Some investors want Zuckerberg, Sandberg out at Facebook: Sources

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39 thoughts on “Some investors want Zuckerberg, Sandberg out at Facebook: Sources

  1. "You know what we used to do in the old days when we were smart? Right? The spies and treason, we used to handle it a little differently than we do now." -Donald J Trump talking about whistle blowers

  2. I live next to a computer nut who’s got the same beady eyes that Zuckerberg has…

    He’s out on the spectrum somewhere and while he is smart in many regards, he acts like he’s a computer himself…

    In short, I see in him that zuckerberg cares, but is too detached to care entirely…

  3. The AP-NORC poll pegs Trump’s approval rating at 42 percent and his approval among Republicans at 85 percent — both very much in line with other polls. But when it asks people to dig a little deeper into their feelings about Trump, things start to get sketchier. Polls have long showed even many Republicans don’t think the man who has uttered more than 13,000 false or misleading claims as president is particularly honest. And that’s certainly the case in this poll. Only 53 percent of Republicans say the word “honest” describes Trump very or extremely well. Another 27 percent say it describes him only moderately well, while 20 percent say it doesn’t describe him very well or at all. That’s still 8 in 10 Republicans who say Trump is at least moderately honest, but moderately honest isn’t exactly a compliment. This and other polls give lie to the idea that Trump’s base gobbles up everything he says as gospel.

    The poll also shows 33 percent of Republicans say Trump doesn’t make them “proud.” That’s notably worse than in a March CNN poll, which found 16 percent of Republicans said Trump wasn’t “someone you are proud to have as president.” And 39 percent say the word “disciplined” describes Trump very or extremely well.

    But maybe the most troubling finding for Trump — both when it comes to impeachment and his 2020 reelection bid — is this one: 41 percent of Republicans say that Trump doesn’t make them feel “excited.” A strong majority (58 percent) says Trump does make them feel excited, but this is still 4 in 10 Republicans who aren’t excited about their Republican president.

    That’s hardly the kind of base discipline you would want to brag about. And it’s a far cry from the raucous support you see at Trump’s rallies.

  4. They should have been voted out after years of destabilizing other countries and helping isis foment an army with use of its service while it censors conservatives. It's an evil far left technopoly that needs to be broken up from Instagram and Facebook and these 2 deserve to be fired asap and possibly investigated for allowing terrorists isis and antifa to use their services freely.

  5. Zuckerberg, is the antichrist …he is satan in the flesh…..he have destroyed millions of families who can barely talk or have dinner together anymore….he created something worst than cocaine ….social media is more addictive for childrens and teenagers than heroine….

  6. You know I'm on Mark's side, even though he's blocked me several times on Facebook ,for telling them exactly how I feel and I always will and they will block me again I'm sure I am on his side, I have been blocked for 30 days several times, I'm okay with that I am still on Mark's side. Don't even think about stepping down mark give them the finger and tell him to f*** off they are jealous of what you've accomplished f*** them and please don't block me for that 😁.

  7. I am on a 7 day ban from FB for saying don't drink the dems koolaid or you will look like an idiot. According to them its bullying.

  8. Zuckerberg is the only thing keeping his company afloat right now from all the serious regulation congress is threatening tech giants with. With all the current demands from both extreme safe space echo chamber people (twitter) and the republicans investigating for bias; there is a looming cloud over tech companies heads that spells out regulation and bad press. Don't believe me? Just look at the political backlash twitter is receiving from both sides from being simultaneously "extremely biased towards the right" for conservatives and also "not doing enough to censor harmful speech" for liberals . What kind of moron investors wants him out? He is literally doing all he can to prep his company for the future and maybe even success if he is able to market the image of his company well enough. I say this as someone who isn't exactly a fan of Zuckerberg due to his past company decisions, but I can recognize smart when I see it.

  9. Everyone using Facebook should cancel their contracts. It's time to take back Our privacy and demand transperity. Regulate the hell out of Facebook.

  10. Saw this one coming for a while. He’s gonna cash out big time and move on. It’s out of his hands in all functional regards and has gotten too big. I don’t think he ever envisioned it coming to this point. He seems to be growing weary of it.

  11. F ck. Twitter & Fakebook. Bunch of liberal Bastards from Hell ! Censor us Conservative people, Not Right at All !

  12. Face's gets more payment's because faces can be cosmetically makes up and also gets uplifted consmetic look's. It's also manages pages and administration controller's and mode of payment's. More faces in business so more cash flow's. Business.

    Twitter gained market because of President tweets and it's beak refined with tweets. Tweet is a Short Message Service and Multimedia Message Service application. Tweet like a bird and color your face with musical humming bird and long beak to put through into faces of the flower's.
    Think smart social medians😉😏

  13. "Russian troll farms rigging the election for Donald Trump"?!? Is this guy an idiot? Nobody rigged anything except the Democrats rigged their primary against Sanders and they rigged a fake Russian collusion story. The only concerted effort to commit fraud of any kind is by the Democrats.

    As far as getting rid of Facebook leadership, the company belongs to Zuckerberg, just stop allowing him to cheat conservatives from using the platform like everyone else but don't try to steal the company from him.

  14. 243-years later and we're still debating basic political free-speech in the public-square? Communists take the Dorsey approach and ban it all. America decided long ago to allow it all. In fact requires it all. Did you know you are not free to be not free? It is illegal to be enslaved. To be silenced. You were born a free man in America and a free man you shall remain. If Dorsey and Zuck seek to be the virtual public-square (they do), then they shall not censor. If Dorsey wants to be the Leftist Message Company, then he can give-up his lawsuit waiver and duke-it-out in court? (more…) 

    Zuck obviously stated it correctly. He's shown no sign that he intends to honor his non-censorship position, but at least he finally arrived at the correct starting-point? Dorsey needs to move his business to China; where they appreciate the finer points of censorship? And watch his US holdings dwindle under lawsuits?

  15. I'm not one of Zuckerberg's biggest fans,
    But take that offer and then take your money, assemble a team to design and build cell phones, smart devices and computer devices in the USA.
    This market is wide open.
    We have millions of college grads that took computerization classes at all levels, but the jobs went out of the country. Pick up the ball and fill the void.
    e need to build our own phones and devices as a matter of national security.

  16. America will be a better place without Face book period. People can really talk to each other in email or what ever, collapse this corporation it is for profit monster.

  17. They need an intelligent group of people with questions that are not grade 4 level, to be asked to Mark Zuckerberg and also to be able to sit quietly while he answers the questions. I think once the republicans take the house back, there will be a higher level accomplishments in this arena for the protection of free speech. It will take time to sort through but will happen. I believe that there will be proper controls put in place with these big social media companies and that private conservative sites will gain new traction where they couldn't before

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