Sony BDP S3500 Blu-ray Player Review!!

Hi everyone this is Lawrence
and this is my review of the Sony BDP S3500 Blu-ray player. The BDP
S3500 is a simple straightforward Blu-ray player with the ability to stream movies.
It doesn’t play 3d Blu-ray disc nor does it upscale to 4K. The BDP S3500 has an HDMI jack, digital
audio jack and Ethernet connection. And on the front there’s one USB port. The USB
port can be used for a thumb drive or for a PlayStation controller. The small and
simple design of the BDP S3500 will blend in with any audio visual layout. Once you
get past the setup process, the user interface of the BDP S3500 is super easy
to navigate. On your home screen you get all of the common apps you use regularly.
The remote is the cheapest part of this experience but it gets the job done. The
remote is made of plastic is lightweight and will fit nicely in small hands.
Sony’s TV Side View app is a remote app that is available on both Android and
iOS devices. While I used it I had a few issues in putting text in but this app
normally works really well. When I reviewed the Sony BDP S6500 it was
clear that Sony’s Blu-ray players do not play PS3 games well. So skip this device when it comes to
gaming but when it comes to playing Blu-ray disc it loads disc really
fast. Every time I choose to watch a movie on Blu ray vs streaming it, I’m
reminded of the much higher quality that comes with Blu-ray discs. With over 80
options every major streaming service available
to BDP S3500 but while trying Netflix it felt slow and sluggish. Overall the
Sony BDP S3500 is really for the budget shopper. If you can afford to
spend an extra $30 I suggest buying the faster more feature-rich Sony BDP
S6500. The faster performance alone is worth the money. If you choose to buy the
Sony BDP S3500 it will serve the purpose of a consistent Blu-ray player. Thanks for
watching this review of the Sony BDP S3500 Blu-ray player, be sure to subscribe
for the best ways to watch movies at home. This is Lawrence for I’ll see you

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38 thoughts on “Sony BDP S3500 Blu-ray Player Review!!

  1. Contemplating getting one, but I'm reading reviews on poor internet connection while trying to stream apps & that it's not working right since the update. Can you confirm this?

  2. Don't expect the ROKU services on this player to give you any choice whatsoever on what you want to watch. This player is pre-loaded with just a few channels: Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and a few others. You CANNOT add any of the thousands of ROKU streaming services – a waste of money and a bad Christmas present. The box should have TOLD us this was a joke.

  3. thanks for the quick overview. people should only get the s6500 if they have a 4k tv though. im happy with my LED tv so i will buy this budget friendly one. on a last note, good thing you remind people that blu-ray movies (DISCS) are always more sharper than streaming them through the internet, most people dont know this

  4. this just totally broke on me after owning it for only 3 months. it turns on and only the bluray sony logo shows then it just goes black. anyone know how to fix this?

  5. Nice!!… Can you please let me/us know if it has the "Connection Server Settings" under the Network Settings? Would appreciate it, looking to use it as DLNA device. Thanks!

  6. They should have at least kept the analog audio outs! you can buy an HDMI to component video Active converter box, and also a HDMI to VGA converter box so you can use that with a VGA to DVI-I cable because some older and still working hd sets do not have hdmi they have VGA and DVI or you can get an HDMI audio extractor and an HDMI to DVI-I cable!

  7. I want my money back, seriously. Do not buy this piece of garbage — everything I (try) to accomplish with this unit begins with me in the classic troubleshooting algorithm of a hard reset….and then again, and again, and again.

    This unit NE-VER just works!! It's not worth my time to elaborate, because I've wasted so much of my time already.

  8. On netflix & UTube there is a thin vertical line that is static like & comes & goes…more annoying than anything. Any thoughts?

  9. The most laughable piece of garbage I have ever wasted my money on. Every 2 days I have to disconnect the power cord because it looses connection and will continue to do so until it is reset by unplugging the cord.

  10. Yeah this thing is a total piece of junk. Child lock enabled at all times and cannot disable to eject DVD. A million other huge issues with this essentially nonfunctional piece of shit

  11. How do you connect the remote to control the tv ? It has the buttons for the power but I can't figure out how to connect it

  12. when you say the usb port on the front is for a thumb drive, would this include me being able to connect an external hard drive(2TB) and stream content in from that also? Thanks

  13. usually when Electronics don't work right it's because the person doesn't know what they're doing just a matter of figuring it out

  14. FYI – this is crap for Canadian users. Only about 5 streaming apps of any value. eg no amazon app. and cannot add any new ones. Very disappointed.

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