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Spotify Family plan now cheaper, Skip to best
parts in Facebook live, Steve the Jumping Dinosaur Acquired and more It’s Monday May 23rd and this is Crunch Report
Whats up Techcrunchland welcome to Crunch Report. Huge shout out to Anthony, Katie and
Megan for doing an awesome job on this show. I am the captain now! I’m the new permanent
host I wrote all about it here and I’m pretty pumped and excited and looking forward to
bringing you a fun, educational and entertaining tech show. Lets get right into it. For all
you music afficionados, families can now subscribe to Spotify for 14.99 per month and get 6 different
Spotify accounts and profiles. Spotify family plans are available in all countries where
Spotify operates — except in Canada, Sorry Canada! The music platform wars are pretty
intense with Apple Music, Google play music and others all going for the throat. Spotify
is making some moves. Instant gratification that’s what it’s all
about right? Reading the last page in a book, fast forwarding in a movie, Cake. well now
Facebook wants to put their reaction emoji’s to work in live video to show you when the
best part of the video is happening. Facebook tells Josh Constine that it’s putting reactions
to work to power a visualized timeline of when a Live video receives the most engagement.
When you go to fast-forward through the recorded replay of a Live clip, you’ll see the graph
of reaction volume overlaid on the progress bar. Basically you’ll be able to see when
the video gets interesting and skip there. Boom Instant gratification! At the moment
its being tested with a limited amount of users. Comparably the company that tracks insights
into compensation and cultural data looks to add more transparency to its compensation
and culture platform as it adds a company review feature that allows users to sort data
by race and gender. While Comparably doesn’t have unlimited sorting capabilities, the race
and gender filters offer more than its competitor Glassdoor when asked about being a Glassdoor
competitor the CEO had this to say. “We have a lot of respect for Glassdoor and what they
do. And we believe that we have a take on compensation, culture and company data that
is very different from what they do. And a product experience that brings a new and fresh
take on how to bring more transparency to workplaces.” According to CNBC and confirmed by Techcrunch
Kleiner Perkins is raising 1.3 billion dollars for two new funds. The money would be for
a new growth stage fund and an early stage fund. Some think it might be a little harder
for KPCB to raise the cash since John Doerr Kleiner Perkins most prominent investor won’t
be a general partner in any new funds. Kleiner last raised 1.2 Billion across two rounds
in 2012 Steve – the jumping Dinosaur, the in-notification
center viral game based on a google Easter egg game has been acquired by Spanish gaming
company Genera games. The exact amount of the acquisition is unknown but Ivan De Cabo
the creator of Steve has received offers ranging from 350 dollars to 60K in the past and this
acquisition is pegged at 3 times the highest amount. De Cabo will be join Genera Games
and heading up a team developing ultra Casual games. games games games games games. That’s the report for today. I’m Tito
Hamze Crunch Report airs every weekday at 7 pm Eastern,
4 pm Pacific, on You can also find us on iTunes, and on YouTube. See you

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14 thoughts on “Skip to Good Parts in Facebook Live | Crunch Report

  1. Unkept chewbacca hair man is the new host?..Damn…Managment at TechCrunch needs to authorize the clipper protocol.I won't elaborate too much due to my clearance level but it does include chewbacca man being subjected to a hot shave on his face and dome.He'll be bald and smooth afterwards.The days of his matted hair festering and evolving into hairy evilness will be over.

  2. Thanks to fucking God or someone at TechCunch that heard my bitching and replaced the host(s) with the best man for this job a.k.a Tito Hamze! Good job. No.1 fan πŸ˜ŽπŸ™

  3. 😱😭 OMG NOOO!!!!!!, I would prefer (anyone) else to give Tech Crunch News but him!. He wants to make everything stupidly "funny", I would even prefer a actual clown than him. 😭😭😭😭 literally crying about this. They choose the worst guy for this job, I wouldn't had said anything if this guy was not permanent.
    Used to love Tech Crunch 😒

  4. Great new host. There are other, more straight-delivering tech news hosts out there, which is cool too. Refreshing to have an option that offers something a little different.

  5. Personally, I just don't like the goofiness at all, it's like an unnecessary layer. I don't mind if you make some jokes if you are not all goofy about it. I just like to see the TechCrunch report and that's all, in and out. that's the only big reason that I see TechCrunch. Just take it out the goofiness and I would love you forever Tito.

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