Silicon Valley S4E5 – Gavin is finished

Gavin, I’m sorry to drop in on you but, I happened to have a very enlightening conversation with your “transfusion associate” So did I. [Stutters] Sorry? Come in Richard. Oh wow. It’s all broken… again. Gavin: Mind the glass. ‘kay He’s writing a tell-all? Apparently he landed a very lucrative deal to air my dirty laundry over the years He said it was his only career move left. I told you Richard, everything I do is news. But, didn’t he sign an NDA with you? I mean, can’t you sue him? That would only prove everything he’s saying is true and make it worse. Speaking of, I had my blood tested this morning. My cholesterol is through the roof. At this rate, I’ll be dead by the age of 120. Ohh no…that…I’m so sorry. No… Richard, I’m sorry. I told you a big public roll-out of our product would be good for the company. The truth is, I thought it would be good for me. To change the narrative that I’m a fraud and failure. C’mon, Bryce is the fraud! And yet I sat here taking business advice from him. A fucking blood boy! Just look at me. I’m a fraud and everyone knows it and when I fell not one person stood up for me. What does that say? I just think it’s all over for me now. No n-no, it-it’s not over, look, um I chose to partner with you, that says something. You didn’t want me. You wanted the patent, if I had just given it you, you would’ve walked out that door and never looked back. Fuck it! I’m done Done? N-no Gavin you’re not, you’re not done. I mean what about our company, what about the new internet? I don’t know. I don’t know. Gavin, wh- Gavin, background: Fuck you, God! [Glass Breaking] What’ve I done to deserve this!? Uh, yes, CJ Cantwell please

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