Spring 2013 AngelHack World Tour

AngelHack is a series events that we hold all around the world and each one of these events is called a hackathon. A Hackathon is a 24 hour coding competition. Coding is a really big deal. It’s basically the best industry to be in right now. is any sort of programming or technology and coming to a hackathon like this, this is the center of it, this is the new economy. I think Hackathons is a place where you can take all these ideas that you have floating around in your head, and actually sit, and coded at it, and in the end you actually have something. AngelHack forces you to prune off distractions. You are able to to connect with peers bounce ideas off and just got a lot of that energy and momentum going that enables you take something from start to finish in a day. Instantly you are going from an idea to actually building something it happens fast, its like a freight train, and
sometimes that’s the kick you need to get things done and really take that idea and dream you have and turn it into reality. The culture of hacking is the obsession is sessions of solving puzzles. It’s easy to talk about the things you want them to do, but to execute on that and not be derailed by a bug or something like that. A hacker even though it sounds really cody,that’s one element of a team, but a team is many things. you need product management you need UX, you need front end — the backend. A hacker is a member of a unit. To be around girls who enjoy the same things [hacking] who want to achieve the same things as you is really fun to connect with them and see what you can make of it. There’s people out there at all skill levels joining teams and people who have launched startups and already have careers and people who are here for the very first time. The timeline for development at a hackathon is really compressed. You want to do something really cool, but you’ve got twenty four hours to do it. So a lot of times it starts with someone whose got the idea, everyone tries to do
everything at once and then you hit a wall and you realize you’re not going to be able to do this. You’re stressed, under pressure, you’re usually thrown in with different
personalities you have to come together operate quickly and most importantly learn how to do it under very tight timelines and typically sleep deprived. So the judging process at AngelHack works by using our platform called Hackathon.io, and as a team you submit a project, and the judges will view the demos, and simply rate them on a scale of one to ten. As a judge my responsibilities are to really see what the teams have done in a short amount of time in terms of really creating a disruptive application. [Clapping] I just want the community to know that Hackathons might seem like a lot of really good programmers go, but that is a myth. A lot of beginners also come to hackathons. So even though you feel like you don’t know enough, you should always make it a point of coming to hackathons because that is when you learn the most. People may think that we walk away
with prizes and think that’s the biggest thing you walk away from the competition, but I don’t necessarily agree with that. I think some of the ideas are collected from other people, are much more valuable than the actual prize. fires i think it’s exciting to see what
you know first come together and actually right software because when that happens ideas have
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