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Apple’s new iPad will cost way too much money,
as will Sony’s PlayStation VR headset bundle, Twitter does something right and more… It’s Friday March 18, and this is Crunch Report. Word on the street is that Apple’s next 9.7-inch iPad will start at $599 because $499 just
wasn’t expensive enough. For an extra $100, Apple’s moving the entry level storage from
16GB to 32GB. So, for the five people who still use iPads, they’ll probably appreciate
having this extra space…especially on long flights. We’re also hearing that Apple is
thinking of this iPad as more of an iPad pro mini rather than a next-generation iPad air.
That means faster processing, compatibility with the Apple pencil and probably a way to
connect Apple’s smart keyboard. Of course, we’re not going to be able to confirm the
price or name until Apple’s big announcement on Monday. Speaking of tech things that are too expensive,
Sony’s PlayStation VR headset bundle is going to cost $500. The bundle includes the PlayStation
camera for position tracking and the PlayStation move controller for actually playing games.
Oh, and the bundle does *not* include the console, which costs $400. So, that brings
the grand total to a whopping $800. For the people who already own a PS4, the $500 price
point might be tempting…considering that the Oculus rift starts at $600 and the HTC
Vive starts at $800. Pre-orders for the PlayStation headset bundle start march 22. Over at Twitter, it looks like the company
has finally done something right! Twitter says that very few people have opted out of
its new algorithmic timeline. Twitter announced last month that it would show recommended
tweets at the top of peoples feeds, based on activity like tweets you interact with,
topics you like and the behavior of twitter users similar to you. Since launching recommended
tweets, Twitter says it’s seen increases in likes, retweets, replies, tweets and daily
usage across the board. Over the past few years, Twitter’s user growth as plateaued
at about 300 million users. So, maybe Twitter’s finally on to something? In related news,
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey put an end to speculation that the service is going to extend its 140-character
limit. At one point, people were speculating that Twitter would increase the character
limit to 10,000…which would’ve been absurd. In an interview with NBC this morning, Dorsey
said “it’s staying. It’s a good constraint for us. And it allows of the moment brevity.” Meanwhile, in the enterprise world, TechCrunch’s
Ingrid London has confirmed that Evernote founding CTO Dave Engberg is leaving the company
in May. News of his departure speaks to how the company continues to be in turmoil, but
is also trying to rebuild itself. Here’s a quick recap of the hires and departures at
Evernote in the last year. In July, Evernote appointed its new CEO, Chris O’Neill, to take
over Evernote founder Phil Libin’s role. In November, Evernote’s COO bounced after being
in the role for just a few months. Just yesterday, O’Neill announced several new executives to
the team. *Takes a deep breathe* There’s a lot going on at Evernote, and I barely have
the energy to keep up with all of the twists and turns. But here’s a real twist for you! Sexism is
still a thing at Microsoft! Microsoft’s Xbox division hosted a Game Developers Conference
after party last night with a bunch of scantily-clad women dancing around for the entertainment
of attendees. Some men seemed to be really into it. The women, on the other hand, not
so much. Phil Spencer, head of Xbox said the following in a statement to TC: “At Xbox-hosted
events at GDC this past week, we represented Xbox and Microsoft in a way that was not consistent
or aligned to our values. It was unequivocally wrong and will not be tolerated. I know we
disappointed many people and I’m personally committed to holding ourselves to higher standards.
We must ensure that diversity and inclusion are central to our everyday business and core
values. We will do better in the future.” That’s the report for today. I’m Megan
Rose Dickey. Crunch Report airs every weekday at 7 pm Eastern,
4 pm Pacific, on You can also find us on iTunes, and on YouTube. Deuces.

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19 thoughts on “Sony’s Playstation VR Costs More Than Expected | Crunch Report

  1. Of course it cost more, because Facecrack got away with jacking theirs up and idiots purchased it this is now the new norm. Then again when you consider idiots pay as much for a cell phone as they would a home computer it is crystal clear consumers deserve to be parted with their money, we as consumers did this to ourselves. Until the day comes (never will) that consumers get a brain and grow a pair we will continue to be raped by technology.

  2. How's about news without the extra dose of sass…? Also, your video and audio was out of sync around the middle.

  3. I've never seen such a diverse melange of pure shameful idiocy in a comments section before. You all do a disservice to the human race in your own special way.

  4. I liked the reporter today, did a good job of not just reading out the news but put her own spin on it 😀

  5. If the new iPad really is more expensive and 32gb it might put me off buying one. I had my heart set on a 64gb model and was hoping it'd be the same price as normal.

  6. I can't see Playstation VR being a product that would get many people to buy a PS4, unless it was bundled with a PS4 at maybe $100 extra cost, and that's simply not realistic. VR isn't there yet.

  7. $500 seems right based on the $400 for VR.
    MSRP $400 (VR) + $60 (camera) + $100 (2 controllers) + game bundle = $560
    Amazon $400 (VR) + $40 (camera) + $60 (2 controllers) = $500 {unsure if game bundle will be included with just VR}

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