Skiing: How to Hop Turn

I’m Mack Lyon from the Professional Ski Instructors
of America. Hop Turns are awesome tools to be able to use off piste for when I have a
lot of vertical distance in a run, but not a whole lot of width. To execute a Hop Turn,
I really want to focus on being really low and exploding upwards and pivoting around
my ski pole. What that looks like is I’m going to set my edges with my pole plant and then best ski goggles under $100
I’m going to explode and extend all at once to be able to get my skis off the snow. I’m
going to pivot them around my ski pole and as I land I’m going to plant my pole and flex
and suck up all of that force to be able to use in my next Hop Turn. A Hop Turn allows
you to ski terrain where you don’t have enough space to be able to make a regular turn.

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