Senator Richard Blumenthal: White House Looking Like A Criminal Enterprise | Hardball | MSNBC

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100 thoughts on “Senator Richard Blumenthal: White House Looking Like A Criminal Enterprise | Hardball | MSNBC

  1. Shame on you Lindsay Graham. Nothing to say about Trump being implicated? Nothing to say about 'flipping should almost be outlawed'? What's the definition of an AG Trump has faith in? An AG who will fire Mueller? This Republican party is morally bankrupt.

  2. I tried to tell people Trump was a criminal organization. I remember his BS in the 80s. He’s a mob boss and I’m sure mueller knows this now. Ether way Trump will be imprisoned.

  3. If A.G Jeff Sessions is fired I think we should all be in fear and panic for the future of this country. It would be a threat to Democracy as we know and love.

  4. Let's stop being naive about this.
    This entire presidency was never more than one giant #CashGrab. But for Russian debt and development funding, Trump Tower Moscow, money laundering, oil pipelines, sanctions, etc, and all related opportunities to cash in, and but for all of the other sellouts of the environment to the fossil fuel industry, to the military industrial complex, etc, etc, Trump would have never run for office and Republicans wouldn't have supported him into office. This was all a pure CASH-GRAB of a presidency and most of his campaign crew, family, cabinet, etc are sloppily all in on the deal. With control of the house and senate and having stolen the Supreme Court seat to have Republican control there too, potential pardons for all, etc, they all felt like it was/is worth the risks.

  5. 45's biggest fear is to be labeled a failure.  He has no soul and has succeeded at nothing. A CRIMINAL HIDDEN IN VIEW

  6. When considering who to appoint for any job, good qualifications are never a consideration for trump. He wants blind loyalty and a willingness to dismantle anything he perceives as an Obama accomplishment. He sure knows how to fill the prisons. When will his cronies realize that to trump, loyalty is a one way street. My advice, get your documentation ready to enable yourself to make a good “flip” deal when the Feds, State, or local government agencies show up at your door. It appears that your odds of ending up in prison are much higher than those of the average person who has no dealings with trump.

  7. Jeff Sessions would have to be able to see the future to know that after Trump made him Attorney General he would have to recuse himself. Trump knows there was no way Sessions could see the storm of Russian collusion allegations and it is becoming clearer that Trump should have known his campaign was colluding, his son was colluding and his administration was colluding. If Trump knew, and it is proven, he is going to be impeached and Sessions could not have seen that coming. How and when and why Trump is impeached is still to be determined. Stay Tuned.


  9. Isn't there one among the "best" that he fires, oops, I mean hires, to tell the buffoon that Sessions was legally required to recuse himself? No? Well, how about Hannity during their late night tete-a-tetes or better yet his boss, Putin?

  10. The AG is not your personal law officer to protect only you!!! The AG is for all law abiding citizens of the United States!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. trump should have stayed out of politics then his criminal activities might not have been uncovered. This is not right that OUR president is involved in criminal activities!!

  12. Mr. Graham what happened to you fighting for the citizens of the United States???? You have fallen after Congressman McCain fell ill. Was McCain your moral compass????

  13. An innocent man doesn't behave the way trump is behaving. An innocent man wouldn't try to fire the AG to get to the Special Counselor to stop an investigation that he is under!!! Republican's you have more to worry about than trying to protect a potential criminal you need to worry about the Democracy of the entire country!!!!

  14. Linsey linsey .. being a senator requires some working knowledge of constitution, how about you remove yourselves ? Defending the highest office which is occupied by a man child, are you nuts ?

  15. Someone needs to explain to Lindsey Graham that the Attorney General works for the United States of America, the Attorney General is NOT the Presidents personal attorney.

  16. Blumenthal is a credible as his war record. If he thinks that Trump will be impeached on a potential
    campaign law violation, he is delusional.
    Obama was not impeached and he paid the largest fine for campaign law violations in history-

  17. Absolute double standards, investigate the self serving corrupt career politicians whose main motive is to hold on to their political office and country club lifestyle

  18. Graham has been threatened, He's so deep in BS and trump is holding him by the balls. That's exactly what he gets for playing golf with trump, not once but twice that we know of. Graham is backing trump to fire Jeff Sessions. I know the elf isn't good, but in this in the now he is doing what is right. by not quitting. I can remember about a month ago. TRAY GOWDY agreed with Trump, that sessions should have told him he was going to accuse himself. WHAT? so is TRAY GOWDY PART OF THIS BS AS WELL? WHAT DID HE AND TRUMP TALKED ABOUT WHEN HE "GOWDY" WAS SUMMONS BY TRUMP? Trey Gowdy announces his retirement in November?I think this move is for the run of the presidency God help us

  19. How can the Republican base be THIS BLIND or DUMB NOT to see Trump for what he is?? Or are they with him still just because he's not black??

  20. Donne's poem, starting 'No man is an island' continues in part 'every man's death diminishes me' and ends 'ask not for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee' speaks of the church bell tolling the funeral chimes. Interesting to have it quoted here, though not in connection to the death of a man, as if it were a call to arms kind of thing. The original meaning, the funeral tolling for the death of a man seems apropos somehow.

  21. This is why in The Real Billionaire world in the country they don't ask knowledge that useless bankrupt crook. Good his so-called frenemies are flipping on him. Ges lived his Life thru' Lies Cheating Fraud anything criminal drump loves so now this is his comeuppance. KARMA IS CALLING FOR HIM COZ HIS TIME IS UPPPP 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Real Ameri and should love seeing his demise no-one deserves it more than this orange traitor. World is laughing but you Americans can make it better. Its your country not his so take it back.

  22. Funny! The Criminal Enterprise was being run by the Obama administration with its tentaticles in the DOJ, CIA, FBI and State Dept. Can you say Project Cassandra? Can't prosecute criminals when the cabal controls the police, can you?

  23. It's all a Republican power trip!! It's so sad but it's sooooo true!!!! No matter how bad it gets they don't care as long as THEY HOLD THE POWER!! SO VERY WRONG! SO VERY SICK!!!!

  24. The question that comes to my mind, why do the Republicans in Congress want Sessions out after they have lost the majority in the House, and maybe the Senate?

  25. Rerpublicans will not help. At long last, they have no morals, are the sleaziest form of cowards, and if they could make money off of it, will operate ovens at a profit to make a final solution in America. At long last, the party of the high moral ground is resembling something that Satan approves of

  26. The very sad part is that chump really does think he’s winning 🤔😩! This is called mental illness!! It’s really sad to see this happening in America.

  27. The problem is deeper than Trump… it's Pence and the coverup caucus. Obviously,Trump will fire Sessions and end the investigation … and Republicans will let him because they are complicit.

  28. Now talk of getting rid of Sessions by HIS party as Mueller closes in? Talk about impeachment now, not later, there won't be anyone left. The Democrats don't have anything to say either, nothing.

  29. Lets just hope the Orange Pig doesnt nuke North Korea or Iran in his very last temper tantrum while hes in office.

  30. Drumpf, his actions, his dishonesty, & his corruption, coupled with the legions of delusional & gullible supporters that somehow buy into his obvious juvenile con game, are well on their way to destroying America from within.

  31. Just wait for his blood pressure to rise and you know what happens. How is he handling the daily pressure instead of managing the country not the Trump Organization.

  32. Poor Don, his gears are stripping, his sanity is slipping away, his only friends are chanting "lock her Up" while he can't sleep without nite mares of Stormy cutting his balls off. Putin never warned him it would be this difficult to get the sanctions off.

  33. Manafort – guilty
    Cohen – guilty
    Papadopoulos – guilty
    Flynn – guilty
    Gates – guilty
    Trump – you guessed it.

  34. Sessions HAD to recuse himself because he was involved in the campaign – the subject of the investigation. 0:15 Duh! Now Sessions is starting to act like a true AJ. Thanks for sprouting some balls – wish Congress would too. Mueller is not going to let you off. Thank you Sen Blumenthal!

  35. LMFAO, all talking heads about impeachable offenses… go back to the Lindsay Graham video when he talked on the floor of the house regarding "cleansing" the WH of Bill Clinton. He stated that there does not need to be the evidence of a crime committed to impeach!! Now, let's go back several weeks when the cult leader was choking up on Putin's balls in Helsinki… there ya go folks, according to Graham's statements back in the 90's, his current cult leader is now eligible, even before Cohen singled him out as directing him to commit a felony!!!

  36. Trump and McCain ended up at the same barber shop. As they sat there, each being worked on by a different barber, not a word was spoken. As the barbers finished their shaves, the one who had Trump in his chair reached for the aftershave. But Donald was quick to stop him, saying: "No thanks. My wife Melania will smell that and think I've been in a brothel." The second barber turned to John and said, "How about you, Mr. McCain?" John replied, "Go right ahead; my wife Cindy doesn't know what the inside of a brothel smells like."

  37. Trump saying by the way Sessions was on the campaign , was he inadvertently admitting his campaign conspired with Russia and Sessions was involved .

  38. I guess AG Sessions doesn't fit in with the GOPutin Coup. GOPutin is aiding the President in obstruction of justice. Lindsey I am ashamed of you!

  39. Anyone could see that the Trump campaign morphing into the White House administration was a criminal enterprise from the start. All the signs were there and all the alarm bells were ringing before the election. The American electorate elected a crook, feeling that if conventional politicians could not fix things then a criminal could. It was the American electorate breaking bad! Bad choice!

  40. I Keep Forgetting That's This Guy Is Over 70years Old. My God He's An Imbecile. 70+ Having Non Stop Twitter Rants. Insanity Defense Confirmed😂😂😂

  41. What a zero these left wing liberals must go next election and if you vote democrat on any level you are a traitor to the USA!!!! Liars and thieves!

  42. I looked up the word "punk" in the Webster's Dictionary. Blumenthal's picture. He is a disgrace to the USMC uniform.

  43. R.I.C.O.. The Trump organization is an ongoing criminal enterprise and should be treated as such. 8645 lock him. The attorney general should look into it. yeah… right.

  44. Anyone notice the shaking in Blumey‘ sleet hand. He has a disease forming and it may be affecting his brain…. notice how he tries to cover it up in all his appearances.

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