Sphero’s new Star Wars toys include R2-D2 and a new droid from ‘The Last Jedi’

(mellow music) – New from Sphero we go the BB-9E droid. He’s a first order of Dark Side droid. Very similar to the BB-8 except
for he’s from the Dark Side. (beeps) We’ve integrated some cool
technology for his head. So, we have an induction charging system that goes up into the head of this thing to light the lights without
any batteries in the head. It’s really like a new
phenomenal technique to lighting something. And, we work pretty closely
with the Disney Studio and the Lucas Films to
create the character as realistic as I can. So, the industrial
design and the movements and the sounds. And then, we continuously
update that stuff through the time until the
movie comes out, really. We can expect some amazing
new updates from BB-9E. Mostly sound, ’cause
we know that the sounds in there are going to be
updated as the movie comes out and lot of new animations, too. And, anything that ties
in with the other droids. So, ways that BB-9E will
interact with either BB-8 or R2D2 we’ll be able
to take those interactions and build them into our droid, too. The augmented reality
trainer is a real simple augmented reality experience
where you can look at your BB-9E on this
trainer and it’s kind of like a treadmill for your BB-8 or BB-9E. And, the droid can kind of do a treadmill and you can do augmented
reality looking at the droid or traveling through different
ships within the universe. Sphero’s become really good
at bringing things to life and we wanted to give our
shot at bringing R2 to life in the most realistic way possible. So, one thing that we did
was made R2D2 go from two to three to two meaning
the two waddle legs, to three driving, and
back to two waddle legs including a way to rock back and forth and independently control the head. We actually went back in
the Lucas Films archive and we pulled these
sounds out just to become the real R2, the one that
I think I fell in love with and a lot of the fans fell in love with. And, that’s the classic
R2 we love so we put the sounds from a New Hope into R2D2. It’s a new form factor for us. What we had to do is build
a version of this in 3D and make it so we could
animate it and then just transfer those animations
down to our robot. And, we’ve learned a lot
through our time with Pixar and Marvel and Lucas now in making stuff that is really realistic
and bringing those animations to life. BB-9E will be available on Force Friday and is 149.99 and that’s
the same with R2D2 he’s available on Force
Friday and he’s 179.99. (mellow music)

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11 thoughts on “Sphero’s new Star Wars toys include R2-D2 and a new droid from ‘The Last Jedi’

  1. Scored my R2 for 145 new. I was going to wait for Christmas time but since I could get him at 145 now I figured he wouldnt be discounted more then that by Christmas.

  2. Which would you say is best? I'm considering getting one, but only one, and I haven't seen one in real life at all.

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