SERIOUSLY STOP! Dangerous and Desperate Grabs For Attention, Why Stormy Daniels Is Back, and More

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86 thoughts on “SERIOUSLY STOP! Dangerous and Desperate Grabs For Attention, Why Stormy Daniels Is Back, and More


    Also, side note – something weird happened in upload process and I know a few of y'all pointed it out, but should be all good now.
    Anyways, happy Friday you Beautiful Bastards! kkloveyofacesbyeeeee<3

  2. As I've said before, anyone who is dumb enough to eat a tide pod doesn't get sympathy from me. Especially an adult. Darwinism.

  3. Well you could just try multiple methods of contraceptions but i don’t think the rhythm method has ever been effective enough to use. As for the tide pods, people please stop this.

  4. Phil, in regards to the Trump cheating scandal I have seen some tweets from highly respected democrats asserting that if Trump did pay Stormy Daniels to keep quiet using campaign funds through a business created specifically for this purpose then he engaged in money laundering. What repercussions would that have against him? Certainly, in the grand scheme of things, no one cares that he slept with a porn star, I'm sure that many of the male members of congress are guilty of similar acts, but money laundering is a major offense. What could this mean for him and could these accusations be true?

  5. With the people that got arrested for the abuse on there kids until there convicted your innocent until proven guilty so assuming guilt is awful

  6. I remember the first time i tried tide pods. i was a young 9 year old boy at the time, i was oblivious to the world outside of my inner bubble. i shied away from doing anything against the norm, until i found the wonderful benefits of eating tide pods. I can distinctly remember the moment when i first sunk my teeth into that sweet sweet tide pod. it was very cold yet it had a savory taste to it, i remember the taste of copper as the tide liquids slowly burned away the top layer of my mouth and throat. needless to say the fun did not last. my family caught me and immediately took me to the hospital. i was rushed in to get my stomach pumped. i was sad i would lose the tide juices that had built up inside me. i was ready to give up everything to tide, i was ready to die for tide pods. my parents were in the room with me cursing me down for making such a choice as to eat liquid splendor. The doctor walked in and asked my parents what was wrong, they told him about the tide pods. He froze and locked eyes with me. i saw his face expression change. I knew, this was the look of someone that knew the joys of tide pods. he smirked at me i smirked back. we both nodded, we knew what we were going to do. He then pulled a tide pod from his pocket and sensually rubbed it across his lips and plopped it in his mouth. He bit down and i heard the lovely sound of the tide pod crunch. he moved over my limp body with tide juices flowing onto my torso. he then gave me the hardest open mouth tongue kiss i had ever experience in my 9 years of living. we exchanged the sweet tide liquids in front of my screaming parents. he fucked me hard that night.

  7. So simple, if Trump banged the porn star my main feeling is I am very jealous and it has absolutely zero importance on his ability to… Make America Great Again. Which, if you look at the stock market and the real estate market seems to be happening. Here’s a hint for Liberals everywhere – this is a GOOD thing. I hope he made her cum 50 times… GO TRUMP!!!! We want more jobs, higher earning and more porn stars. 😉

  8. I don't give a hoot, but apparently, at issue, is the fact that Trump used campaign donations to pay off his prostitute.

  9. " i guess the point of the story is if you want 100% guarantee not to get pregnant…….just put it in your mouth" hahahaha classic

  10. I feel that the death penalty is an easy way out. I understand that there are some acts of violence that are just so cruel you would want that person dead. But I feel that the criminal doesn’t get to understand the type of suffering and pain they have caused when their just being sent to their death. I feel that before the criminal did the act they made their victim suffer before the victim died. So that means the criminal should suffer before they die and spending life in prison could do the job.

  11. All things being equal, If a couple plays the game of a horizontal dance then there is a high chance of having a baby. Make senses 10/10.

  12. While jail is indeed fitting, I still say stick those two fucks tied to beds in a room with no windows, and not have them bathe and have them be beaten for "sometimes days at a time". Also no showering except once a day-and never let them loose to go to the bathroom. Fucking beasts.

  13. the acquisition of sexual encounters in order to have that risk of condom failure IS fucking impossible for a guy like me who's not too sociable. you don't get many dates when your social life is spending about 20 hours a week in a shared space painting studio.

  14. I don't understand why people make such a big deal about someone who's famous having an affair. If the person in question has religious beliefs and follow the morals those beliefs have, then yes, they should feel shitty about it and apologize to there significant other. But I don't think the media should ever get involved in something like this. The mindset the media has about this is like; "We NEED to expose this asshole for cheating on his wife." "why?" "Because he's famous and it's wrong to cheat on your wife." "But, didn't cheat on your wife two days ago?" "THAT'S BESIDES THE POINT. We have an obligation to expose everyone who's famous for what ever they do, no matter how irrelevant it may seem, and if you disagree, you're racist, sexist and bigoted."

  15. There is actually a really neat form of birth control that very few people know about with a 100% protection rate.

    It's called "NOT STICKIN IT IN."

  16. Phil, just so you know, the 19% failure rate of condoms come from the fact that most people can't put it on correctly. If you know how to put one on, it's a much much higher number with pretty much no margin of error.

  17. Natural Family Planning is so much more than your temperature!! There are so many more things to take into account, like physical signs and your own personal cycle length. It is also not supposed to be used by itself. There is no green day red day crap, it is a fertility window with a sliding scale of likelihood of ovulation and if you are in that window or a few days around it, you should always wear a condom or diaphragm to double protect. Seriously, sperm lives for nearly a week in a woman and any NFP method should account for that. This app doesn't and should never have been certified.

  18. With the "parents" (if you can call them that) of the 13 children, I think prison is a better sentence than death because then they have to, like you said, experience some of what they put their children through and they also need to actually face a punishment. Death is almost the easy way out for what they did.

  19. Eastern and Western Washington have been having the same issues as California… it's always the Republicans feeling under-represented in states that always vote Dem…

  20. Those abusive parents – Same as any other irredeemable predator: Unperson them, keep them alive only so long as their value as subjects of study (psychological, medical, etc.) and then destroy them efficiently and without even acknowledging their existence (like rats). But harvest any tissues and blood that might save others, with an appropriate warning label ("this kidney belonged to XYZ, charged with crimes ABC – do not transplant without due consideration or consent").
    Since their behavior was nothing but venom, perhaps their bodies can help others in the end.

  21. Just a bit of constructive criticism…for some people yes, it’s very easy to accidentally make a baby. For others it’s just not possible and can be devastating. While the comment was humorous and accurate to those who don’t deserve children, it’s painful to hear for those who can’t have that.

  22. Is this who I think it is? Please don't tell me YouTube had the choice of its biggest content creators for that Obama interview, and it chose a lady who ate laundry detergent to speak with the president of the United States.

  23. That's why I can't bring myself to be against the death penalty. Can we agree THOSE people should die? Not out of vengeance, but just, absolutely no redeemable qualities and beyond useless.

  24. With regards to the Trump story, I'm more interested in whose money was used to do the pay offs and if there were any finance/campaign laws broken.

  25. Prison is too good for those “parents”, they should be put under the same conditions they kept their children. Absolutely disgusting humans.

  26. Sadly this will do nothing. At this point I don't believe there's anything that will free us from his disgusting presidency. We're doomed. Odds are he'll probably get reelected too.

  27. I agree with dividing California. It's not fair for the urban centers to force their way of life onto rural areas especially when those areas don't suffer the same problems as the cities. Just because people in L.A. can't stop killing eachother doesn't mean someone in a town in rural NorCal that hasn't had a murder in 40 years should have to deal with shit like gun control.

  28. What about the STATE OF JEFFERSON? That was SUPPSOED TO HAPPEN but didn’t because Pearl Harbor happened the SAME day it was supposedly to be signed into law.

  29. Y’all are making jokes about “accidentally making humans” which isn’t funny to someone with infertility. Infertility and discrimination out of dismissiveness against the infertile is a huge deal. Infertility is hard enough, then having doctors dismiss you as being over reactive or it’s somehow your fault. Having family disown you and not want to be around you because you don’t have kids for Their kids to play with. The highs and lows of the depression cycles. It’s really hard. Wish there was less ignorance about infertility. More compassion as it’s a human need and want to reproduce and pass on your genetic code and when you physically can’t it’s extremely hard to deal with. 1 in 7 couples are infertile. But it’s “taboo” to talk about which leads to ignorance and discrimination out of dismissiveness.

  30. Whoa Phil.. put it in your mouth?! Lol someone doesn't like pulling out and jist going anywhere!! Haha ok ill stop but you started it.

  31. Honestly no, I mean let's be real here Bill Clinton Bill Clinton Bill Clinton this is the guy who got blown in the Oval Office and had several rape charges laid against him during his presidency I don't think this is going to hurt president Trump at all really

  32. making a baby is a lot of work. its not an accident. you dont accidentally have sex… people usually have to work to have sex and need some knowledge. at least know what goes where, so no, its not an accident buddy

  33. please can we just set people like these two parents on fire in time square. That's my thoughts unacceptable make it known far and wide.

  34. Most women who get pregnant while using contraceptive pills forget their pill or something of the nature. If a women takes them regularly, chances of pregnancy are around 98-99%.

  35. Why do you like to hop on a bunch of youtubers? You have ruined some youtubers lives… hope you know that man. (Although I agree this was wrong) you don’t need to call people out like that and give them a hard time. I may get hate for this comment but that’s just my opinion. 🤷‍♀️

  36. Isn't it bad when you actually forget trump is married because his wife seems to have just disappeared from everything lol

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