Like you want it’s kind of hard to say because you kind of wants to make sure our value against the control warrior be good But you also got to make sure that you have enough against like the bomb warrior. We’re double trekking is better Times what do you think about are you Alex webbing for shimmer fly Alex interesting Not sure about like that much I Am not so sure While doing a turn one, is that what they do turn one omega, certainly answer I Like this What about a revenge of the valve? I kind of like one revenge of the vault I think it’s pretty good too revenge of the wall at the moment Almost actually bingo playing one We can cut the deadly shot Make it a tie stick, you know make it a special tie stick. I Like the idea It’s fine Sorry, sorry about that But now this tray it’s easy I’m gonna get some cars out of the hands. Probably gonna man. I caught that beam of Master coffee or maybe already Kind of still hoping to hit a frenzy I think friends is always a Keon Center Hey thighs it is very lame that you did not get a card reveal. Yeah. It’s little unfortunate I’m a little I wish I had a card reveal as well. Unfortunately no reveal for ties this year We always marched with your eyes Rat is pretty good Probably want a coin companion for smart easy just hit it. We’ll just hit it Why did you not get a guard or feel I have no idea but I didn’t get blown I Think you have to play more other games guys that’s important though. I don’t know. I don’t know I Think I’m in Blizzard Jail I wonder Kind of want to maybe not go companion till I play my I’m on a definite go monster squad I don’t want to wait anymore, but it Became way too turn here. I Like the Huffer shit buddy do you like him? What do we want to die frenzy at this moment Oh man, I don’t really like double deadly show guys I’m gonna cut one. Oh He didn’t know he didn’t know guys that it was a red he didn’t know So there are reasons that you wanna like Daya, Franzia timber wolf, but I still really like it more to do To do it on the Rhino There reasons to do it on the timber oh because you get yourself a bigger otk kind of combo It’s so bad here though because it also place it quite hard into supercollider I Think it’s fine It makes my next turn so passive I don’t like it I just want to go Timberwolf or I just want to go Rhino with the friends a year We can always do it later maybe I actually just want to wait now and I’m just waiting for We might just want to wait to draw like Zildjian. Ah, that’s also a good topic Marquardt or ties goes sm org Wow, haha, that’s an expensive barfed bro. That’s an expensive warfare. I Just like this more So what you can do in this matchup is you can go and die frenzy to timber rules What you can do is have in a combination of having the Rhino You can combine it with five for for timber Bulls and kind of like an plus 40 damage Otk there, but it relies you own slowly drawing all the cards now every time I just drop a rhino I just rhino his face. I’m just like bro. I just rhino you and here it is. I just get Joey in the face You might just double dare they shot this You kind of want to kill it because otherwise it generates more armor Next turn Rhino companion seems Goods. I don’t think he ever gets a Big Mac anymore to get on the board. I Just wanted to devil deadly because these cars can his face can deadly shots hit face guys. No, ooh Let’s make it even bigger Bomb 811 and his face We just hit the face Cute We just hit the face guys So many choices happy hello sent Zucchini but Ally Eugene. Oh my god. I keep getting bad memories guys of zillions After grandmasters, it just gives me very negative flashbacks Let’s just run out of face and with this guys like God every turn urato in the face I Actually, like maybe one The Revenge of the vault I think you want to cook on that lease shot I don’t like the double dare this shot I’m on the cut Vaughn and then maybe play a revenge of the world. And can we make another special tech cars? Is there another earth? Is it the Beast within that is the theis tech we need one car that is the theis tech My not to unleash the beast because I feel it just gets down a little too late or You can certainly have hands that are just too expensive of it Also, you have like mark shots that sometimes psych Leo in more if you need one Halloween what is a paladin Chet? Monka monka Hmm Probably MEK Very decent hands Dragon paladin show me the all mighty dragon peloton man and I in stock on see it’s okay Okay Animal campaign is my favorite card game. It’s actually such a cool card right animal companion It’s a cool card been around for four years, but it figure that’s always been kind of cool card For orangey card, it’s kind of good and healthy orangey cards. It’s nothing It’s not in bed orangey card. You have coot orangey cards in bed orangey cards in my opinion Like animal companion isn’t orangey card you play around a bit or you play with like they are very limited outcomes You know what it can do. It makes you sometimes decide if you want to play it or not. Just because of the outcomes Where some others are like so the range is so much wider that There is like no skill involved. But an animal companion err is definitely skill involved Like here hopper like a hopper in generals, of course, maybe a bit higher up than others, but he has a super do then And leoch is kind of mad but in some spots he’s also fine Quickly, let me see like manna cyclone. Yeah, well We kind of want to kill the mech I think I think I just play hyena I want to play football Well, that’s a good one I Want to do this because it’s very likely one minion survives But I can now do this guy’s I can play very likely die frenzied and then I can master call afterwards What means I’m gonna very likely draw the diaphragm Zee minion Isn’t that beautiful? Tice hate eyes. Are you a Peppa guy inside? What does that mean? Like not smarter than I am Like is it different inside or outside I Am inside my house It’s Steven better guys to have to high in on this I kind of want to maybe do it on the Misha Let’s hit him I’m sir sir your life total I wonder It’s very smoky but I think I forced the heel out here You definitely go face like you force him to already play Zhu Li X here and then he doesn’t get like The way he gets back as if he gets one turn where he can like Let’s say go akin to skater boss and then suddenly can hit the silly x Times mid range hunter is what got me into hearthstone mid range shelter is actually such a cool deck There’s what made you master call instead of animal companion against the warrior I just wanted to cycle faster I really wanted to hit my power cards. I Wanted to draw my frenzy. I wanted to draw my rhino. I wanted to draw my sylveon Oh Verse but here comes my shot my deadly shot Ches suck Face every damaged matter said Those from here on now celiacs is gone. I just have to here a power I need and there is no healing anymore in his neck besides maybe the seven-minute concours actually Howdy chat Howdy howdy howdy All seven five rush. Oh Stop God, he’s building a wall guys a building a huge wall Can somebody send the link of the Dragon Warrior is it not on to him agree did I not upload it? I don’t even know my own comments I Didn’t you’re right you are right Science dragonwarrior told you this before and it’s not very good. He played against me. He stole my idea Wow, did he damn I beat him Salty and it is good, by the way Okay rush to trade The rest to face Three lives guys. He’s under pressure I Don’t think to that Lee shows that good guys because what you can do so well with your bees is also trade things away so don’t feel you have the need of flame to Like even it is mad shit very double then they show this super good way. Why do you play that Oh to get concours I guess Well plate Hey ty it’s nice to see you I just finished my workout Nice I hope you had a good workout SMOrc Hunter Rise Of Shadows 2019 Deck

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