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hi friends In this video what we going to see is a Interesting news.. we are using Mobile phones daily and we capuring pictures daily.. in that there are 2 or 3 cameras are there at present Mobiles.. basically first discovered 2 cameras mobiles contans 1 DEPTH Sensing Lens.. to capture a Portrait Photographs.. In that we are going to see a Amazing Upcoming Technology… At present Researchers doing a Advanced research on this “Depth Sensors”.. you’re wondering what they’re Researching ? With the principles of SPIDER’s Eyes , Researchers doing a new project on DEPTH Sensing Technology.. basically Camera tech’s of present,based on a Extra sensor which measures the Distance btw the Objects.. with the combined use of Software processing (AI) , present Blurring Photographs are made.. with this Spider Tech , Spiders Visualize its Prey Clearly in 1 Eyes and Other Eyey got blurred.. researchers keep researching this spiders eye principle for improvement of Depth Sensors.. with Optical , researchers finding a New DEPTH Sensor for upcoming Devices.. this will soon available in upcoming Mobile cameras & Augumented Reality, etc.. Depth Sensors not only Used for Portrait Photos , It is a Key for Augumented Reality,etc.. wondering what is Augumented Reality ? if you watched the Samsung S10 Ad, They shows the Real World People as Dinosaurs , etc .. This is AR… making our face or whole thing with some other thing’s doing, that is Augumented Reality.. these AR and more are achieved by The Depth Sensors.. because these Depth Sensors , shows the variation of diff objects.. if you wanna know about AR, Comment below , i will make a Dedicated Video for it.. now with this Depth sensing tech, with combined use of microbots , Spider Tech will Improve the Future Techs.. we expect this will soon available in upcoming devices.. May be it will get its first implementation in Mobiles , Mobile Growth in enormous in last few years.. if you feel this Video is Useful , Give a Thumbs Up ! Share with people who loves New Technologies ! then Give a LIKE , COMMENT your Opinions about this Video ! want to see more tech videos , DONT forget to Hit the SUBSCRIBE button !! click the BELL icon to get Notifications !

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