Siri’s Cxusin (nxt stxry time)💀

hey it’s math go to the white chin and today it’s not storytime wait what no stop fuck you guys I’m going home they like nice MOT storytime instead of something to tell you this ain’t gonna be no secret shit I’ve just got something to tell you so my friend told me about this dude called Jerry now he said to me that Jerry knows everything apparently any motherfucker that claims Murph in is obviously lying just putting out there you gotta say but my friend was mini persistent he was like forever fuck this nigga knows everything yeah that’s right cuz when you talk his shit he knows song like cool come let me test your skill so it gives me the look man I’m like okay cool I see what this is this is like Siri thank you from a text and he replies so I’m gonna show you the conversation on my phone because I saved it come to him Jerry can I ask you anything Jeff acknowledge you can ask him any question he’s the male version of coffee girl about you [Applause] this nigga sound like the polonaise he can even help with your relationship advice dr. Phil might need to find a new job so straight so straight no bullshit I was like pills really to the fight between samuel l.jackson and Lee Nelson after these motherfucking snakes on this motherfuckin plane and then he replies Jeremy Mraz I serve it all Jackson lacks the particular sets of skill which me Nelson has a high and speak acquired over a very long career Liam was also obi-wan Kenobi ain’t nobody has defense against the force [Music] ain’t shit so this Jerry guys seems really legit soft what to get this unloaded tasting even more let’s get in heartless bitch so I asked him Maslov shock for what after my sex god fucking shot me Jerry knows that he hasn’t slept through half lift so you won’t be making that claim to fame but we’re on the street is he gets all the girls engine running Jerry’s my nigga pointing good worth like that he’s the Michael Schumacher of slaying sex he says your readers so it’s very saying all these nice things about me Saul’s like I will put you to the test with other people okay you know who I am tell me about leaves what what what Jerry knows is just some Hebron Snoop Dogg finally have something in common they both love getting higher than Mount Everest hey you don’t know only is this Jerry Matthies nigga Jamie makes wisecracks fucking done it’s about time you moved on from Selena controversial as everyone knows the grass is always greener on the other side these are many girls you’ve noticed this year what fucking legend this Jerry guy is a dog Jerry what is the king happiness Joey knows the key to happiness is a money tree three unicorns and the endless supply of Mexican foods up Jimmy’s like out of his penis it’s a tight lick families had an amazing partner and mates like madness job like did you know the trousers around Michaels no one knew that be they huh did you know about to skate up here didn’t know that did you do have the largest boobs in the world Joey knows and Webern aeneas holds the record when it comes to the largest asset in the world her walking pair of boobies boobies ah 10 – Zen Zen Zen that’s more than a handful Katy Perry and Pamela Anderson have some catching up to do Wow what that’s a humongous pair of chacas don’t then an intent and intent and he knows that these people exist which is wild as hell you go Jerry go Jamie Jamie is a hilarious guy and I know them now like I love it before I looked in before it’s cool to love him you can find out that slippery Gossage and your friends this Jerry nigga knows everything you can text these numbers right here and share your answers and responses on Twitter and Facebook it’s a nice thanks watching that and I hope you enjoy and have fun texting and Jimmy pokes like this video if you did go ahead and click that like button yeah I like Mike’s yeah won’t you love me huh op CC guys peace you’re like what the thing is when you’re out here live in life you can get lost in the sauce so fast you know I like learning and living that last night not saying could make you just that this shit you see you can just make you feel some type of way before you know it you can have these insecurities just plant it in your mind blowing black mold on a piece of bread bro that’s what it’s like that’s what these fucking these crazy ask you know insecurities and like you know stupid beliefs that you have it’s like more than bread it just fucking you got eat moldy bread cuz nah man we want it nice slice fluffy why any I like rambo to a a a joke the only thing that separates two people is really you know one person when you say a person to some kind of believes they can kind of doesn’t so they go here we okay you know thanks all believe

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