Social Bicycles 2016

For decades, Cities were being built for the car. And that really began to change for the last 10 to 15 years. When I was a kid, bicycles meant freedom. It was my way of exploring my community. When I re-discovered a bike as an adult, it was the freedom from being dependent on other types of transportation. So right now we’re walking through CicLavia which is the largest open-street event in the US. We get thousands and thousands of people that come out to this event. It’s really just showing what happens when you shut down streets to cars and open it up for cyclists, really builds community and show what’s possible when you re-imaged the streets. My name is Ryan Rzepecki, Founder and CEO of Social Bicycles. Social Bicycles is a transportation technology company. We make a bike with integrated lock with mobile connection, and GPS tracking. People can find and book these bikes with the website, mobile APP or by tapping our RFID card to the back of the bike. I used to work for NYC Department of Transportation; we did the same type of event, particularly along Park Ave., we called it “Summer Streets” and the same type of turnout. It’s amazing no matter what kind of community you go to, whether it’s New York, LA. even smaller cities and towns. Once you open up the public spaces, people always come out. I spent the first few years refining the concept and building early prototypes but things really began to take off in early 2011, when I met Nick Foley, we began integrating the lock into a custom bike. As you start to ride a bike for transportation and realize it’s really an amazing thing to do but that not everyone does it for a bunch of reasons, they are all kind of complicated. You start to think about it, if you are an engineer or a designer, how do you solve those problems that are keeping people from riding bikes, in a way that actually works in a city. in a way that actually works in a city. Later that year, Marcin Pyla who took over the software development, and began building out a robust and scalable platform. Where Sobi works really well and comes into play is the data, besides that we solve day to day issues of transportation in the cities. We gather and we offer to the cities this large amount of data which they can use later on for designing better cities for people to live it. By 2012, we started to actually have something that was getting closer to being a product that we can go out and sell. We had Justin Wiley reach out to us about joining the team and doing business development. Bike share is one piece to this one piece of a larger puzzle. One of the big things we’re focusing on right now is how we integrate bike share with all of the other mobility solutions in the city. Every major city has transportation card that you can integrate with which will allow bike share to truly be the glue and the connection between all these mobility solutions so you can access, all of them, including bike share, with one card and one application. When Google’s building self-driving cars, and Tesla’s building incredible, elegant and powerful electric vehicles. We look at that and say we want to do exactly same thing but for a different mode of transportation, for what bicycles are capable of doing. At a core, we are a technology company and always have been a technology company. The things we are building is more than just bike share, it’s about how to solve these problems for urban transportation, and how you get around in cities. That’s always been the driving goal of not just me, but everyone in the company. I would say Social Bicycles is the future of urban mobility.

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