Stand out WA startups: Frame VR

frame vr is a virtual reality content production company we help our partners and other organizations look at the way they do things in a new way frame vr was initially set up in mid-2016 really to work on a specific project called the buried and we found fairly quickly that there was a lot of interest from a lot of other sectors to do with virtual realities we kinda ended up with three pillars in the company that we cover we do entertainment products mostly out of home entertainment we do corporate projects as well mostly around training and then we also do higher-level arts projects so I’ve actually been working in the WA digital media industry now for about 20 years I started out as a multimedia student at central tafe I was interested in 3d animation at the time I ended up as the head of 3d animation at the film television institute down in fremantle it was probably the best place I ever worked because up until that point I’d been a very kind of technical person when I went to FDI
I was suddenly surrounded by filmmakers so it really opened my eyes to the idea of telling a story with technology I lived through the mobile revolution eyes I’ve lived through the internet revolution and at all those times it was very interesting working with that technology but really virtual reality is what I’ve been waiting for to kind of immerse people more into those virtual worlds when you’re moving to VR you’ve got to think about it an experience you’re going to think about it as it’s not telling and directing a story it’s creating an experience for somebody the thing to remember about VR is that you can’t just take a short film and then stick it in VR because the user is immersed in VR which is great because they’ve got that presence there but they need to feel like they also have agency so they need to feel like they’re in that world naturally and also that they have a purpose in that world so you have to be quite creative in terms of where you want them to look at how you want them to react emotionally how you want them to interact and be involved with the story imaginarium is frame’s entertainment brand so we decided fairly early on that we’re probably not going to go down the VR games roots we’re kind of more interested in project like the mechatron time that we’re doing under imaginarium so technically the mechatron was our first virtual reality project that we really invested a lot of time in it was almost the ultimate tech fanboy purchase we saw that there were some people doing mechatronic rides and trying VR on it so we actually raised a little bit of capital and went out and just ordered one of these platforms kind of moves left to right front and back we then had to build content for it so we ended up working with joondalup tafe north metro and SAE institute we had about a dozen or so students come in and work with us to develop our 4 sequences we then packaged those sequences up and we took them to the kaleidoscope festival we played it very safely to content because we knew there going to be a lot of kids there so the rides are very kind of safe there’s no roller coaster ride with jump scares or anything for those although those are the things that people are now requesting that we go make people really enjoyed the ride and generally the response was very positive I did a lot of the business development side of the mechatronics had an amazing response people loved it they just came out gobsmacked everyone from little kids to Grandma’s in wheelchairs loved it and if you just really have such massive appeal the long term vision for Imaginarium is to actually open retail VR stores so we’re looking at it possibly doing our first pop-up store later 2017 it’ll be the kind of thing that will run in the city we’ll get some space where we’ll take the Mechatron we’ll take a few other experiences we’ll be able to charge people a small amount of money to come in for maybe 45 minutes or an hour and if you go around and test several different types of VR to get the heads around it we want to use the technology to bring people together one of our missions is to make it as accessible a technology to everybody we believe everyone should experience this not just people who can afford to we don’t feel anyone anywhere in the world is any further ahead than anyone else at the moment it’s a brand new platform open open to almost anyone in all media there’s a place for it from theatre which is still alive now through to television radio really important when TV came out people said radios going to die it’s not it’s never been more popular I think VR will just be in that mix you’ll use it when you need to it’s a natural evolution our relationship with computing and technology but I do think it is the last screen it is the last evolution of our relationship with the screen so there’s not much what you can go from there apart from the old matrix you know jacking in so yeah I think it will become eventually become part of everyday life in the same way as you’d fire on a TV you’ll drop into the art to do something that’s important to you we feel that we can actually do this kind of stuff here in Western Australia and do a great job at it.

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