Standard Feather Deck Tech and Gameplay on MTG Arena

hey everyone thanks so much tuning in so
today gonna be bringing you some mtg arena war the spark is out I’ve been
cracking packs as fast as I can earn them through daily questing and been
building up a new deck which is a lot of fun which is what I wanted to show you a
feather the redeemed here before we get started though there’s a few free and easy ways
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off your first order so with that said let’s have a look at my feather deck
that I’ve built and we can switch this into the other view so you will be able
to see what’s in here so feather is one of the new legendaries
from War of the spark and whenever you cast an instant or sorcery that targets
a creature you control you exile it and then you get it back at the beginning of the next
end step so we’re packing it with lots and lots
of spells the target our own creature so that we can keep bouncing them back so
that is what the one drops are all about so rest a zero or plus two plus two and
to lend a turn and if we cast it in a main phase instants then that creature
gains flying until the end of turn so that’s a nice bit of evasion defiant
strike because we’re in boros so we need the card draw it’s a plus one plus no it’s
not the best buff in the world but drawing a card every turn if we keep
bouncing this with feather absolutely superb moment of triumph plus two plus
two and then instead of flying we gain two life which is nothing to be sniffed
at at all and sheltering lights super super valuable in this deck satori
creature gains indestructible and then we get to scry one as well so there’s a
whole load of room of removal in this format at the moment there’s so much
control flying around it is unbelievable so that one absolutely necessary into
the two drops then and we start off with hair of dreadhorde arcanist so
really impressed with what I’ve been trying out with this card so far 1 3 so
okay stance it’s got trample and whenever it
attacks you can cast an instant or sorcery card with CMC less than or equal
to its power from your graveyard without paying its mana cost so say early game
we’ve been using some of our spells and then we get feather down we can attack
with the dread horde get one of these spells back cast it and then because we
cast it feather bounces it back to our hand ignoring the Exile clause at the
end of the arc anus so yeah that’s what that’s in there for Tenth district
Legionnaire is amazing my new favorite boros two drop at the moment 2/2 with
haste which is already pretty awesome and then whenever you cast a spell that
targets it put a plus one plus one counter on it and then scry so that if
you fire off a defiant strike at it becomes a for three straight away we get
to scry and then we get to draw the card so that is really really useful got too
awful of a coil in here because Drake’s are still a thing got to watch out for
that and justice strike as well just an all-around great bit of boros removal for
guttersnipe so whenever you cast an instant or sorcery it deals two damage
to each opponent so that is going to be some incremental damage that just chips
away at the opponent we’ve already covered for feathers in here – Gideon
black blade so this is something that I’m experimenting with at the moment and
seems to be working so it comes down is 4/4 indestructible planeswalker and then
you can start dishing out indestructible life link or vigilance to one other
creature and it’s an added bit of removal if it’s ever allowed to get up
that high mizzium tank as well absolutely love
vehicles are back in standard in sort of meaningful ways so one red red you get a
3-2 trample so I only got a crew of one as well so that means that the dread
horde can crew it well yeah all of the creatures can crew it whenever you cast
a long a spell it becomes not fat creature and
gets +1 +1 until end of turn so what we could do is like burn something and then
that becomes creature and then because it’s creature we can then target it with
these it gets the pump off of our instants and also gets another +1 +1 so
that ability just keep stacking each time we cast an on creature spell up in
so the four drops we’ve got a two of Ixalans binding still preferring this
over prison realm at the moments the versatility is yeah just doing it for me
at the moment and then we got to settle the wreckage as well we never know when
that will come in handy to wipe the board down in the lands we are heavily
favoring white with ten Plains versus five mountains and that is because of
the double white in feather we really really sort of want to be getting there
as soon as we can and then the usual four of clifftop retreats and four of
sacred foundry so I’ve been having an awful lot of fun with this deck it is a
little bit of a glass cannon certain matchups you’re just going to lose and
for some reason arena shuffler has been absolute nightmare recently it has not
been dealing Meethi well not even nice hands okay hands but what we’re going to
do now is jump into a bit of gameplay so you can see this deck in action okay so
jumping straight into a game here we have got a decent amount of lands we got
to drop we got cut bit of an evil bit of a spell I reckon that’s a keeper and
they are Mulligan hang okay I didn’t even take any note so if he was going
first the head and whoops a hand so yeah hopefully they will keep a sixer and
it’s me to go first so I play down the plains and they are in is it who drew
another Legionnaire play down the first one swinging for the two off to a good
start that’s all green as well okay
so they’re live coiling that I think we will go for same again swing in for
another two there we go and we still got one up for a definer strike not that I’d
think that we’d really use it this early on so they play tap down guild gates us
so we’re playing against gates fair enough we’ve got our fourth land and for
that I think we are just going to those pay the two life actually and we’ll drop
down the museum tank I think that works for us swinging for another two and then
next turn if we need to we can target a Legionnaire with the define strike
making the tank into a 4-3 creature of the turn just in case we need to block
anything don’t think there’ll be anything to instant going on in here
they’ll probably be secure this routing or something okay and more land so if we play the dread
hoard we can target that with the defined strike Museum comes into play
and we can swing in with that for for its next turn if we attack with the
dread hoard then we’ll get the define strike back for the term and can cast it
again draw another card which is always handy it’s like got C McGill Gate coming
in tapped say on three gates at the moment gates of blaze so there goes the
arc anus no well add another land wonderful hair so if we go Museum tank
triggers the other tank swinging for yet another for no sign of feather at all
sometimes that’s just the way this guy who’s back I mean we’re the form of in
the deck you would have thought that at least one would have cropped up by now
but yeah that is the way of the boss card draw always a bit of an issue okay
so we have got some spells but we got nothing really that we want to target
unless we yeah let’s lava coil the gay colossus both of those become that yep
been right we got it so both of them attack it’ll block one we can arrest to
see or the other one and there we go museum tank doing the business right
here we go again let’s see if we can actually get this deck to do what I
wanted it to do which was feather things up a bit so we got a couple of
Legionnaires we’ve got removal we got bind in got the arrest of zeal couple of
lands one in each color what more could you want say we’ll go in second drew I’m
gonna define the strike which is pretty cool how you feel you will get another
Plains and a feather at some point so they are growth spiraling so up
against gates yet again Museum tank my ideal but as we saw from the last game
that is quite potent in and of itself but yeah we really need to draw another
land this turn Oh early gates blaze no land either unfortunately stocking up
with all the good cards though but nothing to to cast them with so they’ve
got another two gates out and we still haven’t drawn the land and this is
shocking stuff so what we’ll do is we’ll target that sheltering light normally
would be kept at the top to draw but with searching for those lands still not
another land you never know we might just come through would just Legionnaire
although if they gates a blaze again then always live that’s cool that’s cool
so we have got a nice little target for the Justice strike so they ping us for
one live goes away and with free to swinging again down to nine life so
about this stage that they’re all usually a gateway angel oh no has Saucon say he’s got four four and there’s
feather still no land though and so what’s the plus one so until the end of
turn it becomes a four four so I think if we just attack straight in front ways so it takes one damage we’ll give it plus two plus two so I
forgot about that one damage over there that is slightly annoying but looks like
it should all work out all right are they Oh they’ve copied my hair esta su
and there’s another land finally okay so they’ve traded off we’ve got our next
land which is fantastic stuff this is like dragon gates
I guess haven’t seen this one before there we go there’s the land so we are
going to do we do feather straight away or do we go
Gideon first I think uptick quickly say that he doesn’t buy straight away so he
are still digging out more and more gates we’re going to take another yeah
for off of Sarkin heading towards gideon but that’s a white cuz he’s got one left
we’ve drawn the sheltering lights fantastic
so if we play our feather next combat we will swing into Sarkin there and i
always forget to uptick hello with him at the moment
managed to remember it then so they’ve got a gate Colossus at the moment and we
didn’t draw another land unfortunately so we can what on earth can we do I
think we are just going to give further lifelink and let’s move to combat so
we’ll start swinging over the top there and do
once put anything else down let’s get the dread horde down naturally and the
turn okay so they’re probably gonna go into Gideon I would imagine we’re not
gonna stand in the way that and yeah if they can do that not a problem gates plays this is why we hold up a
shelter in light that is why it’s so important do we need another land yes we
do we’re gonna bind that Colossus and they’ve just quit
fantastic rod Gigi’s so that was feather towards the end doing what feather does
best right heading into the third game I’m against Golden Grove who obviously
loves arena spending their money on their fancy avatars that is yeah it’s
really tempting however we on the draw though so yeah it
might be worth it keeping Gideon’s let’s keep it let’s go for it
I think that’s half of the health of my trouble is that I do not mulligan
aggressively enough but yeah I think that’s three games in the road where we
haven’t started with a feather in hand so they were band multi color pants and
we will ok Gideon ban uptick in and wait to see what the responses so nothing
really going on there and so yeah let’s just swing in before remember to uptick and pass back I see what they’re up to
nothing blimey okay let’s get a sacred foundry down uptick in and yeah let’s
swing in cure if we can just do this all the way to the finish line
they’ll be fine by me and so they drop down to ten so they obviously need that
manner Oh swapping life titles that is a nifty
little trick cool okay so let’s just drop down the level and less uptick
gained and yes start the pummeling around the gain are they gonna do it
again no so they’ve drawn seven card oh I’ve only just spotted the size of
their deck looking at 110 cards and they’ve just drawn a whole load of them
as well blimey okay so that is an interesting one I think we keep drawing
lands so let’s play land this game +1 so we draw on a lava coil do we want to
keep going along that tack and I thinks I make hay while the Sun shines as they
say and yeah we draw nothing particularly amazing at Oh have I done
him yet nope and this give kids a uptick now and
we’ll swim for eight Wow so yeah I can’t believe that still that
is crazy and I wonder they weren’t playing anything to begin with their
plane that’s more than EDH that is absolutely crazy
okay so we’ve now got feather it’s a shame we just splurged all of those
cards last time round and so we are going to say protect feather for a
little bit no need though and we’ll go in for a bit more combat boom let’s swap
in life totals is crazy card okay so we’ll protect our feather get rid of that land we definitely don’t
need any more lands curse a feather sticks around we get the sheltering
light back and back around and we draw another land okay so as uptick I think
that we will lifelink and swinging for seven okay so the dance five I’m up to
nine so looking a little bit safer there might as well drop the other planes so
anything that comes down Gideon’s gonna be able to take care of really Oh on
this year’s fair enough okay double on this yes cleansing over so we protect feather
again scry the land it’s always lands so we should be relatively safe for the
term they’ve gained a boatload of life we’ve got a sheltering light back and
we’ve drawn duplicates now so that is not particularly fun I think what we’re
gonna do is exhaust our exiling on this Eunice’s and let’s swing in 4/7 again
this dude just keeps on gaining life they did not want to they did not seem
to want to die so they got a card draw going on with the arch now straight way
obviously going to be Oh chemists as insights draw a couple of cards that
they can just cast without painful gaming more life out okay so they draw X cards no maximum
hand size for the rest of the game oh this could be quite painful depending
what they’ve just drawn that is a crazy deck I actually love it so glad that I’m
capturing this okay search for basic land fair enough
or – I don’t know if you can click things off in missions
okay so we’re losing more life background so we are going to uptick
feather with life link we’re gonna move to combat we’re gonna all attack in less
arrest as he or that so we gain even more life okay so that balanced out slightly
better it’s still not amazing and they’ve got six cards in hand that they
can just draw that they can just play slightly terrifying okay so they’re just
gifting up gaining more life Oh will lead you now finally another creature
that is pretty cool or do we just exile the omniscience because it’s a complete
pain no I think that we are going to continue with the life linking plan and go from there so yeah that’s swing in there and yeah pastor so after
all of this they’re still on seventeen life
yeah it’s can’t believe it really next time we can we can get rid of the
omniscience safely so relatively safely who knows what this deck is gonna be up
to okay so they’ve drawn another 14 cards Wow and they still got ninety two cards left
in their deck okay so they’re digging out lands lands lands is their plan miss
or something like that maybe as the as the ultimate I could very well be yet what could have done I guess it blown up
the omniscience last turn and recast Gideon yeah silly me and that would have stopped all of this
business going on okay so they draw five cards from the gilded Lotus no
rejuvenator so yet another land I came they gained four life a whole
load of times again draw more cards yowsa another latest despite not needing to
cast anything so what they down sit her down to 63 cards now okay so it got
another one missions down so yeah there goes that plan they are frantically
digging for something or just showing off because better play
is a crazy crazy Dec search now more lands getting even more life drawing
even more cards five more again are they going to Jason
deck themselves could nap yet oh now be incredible so the downs of forty seven
cards still drawing okay joy more wow that is bonkers I wish you could say
like how many cards are in their hand now being interesting stat but they are
now down to 32 cards and say yeah presumably they are going for some kind
of Jayce win and I am on a timeout bar just from responding to their triggers okay looks like the fun has stopped for
her second now they’re eyeing up their rejuvenate errs not quite sure why hopefully we’ll find out soon enough okay so they’re drawing more cards mine
in fact so that puts them down to twenty-one cards in their deck another
rejuvenator okay mother liked us I don’t know how we
will overcome this if it ever comes around to our turn again because they’ve
just doubled their life title again oh my goodness okay so on okay so there’s nothing that we can do
about that at all they are all being bounced back so 440 life okay and we’ve started all over again so it wasn’t a Jase in the end it was
just absolute insanity he presumably they’ve all got summoning sickness but yeah one life not a good position to
be in we got a moment of triumph I guess so we could feather next turn and then
start getting back some incremental amounts of life with the with that yeah
I just need to pass the term say that they can then attack me for
that last one keep going this is hilarious oh my days okay save three
planet-wide celebrations in a row okay so what do we need to do here then so we
need a feather down does that have trample yeah it does so we’re going to
be dead from that anyway we don’t have any waiter to really deal with that we
are going to see then plate out the guttersnipe so you can start chipping
away at their life later okay so it’s target feather and we draw a
cliff top retreat what wha okay if we play Museum tank that was a huge mistake
and yeah let’s fast and hopefully they just swing in and put this out of her
purse out of her misery yes so hopefully they’ll just swing in I’m sick again her
sake okay if they start fannying around thigh I’m
out of here so yeah they can just kill me yeah I’m
not down for now avoid spend too much time in that game but that was
absolutely nuts I cannot believe it what a game right back in for another one
after that absolutely bonkers game last time round this one hopefully will be a
bit more manageable we got shouting like we got spent District Legionnaire couple
of medium tanks yeah we will go with it and there ya see what this brings so is
aureus okay ss get that down stop pounding start
waiting on them is there gonna be another color is guild gates say yeah
could be up against gates again no oh a cast down straight off the bat
okay so we will yeah kids start up take in see what they come up with next
this could be Esper control maybe and if it is it’s an absolute nightmare okay so gets back in play we have not
drawn a land so let’s go for a museum tank uptick cross time remember and
swing in sweet pretty simple turn got some quite nice instants in hands just
waiting for feather to show up okay so they’ve tapped down with the chemist is
in sight that is interesting we’ve got another land so how about if we go for earn a rest of zeal brings the museum
tank into play and we can just swing in with that okay so that was going from the longest
game in the world ever to probably the quickest game in the world ever fair
enough so there was no sign of feather there at all didn’t matter though we
still pulled it off and in here so we got a feather we got the three man and
we need we’ve got the fine strike got a to drop got bin removal that finally
looks like a tasty hand after all of this then just the break say that’s how
it goes sometimes game of chance can’t be helped
so what we’re facing off against rag dos say let’s get the cockiness down tease
out some removal potentially and we drawn the guttersnipe as well so that’s
pretty nice and yellers let’s hack in with the arcanist and go further that okay so it looks like they are firmly in
the lactose situation Gio does well spray in and then mana rock that’s quite
interest in this ends tapped then let’s just go for it so we want to swing in
and we will actually let’s draw a cart and there’s another land okay goats
damaged leave the two up for justice strike just in case don’t splurge too
hard so we’re pretty much set I believe so
next turn we could play feather yes sure and then attack with the dread horde
which will then bounce the define strike back and love a sacred foundry if we go
for that then play feather attack in with that so then that finds the define
strike if we cast the defined strike on to it then that triggers feather we draw
another feather off the feather and then move to damage further as a replacement
effect brings the defy strike back to the hand love it a lower when a plan
comes together only problem is were slightly open to
some removal like that so I think that we are going to probably sack thee okay
nest coulda site feather because we’ve got another one but yes I passed our
attack is what we’ll do is from draw another card most we can you have to
remember to do that before the end step otherwise you don’t get it back till the
very next turn so we’ve got planes now so I think if we go for a binding on
that reborn swing in and yeah let’s just keep
drawing cards for now a nice tense district there we go so we still got the
one Manor open we don’t have sheltering lights so if
they if they target it with a cast down or murder it would have to be there’s
nothing that we can really do or asker that will do it as well but I think that
we’re in a good enough position where just the 10th district Legionnaire on
its own might do the trick possibly so come down to 3/4
yes so if we play that and then can just start working off from there and so we
can give it plus 2 3 4 5 6 7 so not quite enough to get us there but if we
actually pay the 2 life for that if we got a snipe we can then yeah work around
it that way I’d get that to the bottom kill there we go
I get rid of that they’re not playing any creatures and then yes swinging for the gee-gees
no ego so that is the deck working as intended so that was like a ballet or
something with the arcanist working with the feather to bring the spell back and
then yeah it helped a lot to be fair that they didn’t really do anything they
shot a few creatures platon geodes so yeah not a true test against sort of
tier decks at all but it gives you a good idea as to what the deck is capable
with the right sequencing of cards so there we go guys thank you very much for
watching really appreciate it I will catch you on the next one in the
meantime don’t forget to do all of the usual YouTube stuff and check out the
channel sponsor arcane cards online card store stocking ntg singles and sealed
product link is down in the description as well as that discount code for 10%
off you order so have a great week and I will see you
all very soon Cheers

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