SillyKan Valley: Episode.find(1)

what’s up… alright we’re filming a… vlog series documentary on the creation of Whale we’re going to create this vlog start off with probably one episode a week fully inspired by Casey Neistat and it’ll it’ll just be whatever goes on around the compound so my stats… so they changed SnapChat to not auto advanced anymore and drop my play count by like a third… sh*t’s f—‘d up man they have that tap to create a playlist right? because remember they made it, like six months ago they made it auto advance and they just took that out and I assume everyone’s plays just dropped what Snapchat giveth snapchat taketh away I feel so sad now that viewership has dropped thirty percent because it because of the removal of the auto play next video yea it affects everyone but still I mean it’s just sad, i’m sad… I now wanna to do more on Instagram healthy right? alright so we just finished eating lunch and now we’re about to do some user studies just finished with user studies… now we gotta go do a server migration today. going to our friend Adora’s apartment to do the migration because she’s the only one we know with fast internet alright, we’re at Adora’s place… might have to camp out in the hallway to use her internet. don’t think she would mind should be okay… 2 hours later… mission accomplished… no major problems… hopefully… Vicc, is the build done yet? not yet Vicc, is the app done yet? uh, still not done… but… we’re close. see, the more checkboxes you see better we are and we just have a few left. we’re this close Vicc, is the build done yet? the build is not done yet what’s the ETA? ETA… we’re probably about 20 minutes hey Vic is that app done yet? we’re almost done. we’re hoping to have a build out by… sometime later today it’s looking good hey Vicc, is the App have done yet super super close. we’re like 99.999% percent done it’s 10pm on Tuesday night. we just finally uploaded our last build. here we go to submit for review quora for the snapchat generation

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23 thoughts on “SillyKan Valley: Episode.find(1)

  1. Would love you hear about the process for finding funding (in future episodes), as well as where to find good coders 🙂

  2. Love this. The production quality, the included music, the subject matter and everything makes so much sense than other vlogs. Would love to see more guys! I'd love to get in touch if possible.

  3. A brilliant idea for sure! I think it's something I would definitely use on a relatively consistent basis. However, I would really struggle to ever justify spending money to watch Q&A videos.

  4. Really enjoy watching this vlog as a huge Casey fan. Great structure, dialogs, music, and even the sunglasses ^_^. Glad this vlog captured the massive attack against DYN on Oct 21, 2016.

    Good job and keep up the good work with this vlog and Whale!

  5. Quit biting on DRock's style 😉
    Named after Tao Lin's whale poem no doubt.
    And not Twitter's infamous Fail Whale!
    "the next night we ate whale"

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