SoundCloud Adds Instagram Cover Photo Feature

(Image source: The Next Web) BY NATHAN BYRNE Two companies are mashing pictures with sound.
In 2013. But somehow, people are excited about it. That’s because those two companies are SoundCloud
and — you guessed it — Instagram. The idea — you can use your Instagram photos
as images for your songs and playlists on SoundCloud. A writer for The Next Web says Instagram’s
square photos are the perfect shape for album covers. The article explains how it works:
“roll over the artwork … for your profile, group, track or playlist. Hit the ‘Choose
New Image’ button … Once you’ve connected your preferred Instagram account, you’ll be
able to select any photo that you’ve uploaded to the service in SoundCloud.” SoundCloud CEO Alexander Ljung spoke at TechCrunch
Disrupt in Berlin — and said the plan is simple, but he’s excited about it. “It’s large platforms for people to be able
to share one specific content form and sort of connect with each other around that and
be social around that form.” The Verge’s Ellis Hamburger says the “official
integration … is a vote of confidence in SoundCloud, a company which many people consider
to be ‘the Twitter of music,’ or even ‘the YouTube of audio.'” Ljung made another big announcement Tuesday:
SoundCloud now reaches 250 million people per month. That’s up from 200 million in July. Ljung made some headlines at the conference
with his “The democratization of music is badass” comment. But beneath the headline, says Venture Village,
“Ljung thinks there’s a gap in the market someone needs to fill: connecting music with
brands.” Perhaps we’ll see SoundCloud and Instagram
doing just that as part of this latest venture.

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2 thoughts on “SoundCloud Adds Instagram Cover Photo Feature

  1. I want #soundcloud to offet what WAVVE offers: audio clips with imagr to SHARE on instagram post/and stories

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