Slack wins “Best Startup” at the 10th Annual Crunchies

– Our next presenter is both,
my boss and in my opinion, he’s kind of like the Carrie Bradshaw of limited edition sneakers. I don’t know if you guys
have noticed his kicks but definitely pay attention to those. Presenting the award for
Best Overall Startup, please welcome TechCrunch Editor in Chief, Matthew Panzarino. (upbeat music) That’s a wrap on Jordan. – Hello everyone. You know I don’t want
to belabor the point, I think we’ve heard a lot
of discussion on this stage along the same tune tonight
but I just wanted to say over the past few years,
you know I’ve seen a lot of entrepreneurs come across our many stages. Many of those entrepreneurs
talk about changing the world. Very few of them finish the
second half of that equation, which is for the better. And it’s not necessarily
a conscious thing, it’s just not something we think about or have thought about
a lot up to this point. There are a lot of
other things on the mind of a young entrepreneur
or new entrepreneur. But I think that these next few years are definitely going to be a
time where we have to really think about both halves of that equation. So with that, you know, we wanted to bring this year, the Crunchies
back to their start up roots. This show’s about you,
looking at the crowd tonight, it’s clear that pixel by pixel, this community is getting more inclusive and by that, more interesting. Every person in this room
wields an incredible amount of power and responsibility. You know we can choose to
make these things better that we build. Every line of code,
every product decision, every business decision, can
make the world better or worse. It seems silly to think that not closing a bracket can change the
world in some small way but it turns out it can, if we’re not thinking about
things in an inclusive manner. So we ensure that the products
that we’re building, please, include rather than exclude. Products that empower people, rather than disenfranchise them. So heading this year,
I’ll leave you this this: be careful; have fun; built great shit. Now nominees for Best Startup. (upbeat driving music) – [announcer] The nominees
for Best Startup are Didi – Didi provides the largest
ride sharing platform in the world. We’re talking about 20 million
rides every single day. That is just today, and growing fast. – [announcer] Giphy – We see 2016 as being
the year where gifts, gods – 2017 – Yeah, but he’s going back. – I’m going back. 2017 is going to be very exciting. We’re looking forward to the convergence of every single media format in to GIFs. GIFs space program is going to be huge. – [announcer] Slack. – Slack is a new kind of messaging for teams. Bringing all your communication together in one simple place and
integrating with the tools you already use. – [announcer] Spacex. – LCLD for for launch. (driving music) T minus five, four, three, two, one. (driving music) We have lift off (mumbles). – [announcer] And Stripe. – Now I guess we look at
it much more on just a population basis – [interviewer] Really? – And we just need to
cover all of the people, that is, kind of a bug, to
the extent that there is anyone in the world who cannot
sell online using Stripe. (suspenseful music) – All right, the runner
up for Best Startup is Stripe (applause) And the winner Best Startup of the year is Slack. (celebratory music) That a girl. – Thank you so much. – Absolutely, my pleasure. – Thank you. – Congratulations. – Yes. (applause) Can you hold this for a second. Thank you so much, thanks Techcrunch. It is such an honor to be
the Best Startup this year. I think we were fastest rising last year so I guess next year we
will be old boring startup. This is our moment. We are so grateful to be here on stage with so many inspiring founders
and investors and companies. Everybody has obviously had
a lot on their mind tonight, thinking about what’s
going on in the world, and it’s such an honor that
we get to build software that many of you guys use
to do the important work that you’re doing. Slack was really built
to scratch our own itch because we had a problem and we built Slack as a solution to it. It’s really gratifying to
see that it ends up being a really important solution
to how many of you do work. So this is on behalf
of the 700 plus people who work at Slack these days. But, I definitely want to take a moment to thank our co-founders,
Stewart, Cal, Sergei and Erik, without whom none of us would be here. So thanks so much. (applause) (celebratory music)

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