Soon App Organizes Your Everyday Bucket Lists

A new mobile application called Soon is offering
a better way to help you keep track of all those things you want to remember to do, whether
that’s a movie you want to see, a bar you want to visit, maybe a book you want to read. The idea is that by listing these sort of
smaller “bucket list” items in a dedicated place instead of using a note-taking app,
it will be easier to keep track of everything you want to try. So say I’m at a bar and some one suggests I try out this cocktail spot called Hideout… I can go into the bars and clubs section here search for hideout. It’s a cocktail place in the Mission so I’m adding that to my list now and I can just click in to double check where it is, hours, how to get there. I can also do the same thing for movies TV series, restaurants, and maybe even museums I want to try. And if I don’t really know what I am looking for Soon has this trending section where where I can just scroll through and say yes I do want to try House of Cards. Once you’ve completed an item, you can mark
it off the list. This doesn’t delete it from the app though, but moves it into a “past”
section. Arguably not for everyone, I personally found
Soon to be the perfect sort of single-purpose utility that I could see myself using on a
regular basis for exactly the reasons the team specified. The app is free, so if your
looking for a new way besides Notes to keep social suggestions organized, it might be
worth a try.

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4 thoughts on “Soon App Organizes Your Everyday Bucket Lists

  1. I like the app but it's only for ios. Took me a second to find that out and probably should have been mentioned in the video. Just advise for the next one.

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