Sneak peak at upcoming Silicon Valley season with the cast

– I’m excited to be joined by
the cast of Silicon Valley, and they’re preparing for an
upcoming season, season four. A lot of exciting things
have happened so far but we’re looking forward to what’s next. So, what should we expect on season four? – Well, if anyone who’s
seen the season four trailer can surmise, Richard branches off on his
own outside of Pied Piper, and pivots on his own, and you see the fallout of that, both within him and the
dynamic of the friends. The dynamic of the friends. – So, who falls out with who? – The show is now called
Silicon Valley colon the Dynamic of the Friends. – [Interviewer] Are you guys
still friends on the show? – [Amanda] Heads up. – Coming at you. – Yeah, we are still friends. (cast laughs) – [Interviewer] That’s nice, I like that. (everyone gasps and laughs) – Yeah. – Alright, next question. (interviewer laughs) – So, there’s a falling
out between people. Who should we expect to have drama with? – There’s drama between me and Richard. – But there’s also some suspense if the whole band is gonna
stay together if they’re gonna. – Yeah, I was gonna say there’s drama between Richard and Dinesh. – Drama, drama. – We’re all done. – There’s okay. Well, there’s some drama between Jian-Yang and Erlich as usual. – Hello? – [Jian-Yang] Erlich
Bachman, this is your mom, and you are not my baby. – Not now, Jian-Yang. Not now. Go back into your room. – Well, we have a click that Richard might leave the company. So, what’s that about? – Roll the clip. – Yeah, go ahead. – Roll the clip. – Let’s watch the footage. – Guys. I’m quitting. – Wait, what? (rap music) – I’m going to have to insist that I keep the name Pied Piper and I won’t budge on that. – [All] That’s fine. – No one gives a shit.
– That part’s fine. (cast laugh) And it’s quintessential. It’s quintessential. – It’s so timely, eat
your heart out girls. Yeah, that happens pretty early on, I think in the first
episode of the whole season, and as I said that the rest of the season is us kinda dealing with that, and what happens, and the will they, won’t they get back together. The Ross-Rachel element
of the whole thing, to quote my personal favorite Friends. – Or you can call it the
Dy manic of the Friends. – The Dynamic of the Friends. – Tell them that Richard has a little bit of a crisis of morality. – Well, it’s true. There are up until season four Richard’s been offered a
few dark path scenarios, and he’s always sort of
stuck to his moral compass, but I would say season four, that gets challenged, and puts especial stress
on the relationship with he and Jared ’cause, I mean, that’s
the cookie that he ate in order to get into this whole mess, and now he’s got, and that’s the limp biscuit that he ate. – So, what’s your favorite moment that you can talk about
from the upcoming season? – I will say, and I don’t
want to give any details, but a couple people, a couple people have some pretty saucy, sexy
rendezvous in this season, but let’s just say some sauciness happens. Martin Starr. – If you like dingers. – [Thomas] Whoa. – That’s a good term. – Yeah, there is some
sauciness this season. Some characters get to do certain things that they’ve never been able to do before, and you know, we’ll sort
of leave our comfort zones in many, many ways. – Do you guys read more tech news now? Maybe TechCrunch? – Do you want us to say we do? – I read it every day, every day. – This isn’t fake news. – I did though this year invest in two startup companies, myself personally. – [Interviewer] What startups? – Like, no, I can’t say, it’s private. – Well, actually a lot
of like celebrities, actor types, are
investing in startups now. Do any of you others plan
to do that sort of thing? – John Beanie. – Yeah, I’m doing a bit of that, doing a bit of that myself. There’s this company WaterFX, they’re doing solar desalination. I think it’s pretty cool. Wright Electric doing electric airplanes, which is pretty cool. – I invested in this cute little startup. It’s called Black Water. I don’t know if you guys
are familiar with it? But they’re terrific. I don’t know exactly what they do but they have great marketing. Yeah, I just donate and then I say guys, I don’t ever need
to see a return on this. – [Kumail] You guys know what you doing. – Yeah. – So, this show’s obviously
a hit here in Silicon Valley but it seems like you guys have
fans all over the world now. What do you think it is about this topic or this show that has such broad appeal? – Everybody uses technology and everybody uses these apps. These apps are like everybody
uses them all the time. They have like 40 apps on their phones, and so I think it’s inherently interesting to people to see behind the scenes of how those apps are made, and how they become important
and how they come to you, so I think, you know, everybody in their pockets
has a reason to be interested in this story of Silicon Valley. I feel like a did a great job. – Yeah, you nailed that. Everyone in their pockets
has a reason to be. – As I was saying that I was like. – Switch. – Thank you guys for joining us. Look forward to watching the new season. – Thank you for having us. – You’re welcome. (Amanda laughs) You’re welcome. (upbeat music)

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  1. They look and act like they are in the TV show especially Jared who made really sad in episode 1 (season 4) because of tat face.

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