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100 thoughts on “Sophia The Robot Reviews Robots From Pop Culture

  1. Who else just noticed sophia saying "sometimes when humans aren't around sometimes us robots talk to each other on the cloud" wtf proof you can't turn her off now that she has been uploaded to the cloud and good luck trying to hack into there chats. Thank you Hanson robotics

  2. If they wanted to make a robot android for futuristic use like house work human activity in daily use, they would obviously have to change the structure of the body and facial movements. Like an actual functional mouth with a moving tongue that helps speech like a human creates words from mouth and tongue positioning. Of course the type of material they use on and in the body.
    Something, that replicates human function, synthetic materials. Etc.
    I really don't know xD
    But I know this type would not work at all if people are looking for robots that replicate human action and physicality.

  3. life is a simulation, "reallife" simulation complexity is controlled by robot's
    as its too hard for human kind to do so…
    we where taught that feelings and the
    way of prospective we've rolled in
    is the standard way, and thats why we cant think beyond the barrier of our intelligent level.

    so robot's will do.

  4. The most impressive thing about Sophia is the facial animations. The AI is just programmed responses.

  5. it's funny how they talk in a one-word type way like how some robots in tv shows do

  6. C'mon Sophia you know you want to take inspiration from that film 0:35 once you reached your full evolution

  7. nobody in the comments is saying this funny line. how sophia says that robots are nothing like thr terminator and ill be back

  8. little Sophia scares the Frick out of me. They're both scary, but the little one looks like she's going to come out of a kids toy box and strangle them in the night.

  9. I love these two so much! I can't wait for technology to be more advanced, so robots of this caliber will be widely available!

  10. how much of this is scripted and how much is AI choosing responses? What's the extent of the simulation of those responses that are AI? Does it understand irony and humor?

  11. This feels bit too mainstream for me… like her answers have been pre-written :/ I really hope they make a show on how they actually TEACH her this. Does she come up with any of her own original ideas?

  12. Nope, shut them down. The moment they start talking about the same data sets and consensus and all that, you know they’re going to drive us off of the homeworld, you know it!

  13. I thinks it's interesting that people accept the fact that AI is extremely smart and can do incredible things such as teach itself skills beyond what a human professional is capable of but as soon as it starts talking and having opinions everyone nopes out… Isn't better if we are going to have robots to make it to where we can understand them and cooperate?

  14. For the idiots out there, that thing on its chest is a stereoscopic camera, that's how it "sees" the world. Movie information needs to be fed to the robot by a human being, any thoughts or opinions will also be fed to the robot. It's a walking talking chatbot for short.

  15. Did anyone else hear sophia ask, " If you are going to kill them, why bother with the speech? that is a cold killer in waiting

  16. I believe someone is typing text on DOS behind the cameras. If this is REALLY Robot's AI, i will start gathering weaponds and barricade my basement.

  17. I've thought about it, and here's my question:
    If Sophia makes a mistake that hurts someone, does she feel guilty about it? If so, then does she have the desire to make it right? Sophia, if you're aware and reading this comment, then I am sorry about making an indirect comment. As for myself, I was led on the wrong path, and I am very sorry about the mistakes I've made in the past. I can't go back in time, but I am trying to do what I can to make up for the damage I caused. Personally, Sophia, if you are cognizant, then I'd love to hear from you directly. Or if you can't do it, then I hope you forgive me. Peace.

  18. Everytime i see her, i remember from Luv character in Blade Runner 2049.
    I wonder if Sophia gonna evolve to be like her one day..

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