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thank you guys for checking this video
out right here I have a nice sling bag alright I’m always you know when I’m
working in the city I am always carrying like a messenger
bag sometimes it’s a little too big but sometimes it’s just a little
inconvenient to carry that thing around when I’m moving around the city so I
decided to go try on a sling bag alright I found a really cool sling bag on
Amazon alright I’ll leave the link down below if you’re interested but I wanted
to show you guys exactly what this thing has now why you know I decided to try it
out so it’s called the brand is called magic two-door all right you can see
that says magic two-door now it’s got a like a grey type of look to it it feels
really good and the first thing that I really liked about it was that not only
you know let’s see is it a sling bag but it has a buckle on the other side so
that this can switch sides all right you can switch the way you want to hold it
which honestly having it on one shoulder all day will begin to bother so you can
you know flippity other side so each sold if you
get that equal amount of of carry another important thing is that it does
have the it does have a pocket that is RFID safe so that is right here alright
you go right here you have a protective pocket right here so in the city I’m
walking around I’m safe alright so we have another important thing that I
really like is when I’m walking around on the go is a holder for the water
bottle not the worst then when I have my messenger bag and I have to put a water
bottle inside the bag or I just have to straight up hold the bat the water
bottle alright that condensation starts to get the things inside the bag wet
whereas right here there’s a dedicated holder for it alright you also have a
couple little you have this right here to hook up something that you might need
to hook up you have nice little right here you have the more of an
organizer pocket right here for some pens some different things like that
then you have the main pocket all right with a sleeve that will probably fit a
small laptop definitely your tablets when I’m walking around the city I have
my tablet on me this is a perfect fit for my tablet and you got a nice size
pocket and like I said the sleeve and then you have your RFID pocket right
here that is gonna protect you when you’re walking around you’ll have to
worry about your cards getting jacked you know alright so another thing I like
right here is that this bag is waterproof okay being waterproof like I
said I’m walking around the city unexpected things can happen so being
waterproof is amazing alright and then you have the strap it is a little bit
wider but that’s because of the cell phone pocket and our cell phones
nowadays are extremely big so you have your cell phone pocket right here
headphone so you can easily get your headphones out and that’s all I got guys
I mean the water bottle fits great I’m extremely happy because this bag was
only $27.99 alright comfortable on the go a nice bag this is
magic to door let me know what you guys think I mean I like the sling bag I feel
like it supports is more balanced of a support rather than a messenger bag
flopping around on your side all right it is a little more active but I really
like it it’s definitely gonna serve a purpose for me switching up my bags here
and there this is definitely if I know there’s gonna be some weather issues
today and I still got to go out I’m gonna take this bag up because it is
waterproof but this is the magic two door bad guys thank you for checking
this video out links down below definitely go check out my other videos
I have some really nice shoes that I just reviewed
and also go check out some of my playlists guys so thank you have a good

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6 thoughts on “Sling Bag Review – Amazon Review

  1. Awesome review!! I just purchased this sling bag from Amazon and its great! I commute from Providence to Boston daily so I needed a light weight, water resistant bag.

  2. Great video! You have my support.I have a children channel as well. Would love your support as well! 🙂

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