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Naps are amazing, but it’s hard sometimes to find a
quiet space. Unless you bring the quiet space to you. Like, I could put it and lean back. Everyone wants to go to napland
sometimes. Enter silent mode. A new sleep mask that supposedly makes it a breeze to catch some Zs. It’s a thick padded sleep mask with a built-in cushion speaker system so that you can connect it to
your phone and hopefully block out the world. Let me show you around the product
first. Now this is just a prototype that we
have, and there are going to be a few
tweaks to the general aesthetic. They’re going to be
changing the size of it a little bit, and the hardware is going to be a
lot more sturdy inside. The app that they have right
now for iOS devices is a beta version, and they’re actually going to be
revamping the entire app, and adding an Android app which they currently don’t have. But in the app you’ll be able to
pick the type of nap that you want to take, like a power nap and then the duration of the nap
depending on how tired you are. It’ll start to play nice music, and then you just strap this on to your head and you’re off to
nap land. And now I’m dead to the world. Commander! Problem on the bridge, Captain. Shields is 60 percent. Now, we really wanted to put this
thing to the test. I had one of my co-workers use this to nap in the newsroom which is using the product as it was advertised. And then I had one of my co-workers try it out, standing up in the subway in New York City which is not how it’s
advertised. It was a lot more relaxing than one might think. I don’t recommend it. Don’t. Don’t be blindfolded in the middle of a subway platform. But I did feel relaxed coming out of it. I almost fell asleep, but the Baby Beluga
music or song like stopped halfway. Do you usually nap standing up. Sometimes. SilentMode. You need to add more ambient noise some fire plays some jazz. I do think this would be great for
migraines. I suffer from migraines, and it blocks all light, and also kind of like the pressure
is like good for when you have a headache that bad. Well I definitely do think that it blocks out pretty much all of the light with the sound was kind of like close footsteps and obviously like trains I could
hear. Given all of the changes that
they’re going to be making for the consumer product, would you buy
this? No. Yes, I do think so. I wouldn’t use it in the office. I just put it. If someone were to go
gift it to me, I’d use it on a plane. Every time I go to nap I always get distracted by little
things. So if they were like remarket themselves as a migraine device, and make that ear
earpieces soundproof. [Click] I would definitely purchase it. And I love napping, so. So overall the silent mode is pretty
great. It’s comfortable. It completely blocks out your vision and it does a decent job of blocking
out the noise. It could be a little bigger for
those who have big heads and lots of hair. I have a huge head. But the creators have told me that they’ll probably be extending the Velcro on the back. But for a prototype this was really
solid. And I’m really excited to see what
the consumer product is going to bring if all of these changes are implemented. Just make sure that you have an iPad or iPhone for now. I feel like I say that a lot . Go on off to napland. Go on off.
Off you go. Off you are to napland.

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