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This is my Robot vacuum cleaner It’s the iRobot Roomba 980 It has been out for a couple of years But I’ve had the opportunity over the last month to test it out in my own home. I’m curious about whether these things are actually worth buying or if they’re just gimmicky and you end up having to do the vacuuming yourself anyway. Considering this top-spec Roomba 980 costs the better part of £1000 Is it actually worth buying? Does it keep your house clean? basically – should you get one? away! Its all about convenience – how important
is your time. I mean I vacuum my house – which to be fair
isnt even that big – probably once a week. With the Roomba, its more like once a month. With the higher end models like the Roomba
980, you get WiFi and app support, so you dont even need to set it off yourself, you
can program a schedule. Ive got my robot which I called Steve – for
some reason – doing the round every monday, wednesday and friday at 10am. I get little app notifications come up when
hes finished, if hes full, if hes stuck – which occasionally he does get. Basically, except for emptying him out once
a week and plonking him at the top of the stairs to do my upstairs – its a very hands-off
experience. Suction and cleaning power will vary depending
on what model of robot vacuum cleaner you go for – with a variety of Roomba models available. My roomba will last 2 hours on a single charge
before it returns home to the docking station, and takes about 30 minutes to do my kitchen
and living room. It starts off pretty methodical, going back
and forth, but then as it gently bumps into chairs and walls it maps out the space and
then seems to end up going in all sorts of directions. But regardless of the route it takes, fair
play to it – it does cover all the space, and unlike the Dyson 360 eye is small enough
to go under my sofa and my bed which is another handy advantage over a traditional upright
vacuum cleaner. I was impressed with how it handled wires
and cables too, sometimes it would get itself a bit worked up but 99% of the time it got
free and so far.. Hasnt chewed up or damaged anything. I dont have pets though – and while this would
definitely be useful for regularly vacuuming cat or dog hair – i would be afraid what would
happen if it drove through your pets…lets just say mess. I also find that when I know Steve is about
to go off on his rounds, ill move furniture out of the way or try to clear as much floor
space so he can clean everywhere – although at that point i’m thinking well i may as well
just do it myself, im already moving furniture about. But on the whole I have to say i am convinced,
not necessarily by the slightly eye-watering price, but the idea of a robot vacuum cleaner
– providing regular cleaning to your house, and then backed up by you doing a proper vacuuming
session – once a month or something. Vacuum cleaners arent the sexiest or most
glamorous gadgets to talk about – but more than once Ive found myself just watching Steve
go around, impressed by how he gets right in the corners, can navigate around awkward
stalls and pushes my shoes out of the way in the hallway. So this top-end Roomba 980 costs �899, which
is an awful lot of money. Although Roombas start from about £350 – although
they lack app support and dont have high-power carpet cleaning modes. Theres also strong competition from more budget
robot vacuum cleaners like the Xiaomi Mi Robot – which could be a good starting point to
see if its something you want in your home. But after a month of use, I have to say I
really like my Roomba and I would recommend it. Its definitely a luxury rather than a necessity,
but whichever model you go for, I think every house or apartment should have its own little
steve doing your chores while youre out. Although for 900-quid, I also kind of expect
it to make me a cuppa tea and bring me breakfast in the morning. Maybe on next years model. So I hope you found that useful – Im trying
to reach 200k subscribers so it would mean a lot if you clicked that subscribe button
and joined the tech chap community – and make sure the bell icon is checked to see my latest
videos. Thanks for watching guys and ill see you next

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100 thoughts on “Should You Buy a ROBOT Vacuum Cleaner? (Roomba 980 Review) | The Tech Chap

  1. I’ve got this vacuum and it love it. We’ve got two dogs and the Roomba aka Jeffrey, is responsible for daily vacuuming of 1500 sq ft. It needs to be emptied daily, but does a great job keeping the floors hair and dust free.

  2. Which one is the best roomba to get. I have a dog been researching them. I have carpet on rooms and floor all thru out the house,

  3. I bought one of the older SAGE models and while it’s not as hi tech as this one – it works just fine . Only cost £90 about 5 years ago.

  4. When I had a Roomba I found cleaning it out was a major pain. Hair and dust would get wrapped around the little wheels and brushes and needed to be frequently and painstakingly removed.

  5. Now that they cost like 400 i'm ordering 2. Gonna put googly eyes on it and dress it up as a super hero ahahaha

  6. My gf wanted one. I didn’t think it’d be very practical but saw a good deal on one and got it. Im really glad I did. I’m very impressed with how well it works. It does an incredible job picking up pet hair. We still use the Kirby once to twice a week but this has made things much easier and cleaner. I do wish it wasn’t so loud but that’s not a big deal because it can clean when you’re not home.

  7. Buy the dumb ones. One's which have networking are essentially recording devices. In recent times, one of the manufacturers wanted to sell the recordings to interested parties, but the public outcry stopped the sale of the videos.

  8. I had mine go through my large dog's poop. It was not fun. Probably took 4 hours to clean and still smelled like poop.

  9. Never buy the iRobot. They are ONLY interested in volume on sales. I have 2 Roombas and neither of them work right. This company is MERELY living off of BLOATED taxpayer funded GOVERNMENT Contracts. We have to wonder how much KICK BACKS are being paid to those who fall victims to their LOBBY THIEVES.

  10. What I'm still having trouble finding is if there was let's say a small toy or piece of food, does it avoid it or just suck it up? Does it get stuck?

  11. I bought the ilife vs5 and it's actually awesome for my bedsit flat. only cost me $300 great value

  12. "Drove through our pets mess"… Sorry this has to be addressed. So doggos ask to go outside to do their business. I have cat and they use litter trays. All very clean and contained. You seem to be implying pets just go to the toilet around the flat, not true. What the hell kind of pet people do you know?:p

  13. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. A robot must obey orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

  14. The robot vacuum cleaners are a godsend for people who are disabled as myself. Since I can't stand up to vacuum. It's good to be able to use these to clean and enjoy being less dependant on someone else.

  15. I have one and I love it. It keeps pet hair at bay, dusts under chairs and couches, and generally keeps things on the clean side. It is not the end all cleaner. You still have to vacuum and clean, but boy does this moderate dog hair and dust. Cleans under beds well too.

  16. You are a long way from the 150k subscribers in this video, but youve just got one more,, great video

  17. Honestly I say yes cause most of my family owns one and it’s like a pet that cleans up after you, and even then we treat it like it’s an actual dog or something. We’ll say “bring Libby over I have a treat” then we would push some dust on the floor and when she eats it we go “good girl!” It sounds fucking nuts but honestly it’s the only way we get along

  18. I've had several of these things. They're like a hobby of sorts. As vacuums though, they're pretty poor.
    You'll spend as much time cleaning pet hair from the spindles as it takes to manually vacuum!
    Don't expect them to stand up to frequent use either.
    The novelty wears off quickly.

  19. i feel likenit would be efficient to have pne of these in a commercial setting; most establishments dont have thicc carpet and just tile. It could be programmed to run at night and spare the expense of another worker. you would just get the cheapest one tho, cuz no carpet

  20. worth buying if you own a double storey house. not necessary for tiny apartments unless you are toooo busy to sweep the house.

  21. DONT BUY THIS SHIT! IT SAYING ERROR 8 ALL THE TIME, SENSORS CANT CONNECT AND ITS NOT WORKING IN 90% OF THE TIME! Its easier to make your dog clean than this shit…

  22. November 4, 2017 when you uploaded this video, you had 151k Subscribers.

    1 year & few months later you had (622k) Subscribers wow and wow😳😱😯.

    The Channel grew so quick. Must be a great channel. 👉👤 Am been added to that 622k.

    Thanks for the review, Am ordering the Roomba i7+ right away. 👍And am naming mine Trump senior. Since we have Trump Jr at the white 🏠🙂

    Love from Toronto ❤Canada🎃🍁.

  23. No- especially when it reports floor plans back to their home, then they sell the floor plans. Big Brother is Here & Watching.

  24. I loved mine for 4 months until it made around 4k in damage… it left a line around all my base boards and furniture

  25. I could see if you have pets that shed, or cats or long haired dogs.. but just a normal family with short haired pets.. nah. I'd pass. I have kids that play with small toys or like to go find batteries and scatter them on the floor.. mine would be saying "steve ate something he wasn't supposed to" LOL

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