Snapchat’s new user-friendly design

Snapchat has a new design, one that could
make it easier to navigate for users who are old and easily confused, like me. The big new addition is a new search bar on
top. So if you’re trying to find a specific person,
or a particular Discover publisher, you just type them in. It also offers Quick Chat recommendations,
shows your group chats, and if you’re having trouble remembering who someone is, just hold
down on their image and you’ll see their mini profile. Outside of the search bar, if you’re trying
to submit content to Snapchat’s Our Story section, it’s now easier to do that too
— you just check the box next to Our Story when you’re posting something. This probably won’t feel like a dramatic
change for most regular users, since the rest of Snapchat’s navigation is still in place. But remember that this is app that’s always
had a reputation for being pretty hard to understand if you’re outside the core demographic
of young adults, so even adding a little bit of guidance is a big deal — and it could
be a sign of how Snapchat is trying to become more friendly and accessible as it prepares
to go public.

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