SOLETRADER: ScreenCloud is a “competitive advantage” for retailers

we are absolutely saving
time effort even money on working with ScreenCloud my name is Marcel Borden I’m the CEO of Soletrader which
is a premium fashion footwear retailer in 1946, we founded the
company was actually founded by my father we have around 50 stores
at any one moment we were looking for a
digital signage solution because we were looking
to update the movement and engagement in our stores we used to use
something which was updated to say twice
a year to four times a year where we’d have to
produce a video on CD-ROM typically old fashioned technology and it wasn’t up to date because
as soon as you put it in it was actually out of date
whereas the digital signage solution that we got
from the ScreenCloud is completely up to date at all times because it’s actually feeding
a live feed from our Instagram pages it’s a whole different process it’s a seamless process and it is way better
than what we used to do the ScreenCloud solution
is a very good solution for saving time,
effort, and cost it is an up to date up to
the minute presentation of our imagery in-store and
our customers have reacted well to the screens in-store as we
hear from all our staff who say that this has definitely created an increase in engagement, recognition
and brand awareness advice to other
businesses well I’d tell them not to
bother with ScreenCloud actually, because that
is our competitive advantage

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