Snapchat Spectacles wins “Best Hardware” at the 10th Annual Crunchies

– (laughing) Ah guys,
please welcome to the stage our presenters for best hardware. Atom Factory Founder and Spotify’s Global Head of Creator Services, Troy Carter and TechCrunch
Editor-At-Large, Mike Butcher. (upbeat music)
(audience clapping) – So um, being from London
I’m extremely pleased to be a part of this award tonight. Thank you, that TechCrunch
for flying me over. The expenses were in the Post. Um, the best hardware
is a really fun award and we all know that 2016
wasn’t quite the best year for hardware. So I’m excited to be
talking about some of the shining stars in the hardware space. – Well, uh what do you mean? – Well, you know what I’m talking about. Um, I mean, there was a
couple of issues admittedly. There was that drone
that fell out of the sky. – Um, the GoPro Karma? (scoffs) – Troy? Your knowledge of this area is incredible. Um, there was also um,
what was the other one that couldn’t actually learn how
to fly in the first place? – Um, that would be the Lily Drone. – Incredible. Um, and then there was that
exploding phone scenario. The uh, Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Doing very well with ISIS I gather, now. Um… Not to mention that. Now, please somebody explain this to me. Every time I turn on CNN in London, up comes this blonde robot who keeps going on about something called Alternative Facts. – Now that is crazy ass Kellyanne Conway. (audience laughing and cheering) She’s a real person by the way. Real person. – She’s a real person, well in that case. Can somebody tell CNN. Well… Never mind. Let’s not despair. At least there’s some great
products in this category. Only one or two of them had a few mishaps. So let’s take a look at the nominees. (upbeat music) – [Narrator] The nominees
for Hardware of the Year are Bevel Trimmer. (audience cheering) – [Man] We believe in
shaping a new legacy. (piano music) We believe in changing things
that’s never been changed. (piano music) – [Narrator] Doppler Labs Here One. (classical music) June Oven. (audience cheering) – [Man] A hell of a lot
of what we do at June is we take a lot of really hard technologies and we turn them into
simple beautiful package to make your life better. And our first product is
the June Intelligent Oven. (rhythmic music) – [Narrator] Markforged Mark Two. (classical music) And Snapchat Spectacles. (rhythmic music) (dramatic music) – Well and the runner up is… if you can help us. Bevel Trimmer. (audience clapping) – And the Crunchie for
Best Hardware goes to… Snapchat Spectacles. (audience clapping) (dramatic music) – Thank you. – Evan couldn’t be here tonight to accept. He’s– But we’re honored. We’re inspired everyday by our amazing and creative community. Can’t wait to IP it no– Can’t wait to keep surprising you. (audience laughing) And thank you Team Snapchat. (audience clapping) – Thank you Snapchat. See ya. (upbeat music)

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