Some workers who spend long periods outside unable to wear face masks to protect from fine dust

now as a follow-up to their report we’ve
all been feeling quite miserable during this prolonged period of atrocious air
pollution fortunately for most of us we the work inside most of the time or can
stay home with the air purifier on however it is a different story for
those who have to work outside all day especially if part of their job is
communicating with others chess young reports South Korea has been subjected
to record high levels of ultrafine dust for days on end for the first time ever
emergency fine dust reduction measures have been in place for a week straight
the severe air pollution has prompted more and more people to wear a face mask
to protect her lungs from the dust but for workers who spend most of their
workday outside wearing a mask the whole time isn’t a practical easy or
especially comfortable experience I can’t breathe while wearing a face mask
all day while I’m driving nor can I keep my car window shut all
the time merchants at stress halls in downtown
Seoul find themselves in a dilemma they are directly exposed to the hazardous
air for hours on end yet they cannot simply put a face mask on with a face
mask on I can’t communicate easy with customers so I take it off but then I
have this sore throat and keep coughing the situation isn’t all that different
at a bigger mostly indoor market that attracts a larger number of customers
here at a larger traditional market in downtown Seoul merchants are exposed to
high levels of ultrafine dust as particles blow in through this large
entrance gate merchants who sell goods at the traditional market say they’re as
exposed to the pollution as those who work outside on street stalls they
profess a similar frustration with the dilemma of wearing a face mask some go
further calling for strong actions to be taken I think a ventilation fan or water
spraying cleaner that hoses down the floor would help reduce ultrafine dust
levels in the market suggestions like that are something else
for the government to mull over as it faces the daunting task of cleaning up
the air we breathed Chesham Arirang news

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