Sliver EDH Budget’ Deck Tech

so admittedly I don’t play commander too
much but when I do play I play my slivers this is my only commander deck
and it’s kind of a budget sliver deck but I do enjoy playing it so just is
this good this is good should I lower this camera shade lower shake it real
low let me just get real low get real low ah that’s better
so mmm this is my sliver commander deck this is my commander it makes the best
sliver commander in my opinion because he can to traverse slivers there’s
obviously more powerful slivers out there but to me this is has to be the
best for a commander well a lot of people like losing using a hive Lord
which is also a really really good commander but I switched it up actually
with this so that’s my commander but what you want Megantic sliver it gives
all your slivers plus 3 plus plus 3 so that’s a nice pump up spell a little
hard to cast it early on but usually commander games don’t last after you
know turn they don’t they don’t just have like a three minute wind ition like
modern Panama sliver real good sliver gives all your slivers death touch
essence liver so whenever a server deals damage its controller gains the most
much life so it’s nice to give your slivers lifelink
this is really good slur ward sliver when it comes into play you can choose a
color and then all the slivers have protection with my color so if you’re
playing someone and they’re playing like a mono black deck you basically give
yourself protection from everything black and you win the game thorn caster
sliver it has whenever slur you control attacks
it deals one damage strike creature or a player that’s a great way to close off
the game and clear the board watcher sliver just gives a slivers a nice big
but zero plus plus two Jem hides liver gives
all your slivers add one manna to your manna pool it’s the same thing as man
and wife sliver except this unfortunate says all slivers so if you’re playing
someone who also who’s playing slivers it kind of gives you disadvantage but
it’s not too many people I know who play slivers bone sight sliver all slivers
have double strike very very handy slippery construct I mean if you if you
only have colorless mana at the beginning you’re not getting the right
mana which is unfortunate for this deck because running five colors is never
easy so I thought maybe just for some out of safety to run a slurry contract
die Fusion sliver so whenever a sliver creature you control becomes the target
of a spell or ability an opponent controls counter that spell enlists or
ability unless it’s controller pays to so it’s nice gives a gives you a little
bit of a counter action always good kind of reminds me of our folk fungus liver
all slivers have whenever this Christian deals damage put a plus one plus one
counter own it’s pretty good just pump up your dudes again spinner rat let
serious liver just block creatures with flying always good
shifting sliver it can’t be blocked except by slivers this is pretty much
win the game if you play this right and you’re playing someone who doesn’t
really have an answer to it constricting sliver so basically lets
you exile creature and opponent controls until it leaves a battle feels it’s nice
it’s like banish your priest a bit so you just take control of one of their
creatures they can’t do anything with it can’t sacrifice its can’t block with it
use its abilities it’s good leeching sliver whatever whenever a slower you
control attacks defending player it loses one life so that’s a really really
powerful sliver especially we have a lot on the board you can really really do
some damage with that our monic sliver all slivers have when this creature
comes into play destroy target artifact or enchantment very very nice and useful
steel form sliver gives all your creatures another another pound in there
but zero one magma sliver I get Chris liver gets plus
X and plus C or I can’t speak to that Jesus plus X plus zero until under turn
where X is the number of slivers in play so that’s that’s really powerful if you
think it’s kind of almost like a goblin piledriver but first slivers so that can
come in handy this one just gives us there’s a nice a little more booty plus
zero plus one crip sliver or generate target slivers so I mean needless to say
that’s pretty damn good this is a it’s a changeling I don’t know if you guys are
I’m sure people know changeling if you’re playing magic and allow and block
but uh basically you can kind of swap in and out it’s abilities so you can
protect your creatures and you could turn this into a sliver as well and gain
all the abilities of the other slivers so it’s a nice versatile card to have
for a creature striking sliver giving your slivers first strikes liverish
liver god I can’t speak I’m not doing this in the morning again this is
terrible battle sliver sliver creatures you control get plus two plus zero gives
them a nice night it’s a bit of additional attacking power
sliver confusion control have Jesus Christ sliver creatures you control have
vigilance that’s nice attack block attack block yeah he’s not
gonna tap it’s not gonna tap predatory sliver giving them more pumps plus one
plus one very very good sliver and it was a common damn quick sliver flash any
player may play sliver cards as though they had flash so that it’s good I mean
again if your opponent has slivers they can use his ability which kind of sucks
about the older slivers but it’s good to be able to flash in your slippers for
blockers and and to give your slippers abilities on their turn very nice
Blake sliver slivers get +1 +2 you’re just a nice little pump up home a sliver
giving your silver cycling which is good because if you have a sliver and it’s
not that useful at the moment it’ll give you the ability to cycle fury sliver
giving your creatures uh your slivers double strike always nice but Alex
litter a nice one mana colorless mana drop down a 1/1 really nice so doesn’t
matter what your Manus battle or just doesn’t matter what your mana is the
beginning of game is a you can play this at any time I’m Grillin sliver giving
your slivers poisonous which is good so if if you don’t really know how to get
around doing that you know this obviously commander
that’s pretty yes a lot of life you got a Tillis and giving them poisonous
counters it’s a nice way to end the game man ôs
giving your slivers an ability to create any color of mana very nice this one you
can sacrifice slivers give him +2 +2 fire wakes liver very good OOP broods
liver I love this card one of our deals combat damage to a player’s controller
may put a one one colorless liver creature token into play so that’s
awesome so basically whenever you’re dealing damage you’re putting in a 1/1
colorless but if you already have a bunch of slivers on the battlefield it’s
not a 1/1 color to come sent with all the abilities the
other slivers have and you’re pretty much getting this for free so yeah
pretty awesome gale rider sliver very good give it all your slivers flying
very useful toxin sliver whenever silver deals combat damage you creature destroy
that creature it can’t be regenerated very good sign app sliver whenever a
sliver deals combat damage to a player’s controller may draw a card very good
very good so it can get you through your deck real quick and sliver hive Lord so
this was my commander before but I swapped it out just cuz I like the
tutoring ability of the Overlord better so this gives all your sleep slivers
indestructible so really powerful guard a lot of people’s favorite sliver such
sliver really good all slivers have this creature gets plus one plus one as long
as you control a swamp and regenerate this creature for one
yeah that’s pretty powerful you’re pumping your creatures up and you’re
giving them the ability to regenerate a very powerful card one of the best
silver cards descendants path basically lets you put a sliver on the battlefield
for free at the beginning of your upkeep if it shares the same creature type so
if you’re playing all slivers it gives you a nice advantage so very good it’s
kind of like a tutor but you’re not searching your deck as whatever long top
and on the top deck but it’s good this is really underrated card a citizen I
really don’t know if I said that right but creatures your opponent’s creatures
you control can’t be targets of spells or abilities your opponent’s control and
you can regenerate creatures so that’s really powerful
really powerful if you’re running a creature based deck it gives them all
hex proof and you can regenerate creatures for two men now one color
isn’t one green really good so luring adds to color that’s obviously a lot of
people play this in a commander Dax why not it’s really versatile nice
Silesia sing it and a nice manner rock because you know you’re running five
color mana you need a ways to get out those cards is a signet Simic Cygnet
japanese expedition map I mean I guess I could swap it out with the English one
but I think everyone knows this cart does sacrifice it for him for a land
card which is really good because again you need to need to make sure that your
mana base is good bail based portal so this one’s interesting says bail blaze
portal comes into play choose a creature type and put a creature card from that
chosen creature type in to hint from your hand into place so basically it’s
letting you just just like the sliver overlord it’s letting you tutor slivers
from your hands so that’s really cool for three mana you just throw in
creatures out lotus petal so nice you can sacrifice it for zero mana sacrifice
and you can add one man of any color really good especially when you’re
running a sliver deck five colors damnation nice so needless to say you
know this does for a two colors and to black you can destroy all creatures and
they can’t be regenerated wrath of God same thing except in white
that’s really nice artwork I don’t know which artwork do you guys like better
they look like gaping holes with like it’s like something farted and a green
gas and white gas going out of there very cool though nice it’s cards player award cards they gotta
bring those back shatter snow and destroy all artifacts and play so that
could be useful if you’ve something you’re playing someone who has a lot of
artifacts a artifact based deck really good dispel counter target instant spell
it’s useful hive strings put two colorless litter creature tokens in the
battlefield pretty good pretty good because again there later in the game
they’re not just colorless they’re gain all the abilities that every sliver has
terminus nice put all creatures on the bottom of their owners library for the
miracle cast that’s really good especially if you’re playing some under
there just dominating the board and you just do not have a lot of sellers out
there brainstorm draw three cards and put two cards from your hand on top of
your library and any order a very good smother treasure creature with mana
costs three or less it can’t be regenerated another good creature
removal thunderous wrath you’ll find a majid art creature player I put some
miracle cards in there just because I felt like it gives like a little added
versatility you know you can you can just do the five damage to them or to
creature it’s like a removal but also could potentially win you a game cruel
ultimatum everyone know this card does it was just reprinted again I think in
modern masters 2017 so it’s been hit by the replant print button quite a lot
explosive vegetation so it’s good for your again obviously the mana source for
this deck is incredibly hard to get out so this helps to get out to lands logic
not very good calendars target spell unless his
controller plays X so that’s really good because you can doesn’t matter if it’s
late in the game you can just counter any spell they have because you’re gonna
have the mana for it Jun charm excel all cards from target players graveyard or
Jun charm deals two damage to each creature or put two plus one plus one
counters on target future I just like the versatility in this card thinking
could come in handy especially if they’re playing some sort
of graveyard power like a graveyard heavy deck very
good compulsive research Tiger flair draws
three cards in that target and that player discards two cards unless he or
she discards the land card very good banishment again you know just get that
creature put on there on top of their owners library very very annoying
especially for that miracle cost go Gary a charm she was one all creatures get
might as well – went until end of turn or asteroid target and champion or
regenerate creature you control so very powerful card again great versatility
any charm I find is really good for a commander deck charms they really add
that extra little bit you know that a little bit
primal command choose to target player gains seven life put target non creature
permanent on top of its owner’s library target player shuffles his or her
graveyard into his library or search your library for a creature card reveal
it’s put in your hand shuffle your library greats great versatility
I like the tutoring ability in this a lot terminate get creature removal very
good creeping coercion destroy all artifacts again there was a shatter
story I know it’s kind of like people might be like well you have shatter
storm why are you putting this card in there well if I can’t get out that red
man it’s nice to have the green option and I mean I’ve seen a lot of artifacts
and commander like a lot people love artifacts and it’s kind of like a nice
artifact hate guard abrupt decay can’t be countered by spells or abilities very
nice destroy target non-land permanent was converted mana cost three or less
very very powerful card eternal Dominion this card is weird this is if playing
multiplayer this is gonna mess the game up which is it’s kind of like a Fu card
a search target opponent library for an artifact creature a champion or land
card put that card into play under your control then that player shuffles his or
her library an epic for the rest of the game you can’t play spells at the
beginning of each of your up keeps copy the spell except for its epic
ability you may choose a new target for the copy
really really weird card yeah you play those people will be that
goddamn it why did you do that some nice Plains mountain I don’t know
if this is an order might be all over the place
Island Mountain swamp and other nice planes from unhinged forest very nice I
love these for these are my favorite forests amazing forests got three of
them that’s how much island again Island nice unhinge land godless shrine ancient
ziggurats oh this is good add one mana of any colors you mana pool spend this
only to play creature spells and when more than half your deck his creatures
comes in handy holo found good versatility temple garden good
versatility would lay in the cemetery really good versatility I think I have
most I think it’s a little more green mana than anything else in my deck which
is good because I have a lot of green slippers or as long as I use green muta
vault really good really good gives your lands abilities to become creatures with
all creature types which is good so essentially it’s like a sliver land
overgrown toon really good stomping ground amazing coaching wastes so it’s
it’s interesting I could probably swap this out for ghost
quarter which I actually might do this is very budget and I mean well I say
budget still like almost a 300 dollar deck probably probably more if you
include the lands the non-basic lands I’m unhinged oh yeah this card lets you
destroy target non-basic land then you sacrifice it not as powerful as ghost
quarter but I might switch it up I think I actually I think I did have a ghost
quarter in there I might have accidentally taken it out to put
something else in rack doze canarian so this is good for your mana source and I
put a couple three color lands in there which is nice they come and tapped but
that’s why I put a lot of shock lands and they’re just in case you didn’t want
things coming tapped which you probably don’t but again this is
this is a bit of a budget deck I would have probably thrown fetches in there
instead and I but I didn’t really wanna make this like a 500 plus 2 log deck so
I have a 2 of these I think I might have one yeah I’m gonna have jungle shrine so
anything else yet oh no see yeah I did have ghost quarter ah there you go
I was like wait I don’t have ghost quarter but then there it is I got it
command tower it’s good especially when you have a five color commander really
good exotic orchard it’s good if your opponent is using mana that you need at
the moment you can produce that type and another Celestia sanctuary so that’s
another bounce land really good and that is my budget sliver commander deck leave
a comment and let me know if this deck is awful because I like playing it but
again I don’t play too much commander I just thought I would like I just thought
I’d show you guys this deck and let let me know what you think would make this
deck more powerful if I should swap some slivers up for others which you know
artifacts you think we’re good obviously the one thing that I need to get watch I
need to swap something out for is coat of arms don’t know why I did I don’t
know why I don’t have this in the stack because it really works for this deck
and I probably should get swap should I swap for it Oh probably vanayya probably
swap banishment some like that anyways yeah so let me know what you guys think
of this deck and let me know if you guys play commander and if you do what is
your commander alright thanks again tune in for more content bye

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