#SmallYouTuberNews EVERYTHING You Need to know, New Monetization Guidelines, SMALL YOUTUBERS DEAD?

YouTube has rescheduled your regularly scheduled program on my channel for some bad news remember last spring when we creators
called the ad pocalypse came to be do you also recall youtube directly saying
in december that they’re gonna change some things on their platform well
yesterday those changes came into effect yesterday afternoon Palmer Google’s vice
president for video ads and analytics stated that they were going to change
the rules and restrictions for monetization he didn’t mention that they
were going to do three changes but the big one we all care about is the
monetization like what the hell I have linked the official Google press release
in my description below however we’re gonna go through all that right now and
as the press release does say the first point was stricter criteria for
monetization on YouTube okay now as a creator myself I get it I think that the
restrictions were not that restrict and getting 10,000 views was it the worst
thing in the world to do but for us small youtubers it was quite the
milestone and goal for us that’s been completely stripped away now so what is
our goal now if you are a small youtuber does this affect you well I think it
affects your mindset maybe so your goals and orientations for
2018 or if you are already part of the Partner Program yeah this will totally
be affecting you let’s go through some of this right now a new approach to
YouTube monetization there’s no denying 2017 was a difficult
year with several issues affecting our community and our advertising partners
yeah no shitee we are passionate about protecting our users advertisers and
creators and making sure YouTube is not a place that can be co-opted by bad
actors they call us actors that’s kind of cute moving on well we took several
steps last year to protect advertisers from inappropriate content we know we
need to do more to ensure that their ads are run alongside content that reflects
their values okay so this one I kind of get the reason being is for me my
channel is all about helping you create video helping you understand the aspects
of videography cinematography things like that this is not what today is if
you are here for that I would suggest to come back on Monday for those who are
monetizing you don’t necessarily want a drug add or viagra ad or some weird crap
or that Indian dude with the cellphone just
popping up on your channel when you’re just a beauty channel or you’re just a
tech channel that has a bunch of like Red Robin ads on it like that’s just
weird right to me I guess but I don’t know
whatever I can kind of see what they’re saying here let’s move on as we
mentioned in December we needed a fresh approach to advertising on YouTube today
we are announcing three significant changes stricter criteria for
monetization on YouTube after careful consideration and extended conversations
with advertisers and creators were making big changes to the process that
determines which channels can run ads on YouTube so you are allowing advertisers
to now handpick the creators which means small youtubers won’t ever get ads at
some point that’s kind of reading between the lines here don’t you think
yeah but I think we should they then go on to remind us that the initial rules
were just to get 10,000 views cool thanks that’s not happening anymore but
this is one of the main points I really want to get across as this one right
here it’s been clear over the last few months that we need the right
requirements and better signals to identify the channels that have earned
the right to run ads you are telling us that it is alright to run ads because
we’re getting pennies on the dollar that’s not a right that’s not all right
we have the right to create content we have the right to release content and
you’re even restricting us on a lot of that some of it you should but a lot of
it you’re not YouTube you have publicly said that you are messing up people’s
matronized by Deen monetizing their videos that shouldn’t be the matronized
thousands millions of us today are just creating this content for free now keep
in mind here the vast majority of you especially small youtubers are not
making money for you to actually survive in love on let’s just get that out of
the way just clear for me it’s all about value right I don’t need that money
that’s not me I’m not on YouTube to make money that’s just it’s not gonna happen
it’s just if this is me off that they’re saying it’s a right to run ads it’s not
a right that’s kind of backwards right in a lot of senses we’re doing them a
favor by creating free content and then exploiting and making money out of it so
let’s get to the new rules right here starting today new channels will need
1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time within the past twelve months
to be eligible for ads okay so the thousand subscribe
I kind of get it’s a little easier nowadays to get subscribers because
people are sub for subbing like insane there’s BOTS out there right now that
are subbing for something for each other there’s chat rooms out there that are
literally just like sub b sub b sub me that stuff i can get that’s playing the
system for sure okay make it a little harder to do that i agree with that what
i don’t agree with is 4000 hours of watch time per year let’s break that
down 4000 hours of watch time translated into
minutes is 240,000 minutes so does this kill small youtubers no reason being a
small youtuber should not be banking on adsense that’s just you I don’t know why
people are thinking that no you’re never gonna do it unless you get here’s how
you make money here’s how you make money on Adsense for every 100,000 views you
get 50 to 100 dollars and that depends on your CPM so if you’re a small
youtuber your CPM is gonna be on the lower threshold so you’re going to get
$50.00 per 100,000 views so think about it how many videos you have currently
that have a hundred thousand views I know I don’t have any I don’t know how’d
your thousand views on my channel yet how many of you guys don’t don’t get me
wrong I’m sure some of you do but for the vast majority of us want youtubers
we don’t so unless we make a viral hit we’re never really gonna see Adsense
money unless we just continue to see get are two to three hundred views per video
accumulated that into amount of hours they want now and that’s how you make
money so yes it is harder and almost impossible pretty much damn they’re
impossible now for small youtubes to make money for Adsense so does this
affect creators who are currently already approved for the partner program
if you’re sitting there thinking that this is not gonna affect you and it’s
only gonna fective smaller youtubers other youtubers who didn’t get approved
for the partner program yet guess what you’re absolutely wrong this is totally
gonna affect you starting February 20th and here Google says we will begin
enforcing these new requirements for existing channels in the YouTube Partner
Program beginning February 28th 2018 what does that mean that means if you
don’t make that 4,000 hours of you time in twelve months your adsense is gone
bah bah Oh later so starting February 20th to 2018 you’re
gonna start that timer for a four thousand our view
/ you if you don’t make you within the 12 months starting February 20th you
will lose your accents Oh bye-bye no more monetization for you either yes
this sucks that I get it this is absolutely stupid
especially a lot of people who have been approved for a partner program today
that was such a huge milestone for them and that to me that I think that’s
what’s most important here is though it’s the goals it’s the mindset of small
youtubers we already feel that we’re beat up I get it so do Y so this sucks
and we’re I think it sucks it’s not the money because like I said be real small
youtubers do not make money on Adsense they we just don’t we don’t unless you
get multiple multiple videos with a hundred thousand views or more and
that’s 50 to 100 bucks a pop again the CPM going down for smaller youtubers
less than ten thousand subscribers is fifty so you’re gonna get 50 dollars per
1000 per 100,000 views it’s just crazy no moving on they do say that of course
size alone is not enough to determine whether a channel is suitable for
advertising again what this sounds like is they’re saying hey even though you
have 100 subscribers but 80 million views we don’t want to leave you high
and dry that’s not what they’re saying they’re pretty much saying that the they
want bigger youtubers for ads because they get more views which mathematically
makes sense and their algorithm tells them so continuing on we will closely
monitor signals like community strikes spam and other abuse flags to ensure
they comply with our policies okay so that’s probably the only thing that
stayed the same is they’re gonna give you a community strike if you have
horrible stuff going on on your channel okay let’s just all state right now that
the small youtubers are really not the culprits of that right I wonder what big
youtubers have caused hysteria recently and I don’t expect to be forgiven I’m
simply here to apologize skipping ahead a little bit the
culmination of hard to game user signals and improved abuse indicators will help
us reward the creator’s who make engaging content while preventing bad
actors and spammers from gaming the system in order to monetize unsuitable
content so YouTube you’re saying that your goal is to prevent unsuitable
channels and or unsuitable content but it took you over 24 hours to demonetised
Logan Paul I should have never posted video I should have put the cameras down
and even really popular suitable channels such as front page tech
continuously get D matronized because you are claiming they’re unsuitable it’s a
tech channel what what is that about while this new approach will affect a
significant number of channels eligible to run ads the creators who will remain
part of the YouTube Partner Program represent more than 95% of YouTube’s
reach for advertisers that’s probably the most truthful thing you’ve actually
said in this press release YouTube you’re absolutely right it will affect a
significant amount of YouTube creators again the small youtubers who had this
goal especially 2018 for God’s sake we all had goals to try to monetize or
trying to get ten thousand views whatever it may have been but here is
the kicker and here is something that’s just the creator’s who will remain part
of the YouTube Partner Program represent more than 95% of YouTube’s reach for
advertisers what does that mean exactly that’s pretty vague do you mean that
those who are going to make a thousand subscribers and four thousand hours of
watch time per year are handpicked by those advertisers YouTube are you
opening the door for advertisers to please them even more than you already
have you created the ad pocalypse back in last spring and now you’re bringing
an entirely new monetization platform what’s keep in mind this is the second
time in less than a year they’ve changed monetization guidelines now here in 2018
in January they’re saying yeah scratch that we need to make it harder anyway so
you’re saying that 95 percent are the 95 percent that advertisers actually want
to run ads with if you’re a business yeah I can kind of see how that would be
amazing to control that but that’s the problem with YouTube right that’s a
problem with this community and that’s the problem with video creators is we
value YouTube so much more than just a business at the end of the day YouTube
is a business YouTube is what’s gonna do best for the almighty dollar and if we
don’t accept that that that’s that’s gonna just bring more pain in here in
the long run they’re going to change more stuff they’re going to change more
quote me here they’re going to change more stuff that 1000 subscriber kpi that
they want is probably going to change soon it’s probably gonna be 10,000 soon
but what pisses me off the most it’s 4,000 hours of you time per
year 4000 hours in general okay that’s fine that seems like
something that we don’t have to necessarily rely on the algorithm with
we can network we can create more relationships with each other here on
YouTube small youtubers and the small the super
community is huge we all support each other we all love each other I visit
hundreds of channels to support small youtubers I go on several live streams
to support small youtubers I love to network that’s the way to do it that’s
not sub fourrrrr su that’s hey what’s your channel about that’s cool man here’s
what my channel is about like that’s how we need to do it we need to stick
together as youtubers in the small community we need to stick together as
small youtubers in the small youtuber community because let’s keep in mind
that’s all we have right now is each other we don’t have YouTube Adsense we
definitely all have that damn algorithm all we have is each other and
most importantly please keep this point in mind most importantly what you have
is your desire your purpose your creativity your imagination and your
talent if you don’t think those are enough to be successful on YouTube then
you should stop doing YouTube if you’re in it for the money if you’re in it for
the fame and for the glory guess what that’s already a DNA for failure don’t
get me wrong I think that some of that is appealing and some of that is great
especially for younger viewers and younger creators but you have to be
realistic to you guys it’s an almost impossible to be a YouTube star nowadays
is it possible absolutely is it hard extremely and if you’re really in the
gut and grind for years to make that dream come true then by all means go and
do that come to my channel let me help you out with that I am a Video Creator
go look at the videos I make pretty cool content I’m not even going to brag I’m
just going to say what other people tell me here’s the funny wrench I actually
hit some thousand views back in November and I started my channel in September
and I was approved for monetization late November right after Thanksgiving so
that was a cool little treat for me but I have not once monetize any video why
is that I am extremely dedicated to providing
value in any way I can plus I am NOT interested in making
pennies I don’t get thousand views per video so I figure I’m
gonna save you guys 30 seconds of time before my video to actually scrap the ad
and just get on to the content and get on to the value that I can provide
that’s why I do it take my example if you can I don’t know
if it means anything to you but that’s what I’ve been doing I am approved I am
a part of the Partner Program I’m probably gonna lose it because I’m not
gonna get 4,000 hours of watch time per year that’s insane but let’s wrap this
up YouTube you’re making it hard to create content for free you’re making it
extremely hard I’m talking to you directly YouTube you are making it not
only extremely hard but you’re hurting the creativity soul of a lot of us small
youtubers so is this going to kill the small youtuber community my answer to
that only if we let it small youtubers need to rise above all this
and forget about Adsense forget about the fact that making ads is a milestone
for us creating content creating value providing a perspective releasing what’s
in your head into a video screen that is what your milestone should be get views
get milestones reviews my goal for 2018 is get a hundred thousand views if I’m
over fifteen thousand right now cool maybe I’ll hit that maybe I won’t but
I’m damn sure gonna try here’s what I’m not gonna do I’m not
going to kill myself for you YouTube anymore
I’m not going to grind not only my 40-hour workweek my extracurricular
activities my family all to create two videos a week I’m not doing that anymore
because YouTube is strictly saying right here and all this stuff they’re telling
us that they don’t give a damn about small youtubers they don’t care about
our hard grind they don’t care the fact that we spend hours away from our family
just to put something on a camera and put something on a computer screen and a
mobile device they don’t care about that this is strictly that’s my problem with
all this they are strictly showing us that they don’t care about that it’s not
about the ads it’s not about the money it’s about the principles they’re still
doing things to make it even harder to gain any type of traction so it is up to
you to decide what you want to do with this information and what you want to do
as a small youtuber cuz I’m only talking to you guys right now if you’re a big
youtuber damn you we don’t here right now this is for the small
youtuber community thank you big youtubers for providing the value that
you have but guess what you guys are gonna reap all the benefits of this
because us small youtubers we can could be considered the bottom feeders of the
ocean are just gonna start we’re picking up these scraps today with this Adsense
we’re not even gonna get scraps anymore it’s all gonna go to the big sharks and
the orcas of the sea who are getting all this food which is the Adsense that’s
kind of how I see it so big youtubers are probably gonna generate more revenue
because they don’t have to really deal with the fact that some of these ads are
going to other kind of youtubers or small youtubers they’re all gonna just
continue to rise to the top and that is my point the principle I don’t care
about the money I hopefully you understand that I don’t care about the
money and I don’t care about the Adsense because I care about the principle which
is you are not making it easier or even worthy to have small youtubers grind to
make video content for you YouTube and that’s my problem what do you guys think
about this let’s have a discussion comment below let me know what your
thoughts are let me know if this video provided some value in any way and let’s
rise up from this small youtubers you have a decision to make you can either
take this as a negative and say eff you YouTube and just quit or you can come
with those who still think this might be a positive for us because it will give
us a different perspective to weed out all the fakers and the haters who just
want money and bring in more of a strong community of actual creators who are
passionate about creating video on YouTube you have the choice it’s yours
take it as a negative or take it as a positive I’m taking it as a positive and
I’m saying that all the fakers are just gonna leave YouTube and go bye-bye and
go somewhere else sayonara to you guys but I’m more
invested in talking and networking with those video creators who actually care
about their content that’s what I’ll be doing that so I’m gonna be supporting
hopefully this video is helpful and create something amazing create
something valuable and most importantly create something for you

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100 thoughts on “#SmallYouTuberNews EVERYTHING You Need to know, New Monetization Guidelines, SMALL YOUTUBERS DEAD?

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  2. I've been asked by my subscribers to put something together to address this topic from the standpoint of someone that is just on the other side of it (I started my channel about this time last year), and I came across your video while gathering my thoughts. Checked out your channel and it looks very solid. Keep up the high-quality content combined with a good attitude, and you'll go far. Very nice work! In the year I've been on YouTube, I've had some videos stolen (downloaded and reposted by others) which has been frustrating. This new policy may help, but I think they were getting more money from the affiliate links they were using compared to the Adsense money. For that, the new policy won't help. I looked back at how much I earned until I hit 4,000 hours and 1,000 subscribers, and it was right around $250. It's not much, but it paid for a full budget studio lighting kit and a nice microphone. This is really more of a psychological hit than a financial one. The financial loss for many is small, but real. Try not to let it get you down. If you keep posting great content that you're passionate about you'll prevail. It's a marathon, not a sprint. (Even though some days it feels like a repeated sprint)

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    Now, here's my take. Ad Sense is about making money. If you don't have 4K hours a year in watch time your aren't making money anyway so in that sense you aren't losing much.

    The question is, how is YouTube going to treat videos of smaller channels as far as ranking and suggesting. But to this point, small channels who are monitized now aren't all going viral and getting a ton of views because they are monitized. Monitization doesn't mean tons of views for YouTubers.

    It comes down to create good content and keep putting out videos you believe in. Give people something that want to see and be interesting. Slowly but surely you will grow and let's not kid ourselves, it takes some luck to make it on YouTube. Just because we create videos doesn't mean we're all going to get big. Out of all people posting videos to YouTube, a small handful will really make it whether your monitized or not.

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    They hired 10k new moderators to surf the site and flag content that's inappropriate for advertisers, but here's the mistake ===> they paid these morons on an incentive program (the more inappropriate content they find – the more they make). BEN — You-yourself may've received the message that your video has been demonetized for inappropriate content.

    These moderators started flagging every, single low-traffic video on YouTube without ever looking at the content.

    Naturally – the CEOs at Google get these reports and they conclude that every low-traffic creator is posting inappropriate content.

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  32. Your so rite. here is a link to my struggle and how YouTube February 20th changes directly affect me. Im in the race to 1000 subscribers to keep my channel open so all clicks count! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9bQv7m6m7w

  33. Best video explanation I've watched so far on the topic! 👍 I agree that if you love what you do and you're here to help others, that's all that matters. My 'annoyance' comes from YT claiming they're trying to do everything they can to solve a 'problem' that is primarily created by many larger channels not affected by this change so they're going to continue to reward bad behavior while delivering a serious mental blow to many small innocent channels. I'm just under the 1k subs and while I know I'll get there eventually, I just feel it's unfair to rip away what many of us considered a symbolic milestone. It's like running a marathon and just as you cross the finish line, they say "Sike! It was moved 26.2 miles down the road!" {{queue evil laughter}} There. I've said my peace. Back to focusing on what REALLY matters: my content for my wonderful supporters! 😊 Love your channel!

  34. Hello benjamin i sub your channel and I need your suscribe to my channel too please good luck for February 20th!!!

  35. Great video! I'm sure this is going to be an uphill task for all the struggling/small YouTubers like me to achieve the target before the grace period. Genuine creators will be hit (Of course the smaller ones). I have more than 9000 hours of views and around 900 plus subscribers. I'm little nervous now. Please suggest with your great knowledge

  36. I'm okay for the views. I have over 7,600 hours. It's the sub thing I think is unfair. If a channel is getting the views, then why should sub count be important?
    It's hard enough for small YTers. I've had so many completely innocent videos demonetise and none have been reviewed.
    It's kind of obvious that YT don't want small creators. they just want us to click and watch the big creators.
    I'm not giving up. I'm still going to continue, but it does suck to be treated this way.

  37. OMG! This video should go viral.  I am a very small beauty channel, and this is very discouraging, we are not actors, we are serious, hard working people.  I understand their thinking, but they are not thinking.  You are right about the sub4sub, I want quality subs that like my content.  And I want to subscribe to people that I will watch and that I like.    These guidelines are not difficult, they are impossible! So frustrating… I do not cuss, I don't have vulgar content, I am beauty channel for crying out loud! And 2 of my videos have been demonetized for whatever reason… Ok, rant over! 🙂  You said everything I told my husband this morning.

  38. Amazing video, it's always good to support our community! P.S pls hit the red button for me too if you can 🙂 .. i am a music producer so if you want a intro music for your videos let me know .thank you https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=qTGoyE3cwvM

  39. It does totally suck and I feel like as a small youtuber, I'm being jipped. I just subscribed to you channel to show you support, cause you know, we can all support each other. Hope you support back.

  40. I think even if they reduce the watch time to 3000 or 2000 that'll be a massive booster to small channels and motivate them to grow but if they keep it locked at 4000 and try to increase it further eventually people won't be putting out regular content and interesting. I myself will lose monetization because I'm at 3700 hours nothing I can do about it as of now. Will try and work my way up to 4K now

  41. Thank you for breaking this down. Its super frustrating for someone who genuinely likes doing this and could give a shit about he pennies we are getting now. Again thanks for this video!

  42. Awesome video my friend. I’m lucky in that I already happen to be just big enough to meet the criteria to continue to be a partner. But I have so many friends that are smaller or newer channels that are effected by this. I agree with you that doing this for the money is the wrong reason. But having said that I still think even earning that $30 dollars a month can be a huge physchological motivator. It’s not the money itself, but more that it can be a physical affirmation that your content is appreciated and valuable to people. I think that is where losing the monetization can effect the passion or motivation small channels have for creating content.

    Cheers my friend. Just became sub number 996 for you. Only 4 more and you are at 1000! Thanks for taking the time to create content on here my friend!

  43. Personally, I think that YouTube has another agenda for getting rid of all of us and it has nothing to do with improving the content and everything to do with reducing their accounting costs.

  44. 4000 hours watch time per year is a lot of hours.
    Youtube doesn't send any notifications when users upload a new video.
    Huge channels which have 1 million subscribers have less than 100,00 views in each video.

  45. Thank you so much for confirming this! Can you please check our channel for quality? We are new and need constructive feedback please thanks so much!

  46. Been watching the greed of YouTube grow over the years. What do you think might be an alturnitive to you tube. Wish someone like maybe Virgin came out swinging with a new platform. P.S. You are nailing it I subscribed Thanks

  47. Just met you. Very well said. I'm subscribing. You're a very sharp guy and I think a good ethical heart Looking froward to supporting you 🙂 Drop over and let us know how you think we've done with our shooting. PS we don't monetize. We have the passion for the topic.

  48. thanks for sharing, I'm a new youtuber and I'm so far from 4000 hours and 1000 subs, it seems almost impossible.. all of us small youtubers should support each other! I just subbed, if you want to sub back that would be awesome : ) Your channel is great! good luck everyone!

  49. Tysm for the tips!!! I just found your channel!!!!!! How have I not found it before it's so amazing! I'm trying to grow my channel like yours 😍

  50. Amen ! I feel what you're saying. This affected me and I been on here for YEARS. Since 2011. Lol and have so much views. They demonetized me too. It hurt, but this made me wanna grind even harder, (even though this was always and originally the goal)

  51. Hiya!! I just wanted to drop in and promote my channel! (It’s hard out here for a smol bean youtuber!)

    So if you want, check out my channel! I’m starting to make 3 videos a week 🙂

    I sub back! 🙂

  52. Another straight fire video tell them bro tell them 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😤😤😤😤😤😤💯💯💯💯💯💯

  53. hey man i have a question and it seems you might have the answer is the rule of YouTube will effect smaller YouTube and make our videos harder to find and to watch thanks ?

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