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The Ultra-Inline Spill Decks provide safe
and effective spill containment for up to six 55-gallon drums without taking up a lot
of valuable floor space. Assembling the Ultra-Inline Spill Deck is
quick and easy. First, put the units side-by-side. Next, remove the grating from the top of the
decks. Place the washer on the included bulkhead
fitting and insert into the pre-drilled holes in the decks. Hand tighten the nut on the other end of the
bulkhead fitting. Now, replace the grating. Next, unscrew the nut from the bulkhead fitting
on the bladder, keeping in mind that it has left-hand threads. Carefully cut the label that holds the access
door closed during shipping. Next, cut the rubber bands that are around
the two ends of the rolled up bladder. Install the bladder attachment by putting
the bulkhead fitting through the pre-drilled hole and hand tighten the nut. Insert the included T-strip to keep spills
from going between the decks. The Ultra-Inline Spill Deck is now ready to
be used. An optional ramp is available for easier drum
loading and unloading. The low-profile, 5 3/4″ height allows easier
drum handling with standard, wooden shipping pallets. In case of a drum failure, the leak or spill
will first fill up the yellow Spill Deck sump. The bulkhead fitting that connects units together
will allow the spill to travel into the neighboring sump. If additional capacity is necessary for the
spill, the bladder attachment will automatically unfurl providing up to 55-gallons of additional
containment*. For more information on the Ultra-Inline Spill
Decks or any of our other spill containment products please call us at 800-353-1611 or
visit us on the web at www.spillcontainment.com.

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