Sparkdrive 90 second pitch

Every day millions of people commute back
and forth between their homes and their workplace or school, in cars and busses. The problem
is not everyone can own a car, there are numerous powered personal vehicles out their but they’re
either expensive, big and bulky, or require lots of practise and learning time. But what
if things were different, what if getting from point A to B was as simple as: step,
press, and go. Introducing Sparkdrive, the motorized electric skateboard designed for
you, with greater stability, and more intuitive controls compared to other boards, Sparkdrive
would be a preferred method of getting around. Hi, I’m Eric, I’m Anurag, I’m Kevin, and I’m
Calvin, and we’re the makers of Sparkdrive. Sparkdrive is different from other powered
skateboards in a number of ways. First, there’s a handle, which gives you something to hold
on to while moving, and contains the controls for accelerating and braking the board. Second,
the wheel base is which provides extra lateral stability when riding and turning. Third,
there are distance sensors underwhich will put brushless mothers that **** give extremely
fine controls in steering hard corners. Finally, the electronics are mounted with industrial
strength Velcro, and the shaft simply screw on your existing longboard axels, which means
that you can put Sparkdrive on any longboard with minimal effort. All of these features
can with effortless amounts of fun. So what are you waiting for? Come out and test drive
Sparkdrive today.

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7 thoughts on “Sparkdrive 90 second pitch

  1. Great I love the motor attachment. It will give good riding on bumps and it give protection for motor. One thing I learn about electric skateboards is that they are fragile by defaults because of
    Their cables, battery and ECU. These components can not withstand shocks because they are not designed for that purpose. The shock you get from gravel or different pavement texture will messed up the cable, broke the ECU which then overheat and kill the battery fuse.

    Electric skateboard needs better design in absorbing shocks. Shark wheel perhaps helps I term of reducing shocks, and perhaps shark wheel on rubber would be better.

  2. ive been discovering electric boards for the last few weeks and being a longboard lover im really sucked into this idea and then find this vid
    WATERLOO is one of the few ontario cities i grew up in and i hope to move back to the area from saskatchewan……. dayum its cold here

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