Sponsor Interview: Holly Harrington, General Manager, Taiwan Startup Stadium

I’m Holly Harrington and I’m the general manager of Taiwan Startup Stadium. Startup stadium is a government funded startup hub based in Taipei, and we work with internationally minded Taiwan startups that are looking into getting into global markets. When it comes to startups Taiwan is really a hidden gem in Asia. People don’t often think about us, they might know “Made In Taiwan” but Taiwan is really home to a lot of world-class engineering talent and it’s becoming more and more international over time thanks to programs like the entrepreneur visa which is really one of the best entrepreneur visas that you can find in Asia. Startup Stadium is all about helping startups go international so with that in mind at Propelify this year we’re giving away our rock the world award and that means that you not only get our fabulous Rock the world trophy you also get your very own top the rock cat and on top of that I know it’s amazing but we’re also going to fly you to Taiwan for a week to check out the startup ecosystem here meet our startups and our partners here in Taiwan and also just find out what an amazing place this is. If you’re an investor or startup that may be considering moving to Asia or you just like cats, come find us at the #TaiwanRocks booth at Propelify this year and reach out to us on twitter @startup_stadium.

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