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Hey guys, what’s up Reuben here from the Midnight Garage I told you that these videos are going to be something completely different from the regular how to’s and build videos I’m currently in Osaka, Japan I have rented an apartment here and I’m going to stay here for a while now some of my friends already knew that I was going to make this trip and they were like I am so jealous, I would wish that I would have come with you on this trip and that gave me an idea. you see, I’ve been in Japan before and I’ve already seen all the sightseeing stuff and this time I’m mostly here to do car stuff And naturally I was going to make few videos about that but given the response of my friends I have decided to turn this into a vlog series and not only that I’m going to try to Put a little bit of extra effort in it to give you guys the feeling that you’re coming along with me on this trip Hopefully that you’ll be fun. So, how am I going to do this? Well, first up I got the proper camera with me It’s got some extra lenses with me so I can make some cinematic shots like I did with the intro Hope you guys like that then next to that. I’ve got my drone with me for some nice aerial shots I’ve also brought this new small gimbal camera with me. This one’s pretty damn cool Then I also have lenses and extra stuff with me and then the piece-de-la-recistance I have a GoPro attached to it this is the latest GoPro – GoPro Hero 7 black. It has got super stabilisation so it can make some really smooth video and Hopefully when I’m not allowed to film somewhere, I still am able to get some shots in with this little thingy right here. Now I have said before in previous videos, and I’m not a big fan of GoPros I think they distort the image way too much to actually look good but my theory is that if I walk in the store like this with my camera bag and everything and being a Gaijin in Japan You’re probably not going to notice the GoPro at first sight especially since this GoPro has been filming this entire time already and I’ve taped off the recording lights and you probably didn’t see that But anyways, I’m going to do a lot of car stuff in the next videos But this video is mainly going to be exposition and setup And the first thing I’m going to do is take a look around at my apartment. See what it’s like. So let’s start with that Now the first thing I noticed when I walked into the apartment is that the washer is right here now That’s probably not to save any space in small apartment in a big city But that’s probably done because I think all Japanese people like to instantly get naked once they arrive home I start washing all their clothes. Do you guys still remember the Tokyo Drift scene with the Uwabaki? Yeah, that scene If we look here there’s a nice black mat for me to stand on but does this apartment have Uwabaki? Yes, it does Uwabaki! I can’t really say that I like him but it’s very Japanese nonetheless. If we move on from the hallway we enter the Kitchen, which is in fact still the hallway not much to say about the kitchen. It is a kitchen… There’s some stuff here. Very interesting The only thing I do have to say is that you should know a little bit of Japanese Before coming here because otherwise some of these things are going to get very complicated and now it’s time to show you the bathroom Pretty small but I can imagine that living in Osaka where space is Very expensive having even a small bath like this is considered pretty luxurious We also got a very nice sink now I don’t really know what to say about this other than that’s the sink tilts and that I should not add to the bottom whatever that means if I look in here I get some toothbrushes some razors and a body sponge as soon as you’ll open the package the sponge will swell, please use the sponge with a soap or body shampoo have a good bath time expansion mark exclamation mark but then we arrive at the toilet, which is super weird You might notice these buttons. Let’s test some out I’m pretty sure that if my mom would be here. She will be saying like stop playing with the toilet Just a lot of fun Also, the seat itself is heated and its got like all these weird little things But I just thought I wanted to show you guys and then when we move out of the kitchen We arrive in the living room, which is also the bedroom and that’s pretty much everything else in the apartment So it’s not very big, but that doesn’t really matter for me my favorite feature are these windows and I’m going to show you right now! let’s open the curtains and show you my wonderful view It’s a wall it’s literally I Can touch the wall, this is the building. This is the building next door super cool Let’s grab the camera and show you Hmm That’s weird, right? But for the actual reason I took this apartment. We need to go outside on the balcony and take a look outside Did you see that truck and do you see that flashing light Kind of looks like a highway right which is just outside my apartment What kind of highway is Osaka known for for Honda guys? Yeah, that is in the Loop 1 one aka the Osaka kanjo 50 meters away from my apartment so far I’ve heard about 5 Honda roar past there with VTEC so I am very happy. That’s exactly what I hoped for Now I hoped that I could see a little bit more but doesn’t really matter. I got my drone I wanted to make some footage with the drone today, but it was raining real bad so I’m going to do that for another video, but Pretty cool right? I’m getting very hungry. I’ve seen the apartment You’ve seen the apartment as well Time to find some food, even though stores in Holland will be closed at this time But it’s Japan. I could just go outside and get some food Okay already got some vending machines right next to the Osaka Kanjo Oh look Kid’s stuff, very nice… what? Pizza flavored Yeah, well that went well, my gopro theory works, so I’m very happy about that I got some very weird rice with mayonnaise on it and not sure if I like that Crisps with pizza flavour Milk tea, I really really love milk tea. Some weird drinks. I don’t know Popcorn with strawberry flavor and I got this for Boyd Well, I’m gonna drink it myself But I’m going to test if it tastes any different than the ones Boyd always drinks in Europe. And of course Represents my people at UFO. So I Got that as well Well guys, that’s where I’m going to end it for today I wanted to show you guys the mode of transportation that I’m going to use as well but people treat each other with a lot of respect here in Japan and I’m kind of afraid that if I go film outside at this time I’m gonna wake up the neighbors. So not gonna do that. You will see it in the next video though I am going to bed soon, and hopefully I’m gonna be woken up in the middle of the night by some Kanjo Racers racing by and Yeah, that’s it for today. Thanks for watching. See you guys next time!

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