorded some videos of himself playing the deck, and he’s basically a robot from the future sent to earth to play Magic… …so you should definitely watch those, and then let us know what way you’re going to take Liliana. Are you gonna go beatdown? Are you gonna go combo? And then, y’know, like and subscribe to the channel, because I’ve never needed anything more than I need your validation this very minute. Thank you for watching, and I will see you next time!

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