SpaceX Landed A Rocket On A Drone Ship In The Ocean

SpaceX just landed a rocket on a drone ship
for the first time! At 4:43 pm EST, SpaceX successfully launched
their next resupply mission to the International Space Station. This was SpaceX’s fifth landing attempt
on a drone ship – all previous attempts ended in explosions. If SpaceX successfully landing a rocket sounds
like something that already happened, you aren’t wrong. In December of last year, Elon Musk’s landed
their first rocket on solid ground. Today’s soft-landing on a drone ship…floating in
the ocean was much more difficult to pull off. So landing on solid ground…it’s been done.
Dangerous and less impressive. Now on a drone ship in the ocean? WHAT? Yeah thats insane
but also safer to do (except maybe for all those rockets that keep exploding. But you
live and learn) While the landing of the rocket is an exciting
milestone on the path to rocket reusability, the primary goal of today’s mission is to
bring 7,000 pounds of important supplies to the crew on the ISS. Elon Musk is from another planet first selling
the a ton of Tesla Model 3’s in 24 hours and now landing a Rocket on a Barge in the
ocean. This was the eighth of up to 20 missions to
the ISS that SpaceX is contracted to fly for NASA. Technology, We live in the future

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