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For you, to make the videos which I post more interesting, I have planned some different and verity contents so stay tuned for that.. I will teach you everything happening in the world tech in a simple a way.. I am your TECH FRIEND JOE 😊 To avoid notch and to give a full screen experience they introduced a concept called pop up selfie camera. Every company implemented this in a different way. In this different design oppo introduced a new verity. They call this shark fin shaped pop-up selfie camera. In this, when the selfie camera pop-ups its changes to a design similar to a shark fin It has an unusual look to it. They implemented this in two mobiles called reno and reno 10x zoom. Even-though these phones look similar, one phone runs in snapdragon 710 processor and other in snapdragon 855 processor. So probably one will be mid-end phone and other one high-end phone I’ll teach you the full specification and the differences
of these two phones in another video elaborately.. These phones are gonna be launched in India on may 28th. Before December of this year whatsapp is officially gonna shutdown its support for all the mobile phones. So without the support, we can’t use whatsapp properly. But don’t worry, it’s not for all the users. If you are using an android or an apple phone,You won’t have any problems. Windows operating system for mobile phones was launched on October 2010 as a competition for android software. But we all know that sales of windows phone was an utter flop. If you are using Microsoft software windows phone whatsapp will not work in your mobile phones from December this year. But already very less users are only using windows phone, probably after whatsapps removing support, the number of users are expected to decrease even more. In addition to this on February 1st ,2020 phones running on android version 2.3.7 and ios 7 or older, the whatsapp support are expected to shutdown officially. So if your phones are running on these software, it’s better to update the software or update and buy a new phone Tech fact Tech fact – Interesting facts about whatsapp! Whatsapp is the 3rd most downloadable app in the play-store. Not only that, there are more than 1.5 billion active users in over 180 countries. Did you know that the whatsapp which we use is banned in 12 countries? A person on average checks their phones 23 times per day for whatsapp! How many times per day do you check? Let me know in comment box below😊 Dxo mark analyses DSLR, digital camera and mobile phones camera and give them rating and scores. Using full frame sensor Nikon D850 was in top score, Panasonic S1R which which was recently launched beats Nikon D850 and gets the top score. DXO mark gave a statement that in this camera portrait performance and dynamic range is very good! But one should not judge a camera only by its DXO mark, if u wanna buy a camera first rent it, use it and only if you comfortable with it, buy it. From floppy disk to cd, cd to pendrive, and pendrive to hard drive like this the next step of evalution is coming soon, SSD named solid state drive when compared to a hard drive is more faster and reliable. The reason for its more reliability is because there is no spinning with disk inside it. Only dis-advantage of ssd is its price! Comparing it to hard-drive, prices is many folds, but as ssd’s sales grows more and more its prices becoming less and less. After people started using ssd more the sales of harddrive have become very less If it’s a mechanical harddrive, surly there will be a rotating disk inside it. Rotating mechanism parts called as spindle mechanism is created by a company called as NIDEC. This company has released a status Comparing 2010, the sales of 2018 is decressed by 43% Not only that in this year-end it is expect to dip below 50 %. Even though the sales has become less in consumer end, people using hard-drive in data centers, the numbers have been growing stronger. Today’s Hot news! Let’s see about Isa opdahl, from place called Norway. This teen age girl called Isa with her friends had gone for boating in hammer-fest harbor. She dropped her phone in water mistakenly while using it. When she thought she had lost her phone for good, something happened which no one expected. Beluga whale meaning a whale belonging to category beluga took the phone and returned it to her. This incident was captured by her friends and was posted online. And this video became viral in the internet! Even I became shocked seeing in this video! The phone which was droped in water was returned, but is the phone still working? I am not sure. May be we can ask Mr Ben Hsu you asking who is Ben Hsu? Click this link to know more about him! Friends, if you find this video useful, like it. Share it with your friends to who also
likes tech! If you wanna watch video like this daily, subscribe. And click the bell icon next to it. I will see you in another episode I am your TECH FRIEND JOE 😊

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