fort what’s going on guys welcome back to
another type of video here for Missouri gaming and today I want to be going over
actually our first meta discussion and where we’re at and basically the culprit
of today’s video is none other than your Dante’s spike launch so we all know
spike launch has been very very meta I’m almost at the inception of the game but
recently or how much the players have been able to abuse this ability I’m
gonna go over to why it’s a big problem in the game why a lot of people are not
really wanting to play high end PvP when they know they’re really playing against
a sec probably 85% of the time while I Dex just can’t compete against his deck
and why there is really no downside of using this ability and why a lot of
people are I would say the game was definitely on a decline from launch I’m
about two weeks ago now those combination of factors for
that one is it could be spike launch it could be the lack of know emulators a
lot of people don’t want to play on their mobile devices there is also
there’s no events to do Lily there’s only to do the starting chronicles that
we happen to start the game you know you can level up your heroes which I did for
a while and then all there is is to climb rank in PvP so and the game has
not had any kind of mainstream marketing from gung-ho or Capcom outside of you
know primary to Anime Expo which was a big deal right
but we haven’t anything since then and the game is right now for coming up on a
month now I think next week not this coming up weeks I’m recording this on
Sunday but I think the following week from this week is gonna be about its
month release and there still has not been any event added anything like that
so I think that that’s a big problem as well so we’re gonna have to see um I
think say within two weeks if we don’t have a serious announcement of either
them dealing with something with spike launch or releasing some new content I’m
like some kind of event that you can fight like different NPCs or something
like that um I don’t know I hate that my freaking device has to
shut this app off but all right all that guys but that’s not really tell where
the games headed long term wise like is Capcom and
gung-ho really seriously supporting this game or is this really just kind of like
a side project than the old deal of teppan when they have time we’ll have to
see but anyway I want to talk about spike launch overall so basically this
card is split damage upon equal to sacrifice light points loss to all enemy
units so it targets all units and it’s not even like balanced and somewhat
waves like divided notice what split damage equal to sacrifice like points
along means okay so basically this is like the five drop read the Rothko’s
divine judgement card I think it’s called but the problem with this is it
has no cat so literally this could do like 30 damage spread across the three
lanes which is basically is an instant one situational board wipe on your
opponent and there’s no drawback to yourself
so let’s go over the cards of why this is really brutal and why the numbers to
this guess just gets obscenely obscenely out so here here you have this is one of
the key cards the deck for one cost you destroy a friendly black unit and you
get seven life so that’s a straight-up seven life game you have this card here
YX sees this destroy something three or empty or less and you sacrifice to life
so that fuels it this is three life and then sacrifice something very something
two or less so grated this is just probably overall better because it’s and
three MP or less and that’s to attack or less but they you can run either you
know either one do we have this card + 2 + 2 4 2 is insane
sacrifice 3 life so that fuels it keep going down here this is a common card
you see is just a 2 5 I’ve seen that a couple builds this obviously you guys
see this a lot 3 5 4 3 sacrifice 3 life where is the other 3 drop that I’m
looking this big big car at sacrifice to life put something in play the class 4
or less so you’re basically getting a 4 drop for 3 and you’re fueling spike
launch this card definitely is probably like the look like the one of the best
openers they can have a 3 7 wall for 4 get if you mind stat wise this is higher
strength than Chris Redfield and it costs 2 under and it gives 3 despite
launch that’s just a solid tee time Peter doesn’t really affect spike launch
too much let’s see it keep going down here safely have any other ones that
stand out to me of things that I’ve definitely seen obviously they have
access to spray infection which is just a very insane card so but those are kind
of like the fuel cards that it has of why can lose life so much now maybe this
deck this second wasn’t as bad when people were just playing at mana black
and they weren’t splashing green but here’s the kicker once she starts
flashing green and you have access to cards like this that’s straight up for
to gain 6 light so if you run three of these and then three of the black card
that’s I think it was like a 1 cost to sack a creature to gain 7 life you’re
now looking at you have a potential of 21 plus 18 light gain you’re talking
about having over 40 life game cards and you’re fueling spike launch to where
it’s doing you know weight game into 20 20 plus damage so basically it makes
this to the point that creatures are almost irrelevant you play against
unless you can severely swarm your opponent like subject like consistently
like over over and over again you know you drop a big boys killed you drop a
big boy it’s killed you drop a big boy it’s killed and in fact it’s like
launched only cost 17 our points is severely under costed of why this deck
existed really broken and why really no deck has a great matchup against it in
my opinion um you know you could say that you climb with Chumley or you
climbed with whatever I mean you could have got lucky you could have really
really good openers against spike launch but generally if you’re going off of
ratio spike launch is going to have a better matchup against every single
death in the meta game than any other deathbeds period like purple I feel
purple is just obviously you can’t run Dante you can’t run Morgan because their
whole deck concepts is to you know have enemies out with resonate and then boost
them up and then spike launch is just gonna tear them apart straight up it’s
gonna have better overall stack creatures the only exception is if they
can go like turn one avicii and have like three spell chains to just bump a
boogie up like early game so like to have 12 plus health those probably no
way a Dante or Morgan deck can come back against spike launch so especially like
the Morgan halt mechanic like I barely ever see purple and a rank
climbing the champion so that should tell you guys something big there you
know just where we’re at kind of in the meta game overall with all this with
spike launch so and so that’s kind of like where I get where I want to go with
this video on just that there there’s other heroes right that like if we go to
ryu for instance if we actually will use the game okay like a Dukan cost one more
AP and it’s only seven damage to a unit and the fact is is this has a cat like
you can’t kill certain units with this you can’t spread this across the board
so that I feel like reuse hadouken is like a balanced skill in comparison to
spike launch whereas like spike launch just it’s not
balanced at all you know you guys can make the argument saying that well you
have to lose life in order to use it like honestly that doesn’t matter
because your whole deck is based around this when literally 60% of your cards
make you lose life to fuel spike launch and then you have six to nine cards of
life game cards to where you’re just constantly gaining life then it doesn’t
matter it really doesn’t matter so to put this in other card games you know
kind of terms it keep in mind this is an art ability so this means it doesn’t
cost your MP it does it cost your progression of
curved and you’ve been potentially launch it probably three to five times a
game depending on how long your game lasts for so it’s a reusable plague win
and reusable Rebecca and these cards Righetti is ban right in in yugioh it’s
straight up ban and it was rogue to one immediately on release like immediately
this car goes rogue to one before they start being you deal cards back when I
played when you do first came out then we a play one is a cost of 9 to do that
that’s an in MTG mana um does not charge up this is like manna and MTG is
turn-based so like you play one land a turn and then that’s what you have
access to use outside of like other cards that give you ramp so map just
shows you like how MTG balancing you do straight up at the Bandra gucky so that
should tell you guys that nerd ghonte spike launch is just insanely
overpowered it’s insanely overpowered and it definitely needs to be dealt with
by gung-ho Capcom whoever is gonna be doing the you know balancing of the game
it definitely needs to have adjustments made to it now there’s a lot of ways and
you go about it they could make it so that it does damage to both sides make
it ballast to make it a board white for both players they could cap it to say 12
like cabot to 12 because that’s what i want to keep saying the wrong name but
the five drops legendaries fellow that i read has where is it I think it’s divine
judgement dragon Lord’s judgment so Dragon Lord judgment cost five it’s a
legendary card into those twelve damage spell on the enemy side of the board so
make it twelve that could be something that you know you could do it I mean if
you want to raise the MP cost of the AP cost of it to make it like 20 or 24 I
think 20 is too low it’s only a three if you make it like 24 then you’re not able
to consistently um you know use spike launch so much and especially like the
more rush decks will have a more viable off
to beat that deck that’s one option to go about it
so those are like my three options of like how to nerf it make it 24 a
peacocks you know increase the cost by seven or as I said I have spike want to
deal damage to both sides so it’s a complete board white or the other option
is I like I said to cap it at like 12 damage total that you can do so that way
like if you’re playing green especially you’ve got some beefy guys it’s not just
completely you know you have a cap so you can play around it like okay so at
least some of my guys will survive depending on how the damage is split up
but right now there’s not really too many ways to play against it and it’s
really hard to know that you always have a spike lunch waiting whenever you want
to play creatures those playing creatures how you in the game so if you
take away that aspect of basically knowing that well my creatures are gonna
die as soon as I play them then it’s like well it has a very very unfair one
side advantage when playing or Dante deck I personally have not been playing
it to try to climb yet but I playing against it and I’ve seen people play it
you know seeing multiple people talk about it so I definitely know where the
communities at with this deck style and I do think it needs to be dealt with by
gung-ho or Capcom so but let me know what you guys think
Oh spike launched the comment section down below the health of the game where
you guys think the game is how do you guys still them playing it a lot um you
know if you guys have already climbed the champion I assume you guys aren’t
really playing it too much anymore you know you might hop on you know maybe
an hour a day or something like that but thank you guys so much check another
video as always you guys didn’t enjoy it make sure you drop a like down below
subscribe enable build notification if you guys are interested
I still do string trying to get to champions so I will do that every every
now and then but I think you guys so much try on the video have it awesome
Sunday and I’ll see you guys in the next type of video peace out guys

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  1. My option is your first solution of capping it at 12 would not help much as most of he time the nerg won’t need more than 12 also as for fixing it by raising the AP I think that would just feel bad cause purple would destroy black in my option but other than that fully agree with the rest of what your saying also I feel the sacrifice count resetting would be a good way to fix cause it would make nerg require more skill and make it so like ryu’s hadoken it can be baited also by resetting I mean after it is used the damage it does goes back to 0 and the player has to sacrifice more to raise the damage up again( got the idea from a comment but forgot from who )

  2. I think they should keep it the way it is but just make it like ryu hadouken where it can only target 1 card.

  3. I think that maybe they should instead make healing cards decrease the damage done . So when they use a +6 health card it will punish them with reduced damage on the art

  4. Give me a break. Spike launch is dumb but demanding more content after 1 month is a bit much. I hear it all the time from dudes who deep dicks games as they come out then get mad if the content does sate their voracious appetite. Slow down chew a bit fuck…

  5. I say increase the cost of use AND make it so that it only works according to CURRENT missing HP, not total. This prevents constant healing and forces the Nerg user to put themselves in danger for them to be able to insta-remove a board with it.

  6. I think Spike's Lunch is actually fairly well balanced. It has a natural and popular counter in Red face damage, Purple can bounce or Halt their overstatted minions and Green can Barrier or just straight-up out-AoE heal Spike Launch for most of the game. That leaves three out of the four colors with counterplay to the deck – assuming said decks are assertive enough to take advantage of their counterplay, which they should – and multicolor decks can make use of any of those tools, even more than one in the same deck. As a side note, Spike Launch keeps Ibuki decks in check which is OK in my book as that deck is all about zero interaction on their part.

    That's not to say it's right on the mark either, however. It deserves to cost at least 1 more AP. But it shouldn't be gutted like people are clamoring for it to be.

  7. I think should just reset the damage every time u use it. This put pressure on the player to use it when they get it cuz if they charge another one it's going to do zero damage

  8. you are dead wrong about purple having issues with nerg. The only issue i get with Dante is Ryu. that's it. the tits will give me issues once in a while depending on both our starting hands.

  9. to answer your last question : i'm still hooked on the game and don't see myself stopping even in Champ. it's just a great fucking game so i'm gonna keep playing. The patches will work kinks and OP stuff out. Until then, you just get better playing vs OP shit and have to learn to adjust and adapt. that's how i came to wreck Nerg 80%+ of the time.

  10. I think a+7 AP cost is the best option. Decks will stay largely as they are, just not be as dominant as before. An other option would be instead of sacrificed damage, it should be damage you are currently suffering I.e. if you are at 10 health, 20 dmg, etc. But that may completely change deck building for this art ability.

  11. I'm in rank B4 and I beat an A1 and a champion player the other day with nergigante in non-ranked. I'd say he definately needs a nerf.

  12. Spike launch is so broken, that if they don't do an update to nerf it soon, I'm uninstalling… IT WIPES YOUR BOARD EVERY TIME!!!!

  13. Maybe keep Spike Launch the way it stands, but have it do full damage only when you're below a Life threshold. For instance, 50% at full health, 75% at 20 health, and 100% at 10.

  14. Crazy anime expo conference, but this game wasn’t really market well and I’m wondering if it will in the future. I feel like this game is still in “beta” and maybe the world wide release it will reach out the players. I’m enjoying the game but I’m not liking the game as much at champion of high ranks. Great concept game but I feel the imbalance kinda ruins it for me

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