Sony’s new Xperia XZ and Compact smartphones

Sony has introduced two camera-focused additions
to its Xperia X line, the flagship 5.2-inch XZ and 4.2-inch Compact. The design on both devices are pretty slick. They feel nice in the hand, sporting a rounded
form factor the company calls its loop surface. But what these new phones offer is a quality
camera and advanced photo-taking technology. The company has moved to what it’s called
triple image sensing technology, which should help get good shots in low light. Sony has also incorporated Intelligent Active
Mode borrowed its camcorders and five-axis image stabilization. Both phones have 23MP rear-facing cameras. With the XZ, you get a front facing 13-megapixel
camera with a wide angle for some gloriously panoramic selfies. The flagship can also do 4K – one of the
key features lacking in the 4.2-inch version. The XZ is also sports an 1P68 waterproof rating
and a Snapdragon 820 inside. Both handsets sport USB-C ports on the bottom. Pricing and availability have yet to be announced.

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3 thoughts on “Sony’s new Xperia XZ and Compact smartphones

  1. Unlike the XZ, the X Compact is not IP68 waterproof. It's not waterproof at all, so you don't want to get it wet. And it has a mid-range processor inside (Snapdragon 650 instead of 820!) I'm so disappointed! Shame on you SONY!!!!! 🙁

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