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Hello ! Today I will remain in vintage audio area And I whant to present to you this deck form Sony, that whas produced in 78`-80` I will show you how the technology looked in that period. A big accent is for design ,with aluminium front panel And a very beautiful design A high quality level That means reliability Quality, Beauty Here is the power buton Below is a adjustable button that works with the headphones but it has a duble role, an adjustable audio line out exit from back Below is the headphones in On a 6.3 mm jack Here you see digital controls…40 years ago Althoug is mechanical, the comands were digital, There are easy to use Here is a tape counter and memory What can you do with this things? You can rewind a song that you whant to listen from start So, if I like a song and I put on, to memory when it stated It will count over here So if I whant to listen again, I will push rewind And it will stop automatic in that point. In the right side you can see analogic vu-meters, This were used in that period and some peak level Here some other controls from that times Adjustable BIAS : LOW-NORMAL-HIGH Adjustable EQ :NORMAL-FeCr-CrO2 And DOLBY filter, it is a sound decoder that lower some noise fizzle If the band had some background noise, the Dolby will reduce it Here is a MUTE for recording Ajustable microphone level and line in level for recording As you can see a very aestethic and nice device It is in good working condition, it was repaired It is not 100%, but it works. If I want to play some tapes is ok For the young generation, this device uses cassete as storage device Magnetic tape Let see what we can find inside This is how a cassete deck from Sony looked like in 80 ‘ Big electronic boards Here is the mechanical part stil in working condition after 40 years Not in its best shape but working A servo motor Frequency servo controlled motor Interesting… Old technology but interesting This is the back side Normal line in Variable in, connected to headphone adjustment Made in JAPAN, as they were made then until the 90 ‘ I think Here is a current selector, electric voltage depends on the country it is used in Something curios is power supply cable This uses a cable pc The same cable that you find in a desktop today… used then in 78’ in Japan… For copyrights reasons I din not test it here on sound But I can say I tested it and it souds decent It is not great ,but also the cassette used is important… How was recorded and how was preserved. I can not say that sounds better than pick-up sound or magnetophone tape sound But the sound is good If you have old tapes, you are a little bit nostalgic or you like vintage audio It is something interesting Very nice is also VU-meteres Later appeared digital vu-meters with leds ,but this analogic one have allways been charming Overall, on this device you could listen music 40 years ago. It is an aesthetical, and very nice device A little bit outdated, if we compare with today technology But it is unique in its way ! In the hope you liked this… THANKS FOR WATCHING!

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